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Payday and discount Bobbleheads are a match made in heaven!

Geeez… it’s Bobblehead week i tell you. MORE good Bobblehead news! As most of you know – i am a collector, so far i have completed my first desk row and will have to build some shelves to continue on as i’m officially out of space! Collecting Bobbleheads can get a bit pricey if you order a few every month but if you are smart about it and order when there are sales etc then it really helps. I’ve picked up most of my children from – this is my collection so far…

bobble head collection

You know what they say… a penny saved is a Bobblehead gained. Ok, no one actually says that but they should right? I am always looking to expand my collection so i am forced to keep an eye out on sales/reduced prices etc …help me i’m poor. There are some awesome new Bobbleheads arriving in March and our Bobbleheads SA friends have decided to give 10% off to anyone who pre-orders stock. I plan on ordering a few so this saving will add up!

Check and see what Bobbleheads are > COMMING SOON < The new Spiderman looks cool, and the Captain America – i need one of those for collection actually… *takes out credit card*

Also, spend your salary QUICK before the debit orders steal all the money!

Oh… and it’s Phuza Thursday, who is celebrating tonight?


Bobblehead WINNER announcement!

I had some great entries and i HATE that i cannot give you all a prize. There were some real creative ones this time, you guys really outdid yourselves!

From @kierenjacobsen i got this message > Hey, baby. I need T.P for my bunghole and would like to win this Cornholio, you Butthead. Should i be worried? There were also links to silly videos – which i did enjoy – by @Mmmrska AND references to pants-less activities by @MrSmithMachine… naughty! I had another entrant who discussed her Boyfriends toilet activity (i won’t name you don’t worry) – and some other ladies trying to score Valentines gifts! These were all winning entries in their own right, if i had more prizes they would go to you guys, but i only have one Bobblehead to give away…

I think we have one guy who clearly wanted to win the most, i don’t think it would be fair to keep it from him.  I wonder if he wasn’t raised by Ricky Bobby Snr himself, as he clearly gets the whole “If you’re not first, you’re last” theory! THIS right here, is the winning entry folks. I didn’t ask for a (badly) photoshopped image but i cannot let this creativity go unrewarded! Well done @Digital__Guy – DM me you physical address and i’ll get your Bobblehead off to you ASAP!

BBwoy3oCcAAY2ZX.jpg large

P.S. Are you referring to yourself as a Butt-Head here?


Real life Superheroes – SANBS #DONation

It’s Wednesday, only half way through the week and i’m feeling like i need a little inspiration. This is the first “Real Life Superheroes” post of 2013 and it’s one that will hopefully inspire you. I’m sure you have all heard of the SANBS and you all know someone who donates blood. What you might not know is that the SANBS  only currently have 2.6 days worth of reserves of this precious resource. That is scary. They have recently launched this new #DONation ad campaign to encourage South Africans to donate blood and become heroes… GOOSIES!

Do you donate blood? I am not going to lie and say that i have, but 2013 is a new year and instead of sticking to a New Years resolution like “i will only visit the vending machine once a day”, why don’t we try focus on something far more powerful like joining forces and becoming a #DONation! Who is with me?

For more information on how you can donate blood, you can visit , tweet @theSANBS or fan the #DONation of heroes here

I’m going to make an effort to do more posts like this in 2013, i think it’s important that every now and again we get reminded to be a real life Superhero, after all, it’s in your BLOOD.



Hello Kitty… with a twist!


Happy Birthday @Lego

You must have seen a few tweets about this already but i do love me some Lego so i had to wish them a Happy Birthday myself!! The Lego Brick turns 55 today, and to celebrate 55 years of being AWESOME they posted some iconic pics on their Google Plus page. Now i know what you are thinking… ‘who actually uses Google Plus?’ but let’s not get too caught up on that. Lego has been a part of my own life for many many years and i still love it just as much as i did when i was a youngen. When i was child-Sharman i used to spend hours building Lego and when i got older i started blogging about it, i think it’s safe to call me a lifetime fan 😉 Just recently McBoyfriend and i bonded over building a Lego Supercar, by bonded i meant fought, see pics of the Lego masterpiece HERE.

These are some of the Lego memories they had to share…

1. This is one of the patent drawings for the LEGO Brick which uses the LEGO system. 150840_10151258743063403_1528247634_n

2. The application for the patent was successful and this was the very certificate to prove it.


3. Early moulding machines in action at the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark. 398043_10151258743173403_440829244_n

4. There’s been some iconic moments in the life of a LEGO Brick, including this golden number.


5. This was the tallest LEGO tower built in the UK.


6. One of the more recent Lego sets that has been described as out-of-this-world (literally) 309827_10151258783048403_1875375899_n

7. And it all started with this…


Happy Birthday Lego, the whole world loves you! And if they don’t we will shun them 😉

Thanks again to @MrSmithMachine for sharing the link earlier :)

Time for another Bobblehead GIVEAWAY :) [CLOSED]

It’s been a while since i did a Bobblehead giveaway, i was starting to feel guilty so i chatted to our friends at and they decided to sponsor us yet ANOTHER prize. Thanks again to them for making all these competitions possible :)

Today we are giving away a Bobblehead from the BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD range, it’s been a while since i’ve discussed Beavis & Butthead but i do love these guys and the Bobblehead set is freaking amazing so i thought it might be a cool prize? Oh, and FYI these guys TALK when their heads bobble… double whammy!

Do you want to win one of these full sized Wacky Wobbler Bobbleheads? Details below on how to enter…



Now to the important part… how to win!

Firstly, you need to follow me – @KirstyCarrot – on twitter.

Secondly, you need to go to THIS LINK and decide which one of these Bobbleheads you would like to win. Beavis, Butt-head or Cornholio. It’s a tough decision i know! Then you need to tweet me a link to the particular character you want to win. Example entry below…

“Hey @KirstyCarrot – i would like to win this Beavis >” 

Simple enough right. Now do you want a free Bobblehead or what? GO FORTH AND ENTER!

P.S. Creativity is ALWAYS rewarded :)


Just as an FYI, they are currently offering 10% off all order placed in this section > COMING SOON < If you are planning on purchasing something anyway, maybe order it now and save yourself 10%. I’ll give you guys more deets on this later in the week.

Calling all Girl Geeks!!

Not many of you know that i assist with a JHB based networking dinner for women in the tech/digital/geek industry. This awesome event happens bi-monthly and really is something to attend if you want to break into the digital space or just meet a few other ladies who are passionate about the same things as you! I help out here and there but i cannot take credit for the main co-ordination, that has to go to this lady —– > @LeighFowle :)

I really am passionate about this event as i feel us ladies in the industry need a little boost every now and again, also it’s pretty 😉 Every event hosts two speakers who aim to inspire woman in tech and digital… this is on top of and amazing dinner, welcome drinks aaaaand some friendly company! Girl Geek Dinners (JHB) has an event coming up with particularly interesting speakers, Julie Taylor from Google Sub-Saharan Africa as well as Melanie Minaar who is famous online as the Twitter Blