From Longmarket Street To The World

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I really love nothing more than a South African success story. We’ve seen the rise (and even fall) of some great South African entrepreneurs. I often feel like we’re tucked away in the far corner of the earth, unnoticed by the hedge funds throwing money around at start-ups in Silicon Valley. But then stories like WooCommerce happen (recently purchased by the WordPress parent company) and it gives me hope. It reminds me that we’re just as smart, have just as much chance and can build companies just as big as the stories we read about in the press.

Part of the reason I’m so passionate about all this is because I’m completely obsessed with the internet, and the fact that it can give your local business the superhero powers it needs to go global. When you can corner a premium global market from the southern tip of Africa, you don’t need much more evidence about the internet’s power to make the world a smaller place.

For instance, did you know that there is a highly lucrative market selling limited edition sneakers around the world? And that one of the few suppliers of the most rare, and most sought after, kicks is Shelf Life, based in Cape Town?

Yep, it’s true. Starting out as a bricks and mortar store in 2006, Shelf Life expanded to reach a global audience via its ecommerce site in 2009. And it introduced PayPal as its payment system in 2012.

When as few as 300 pairs of exclusive collectors’ item brands might be released globally, Shelf Life has real life customers queuing overnight outside its Longmarket Street store to get their hands on the sneakers. Online customers do the same, setting up alerts and automated bots to tell them when gear is launched.

As you can imagine, with such exclusive merchandise, people want to know they are buying the real deal. When I launched the GeeksDoingStuff store last year that was something I had big issues with, buyers feeling secure that what I was selling was legit.

Side joke. If you haven’t seen Hot Rod you won’t get it 😉

This is where PayPal comes in. When the Shelf Life online store was revamped in 2012, they added something that would change their online business as they knew it – PayPal as an additional payment method.

We’re all a little scared to make that first online payment, but once we jump that hurdle, online shopping becomes more like an addiction, you can tell by the amount of times Shelf Life comes up in my browser history. It’s convenient and you’re always finding unique little items that you’d never find in-store.

Getting back to crossing over that first hurdle, there is often the fear that we’re not going to get what we ordered or that something is going to happen to your money.

“We stake our reputation on the authenticity of our sneakers,” said Nick Herbert, owner of Shelf Life. “PayPal’s Buyer Protection is a way to prove that to our customers: if they don’t get what they ordered, PayPal can help them to get their money back. This gives them the confidence to buy from us.”

That’s the thing with PayPal, it’s safe and secure to use and they are willing to go all out to make sure you get what you asked for. They have systems in place to stop fraudulent activity before criminals make their move – think of it like a chess game, where PayPal is the Global Chess Champion. With PayPal, that’s their winning move, constantly updating their security systems to the best that’s available at the time thereby ensuring that they are always one step ahead.

That’s it though, right? All we want is safety and security when doing online shopping. That’s why Shelf Life probably decided to add PayPal as a payment method, to guarantee their customers safety (as well their own), and ensure their experience is secure. PayPal are recognised as a secure method of payment on a global scale, that’s surely going to boost customers’ buying confidence. With PayPal, the seller, Shelf Life in this case, doesn’t even get to see your payment details.

So, what’s next for Shelf Life? Local business is thriving, thanks to the sneaker culture gaining a foothold in South Africa over the past few years. Online sales still remain strong – this channel is both more profitable and allows Shelf Life to tap into a truly global market.

I think this story is one that will inspire most local entrepreneurs looking to launch online businesses. PayPal with its Buyer Protection, is something I’ll definitely be implementing in my new venture – watch this space in the next few months 😉

There are companies all across South Africa doing amazing things with online partners like PayPal, who knows, yours could be next?

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The Truth About Lego

lego poster

I don’t often post videos of Skateboarding… but when i do!

Watch this live action take on Mario Kart. Created by the guys over at Corridor Digital.

Totally should have used Mario but lets not argue over the detail 😉

Watch it!

A #ProjectJuno update

A guest post by @Mia_Tessy

Let me take you back in time for a little context. During December I did a 35 day tour of Inida and it was amazing and truly an eye opener. India is beautiful, in more ways than you can imagine. The scenery in India is breath-taking, from the famous Taj Mahal to the freezing mountain tops in Kashmir. Then there’s the Indian food, that is literally everywhere you look and has your mouth watering 24/7.

Based on that description, anyone would go to India in a heartbeat. But that’s the thing, no one ever mentions the not so attractive side to India. For starters, there’s the pollution and it’s everywhere! The streets are filled with rubbish, to a degree that leaves you feeling uncomfortable and in desperate need of a shower. Caused by rubbish, I would assume, is a foul smell lurking in the air that makes you not want to take another breath. Then there’s the dogs, millions of abandoned and malnourished dogs that are in every street, of every town I visited. Not only were the dogs homeless, but almost half of them looked sickly.

Dogs. You either love them, or hate them. There’s no in-between, that’s just how it is. I love dogs, and seeing those dogs in India was heartbreaking. There were so many of them, and there was nothing I could do to help, which brings me back to the reason I’m writing this blog post. What if there is something you could do?

Project Juno, a campaign launched by Pedigree is what got my attention. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of food to a dog, more importantly nourishing food. There’re doing this by documenting the the journey of an abandoned and malnourished dog, and showing this to South Africa in hope to make a difference and help the dogs that need it.


Juno was an abandoned and malnourished dog that was brought to the Woodrock Animal Shelter. She probably weighed about 7-8kg, her bones were visible, hair-loss on her ears and tail and most of all, she looked sad. Only the dog lovers out there will understand the last part.

Pedigree then partnered with the Shelter and gave Juno a home, nutritious food and a family. Every week development was seen in Juno, from the way she looked to the way she behaved.


Not only is Juno now deemed as a healthy dog, but she has gained a level of confidence in herself that speaks mountains. But the journey hasn’t ended yet, the shelter not only nourishes the dogs, but also finds them a home and family that will look after them and make sure they live a happy and healthy life.

I could only imagine the difference an initiative like this could make in India. But that’s it right there, it’s something. There’s always something you can do to better a bad situation. All it takes is an idea and of course a little financial back-up wouldn’t hurt. It’s that simple.

The Weapons Of Star Wars [Infographic]

star wars guns


Created (believe it or not) but a company called BuddyLoans?

Pac-Man still teaching us things after 35 years :)

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I don’t often post pictures of babies, but when i do…

It’s been a while since i shared some geek magic on this blog. I didn’t think my next post would be highlighting teeny tiny little babies but then some parents went and dressed their kids up like famous sci-fi heroes and cartoons. And it’s amazing.

There is a whole series of photos which can be seen here, but i’ve gone and selected the top nerd babies and curated them all in one place for you. Moms will love this, nerds will love this. Moms who are also also nerds might just claim this as the best internet discovery of 2015.

27A1D1D500000578-3041947-Baby_Knight_Another_baby_is_kitted_out_in_knitted_grey_armour_an-a-18_1429255858939 27A1D1E300000578-3041947-Baby_Geek_One_baby_is_simply_dressed_up_as_a_nerd_clutching_a_sm-a-17_1429255858918 27A1D1EF00000578-3041947-One_sleeping_newborn_is_sporting_a_completely_knitted_Wonder_Wom-a-6_1429255858464 27A1D1FA00000578-3041947-One_of_the_images_sees_a_baby_dressed_up_as_a_Ninja_Turtle_with_-a-20_1429255859125 27A17D2B00000578-3041947-Another_baby_is_dressed_as_a_Jedi_Knight_complete_with_the_brown-a-8_1429255858628 27A17D4700000578-3041947-Spiderman_s_a_popular_choice_Another_baby_is_pictured_alongside_-a-12_1429255858776 27A17D5600000578-3041947-One_baby_dressed_as_superhero_Flash-a-15_1429255858807 27A296CF00000578-3041947-Another_baby_is_dressed_up_as_widely_recognisable_Nintendo_chara-a-7_1429255858548

It’s time to vote for the @MnetMovies #Ambassadoggy winner!

The time has come to help us choose the pawfect Ambassadoggy for M-Net Movies Family. I’m sure you are horrified to see they Tyson didn’t make the finals but my involvement in the campaign means he couldn’t qualify. To be honest, after looking through hundreds of entries i’m quite worried he wouldn’t have made it anyway. But he doesn’t have to know that 😉

Ok enough with the Tyson talk and onto why you’re really here. My selection and contribution to the top 5 of course! I can see that you lot took my advice and ran with it, some of the entries were magical. Well done weird dog people of SA, i’m proud of your efforts! It’s true that every dog has its day and I am hoping the dog I have chosen to be a part of the top five wins this rad competition. So as you now know, every judge has narrowed down their favourites to one precious pooch which makes up the top 5, we are throwing the final decision back to you to vote for the coolest, cutest and most talented doggy to be the face of M-Net Movies Family.

My favourite dog, after Tyson, has to be Gunner. Because lets be honest, how can a dog THAT skilled not win this competition? Car driving, Surfing, skateboarding, ladder climbing, wave running! I think that dog has more co-ordination than me. In my opinion he’s the clear winner. It will be up to you as the voters in the end but i’m going to recommend that you vote for this guy…

Lets help Gunner win this thing. All you need to do to vote is head over here and LIKE his video. It’s that simple!

As you know, each judge chooses one dog for the top five, which makes a total of 5 top contenders. But it’s really up to you as the public to decide who takes the crown… but as the public you should vote for Gunner 😉

The lucky owner of the first ever Ambassadoggy will receive a flat screen TV, a DStv Explora decoder and a pampering voucher for his or her pooch. It’s not all bad if your bundle of fur doesn’t win the contest, you can still win a DStv Explora decoder.

Remember, public voting closes on the 25th of May so we need to get Gunner all the likes now!

Head over here and vote by hitting the thumbs up button. Do it for the pooch 😉

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 1.11.45 PM

Anchorman inspired tips to help you blog your way to the top

There are a million and one articles online that talk about how to earn money blogging. They all have the same tips, talk about the same things and usually just teach us things we already know.

The truth is. People like you and me (i’m assuming you’re a blogger if you’re reading this) didn’t start blogging because we wanted to be back link experts, banner ad salesmen or tech gurus. We had a passion for a topic, and we wanted to talk about it. A lot.

All the articles online educate us to become masters of everything in order to succeed as a blogger, and successfully monetize our audience. I don’t really agree with that thinking. My thinking aligns more with being the best you can be within your niche – and partnering with others to help you monetize your audience.

If you want to be the best and in turn earn an income from your passion, you need to be the guy that everyone wants to be friends with. And that means being genuine and on the ball with your content. It means you need to be, well, kind of a big deal.

As ridiculous as Ron Burgundy is, he mimics many traits of an internet celebrity. As influential bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers and Instagrammers we need to stand out from the digital crowd. We need to be to the internet what Ron Burgundy is to the News Network of America.

Below are five Anchorman inspired tips to help you blog your way to the top:


  1. Start to think of yourself as an influencer. Brands want to work with people who can influence consumers within their target market. In order to be an influencer you need to work towards being an authority in your chosen blog category (or niche).


point 1


  1. Partner with the right people. The same way that Ron Burgundy relies on Brick Tamland to deliver the weather, and Champ Kind to announce the sports results – is the same way you need to think of your blogging network. Partner with people to do the things you don’t specialize in – like monetizing your audience for example. Part of my day job is running the team, together we are helping influencers across the globe connect with relevant brands. Partnerships like this will allow you to spend your time doing what you do best – blogging.


point 2


  1. Say what’s on your mind – even if it creates a stir. If you’re going to be a thought leader in your niche, it’s important that you speak up. If you’re a tech blogger and you think a new phone is terrible, say so. In the long run, being authentic is more important than pleasing the brands around you. Creating a stir has Ron Burgundy written all over it!


point 3


  1. PR yourself. If you work hard, write great content and consider yourself a credible source within your niche – then it’s ok to let others know that you’re kind of a big deal.

point 4


  1. Stay in shape. Ron Burgundy takes his personal fitness extremely seriously, you should take your online fitness just as seriously. Know who the other bloggers are, know where the best information comes from, research and write weekly. Stay in shape, on the internet!


point 5


As bloggers, we focus on a growing a community around something we’re interested in. We need to start thinking of ourselves more like brands. Brands that need marketing, tech support and other things to help them rise to the top.

Even though Ron Burgundy wears incredible suits, throws the best parties and is always on top of his game. Without the rest of the Channel 4 news team he wouldn’t even have a news show.



Tips from Tyson on how your pup can be the next ambassadoggy!


So, the guys over at M-Net Movies Family are running a competition to find South Africa’s most fancy dog. When i first heard about this competition i was confused to be honest – because we all know that my Bulldog Tyson is the king of being fabulous. Right?

Apparently not. Apparently there are more fancy dogs out there. Say WHAT!?

Then i though to myself, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to let another dog shine, a chance for Tyson to inspire other dogs around South Africa. To take some of those positive vibes from M-Net Movies Family and share them with you and your furry friends. I got Tyson to share a few tips below, for those of you looking to enter the M-Net Movies Ambassadoggy competition.

1. It doesn’t matter where you go, what matters is that you go there in a convertible.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.15.00 PM

2. As an English Bulldog, sometimes you have to work a little harder to blend into SA.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.27.36 PM


3. If you’re struggling to blend in, try a disguise. Possibly an Engrish Bulldog?

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.33.37 PM


4. If you (as a dog) get invited to a kids party you should hide!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.37.48 PM


5. Not hiding leads to this…

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.40.39 PM


6. Claim any bed, bought for any animal in the house, no matter the size.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.42.08 PM


7. Because after a day of crime fighting, you’ll need it!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.44.57 PM

It’s no secret how much I love my bulldog, none at all.

But what this campaign has taught me is that there are other crazy dog people, just like me, out there in SA!

Don’t believe me? Check out this video made by Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues. This marked the launch of the ambassadoggy campaign.


So if you have a dog that has what it takes to be adorable, entertaining and adventurous, help him or her become an Ambassadoggy! M-Net Movies wants to see your pooch showing off its personality to stand a chance to be the face of M-Net Movies Family. The contest gives your dog the opportunity of a lifetime, not to mention the unbelievable prizes up for grabs for you. Whilst you walk your doggy along the path of fame, you could win big! A flat screen TV, a DStv Explora decoder and a pampering voucher for your pooch. The runner up will win a DStv Explora decoder.

Having an awesome dog is something I’m no stranger to, obviously, and I am so keen to see how other dogs handle the spotlight. As a member of the judging panel, we have the enviable task of going through all of the entries and narrowing them down to our top five. After we have a top five, the public gets a chance to get in on the action by voting who they think is the cutest, smartest and most entertaining furry best friend to be the face of the channel.

So what are you waiting for? Enter your dog here and prepare to be the proud owner of a real life ambassadoggy!

The grand prize winner will be announced on 27 May 2015, and be required to be available for a session with the Puparazzi and to sign pawtographs from the following week.

Follow @mnetmovies on Twitter for all the scoop.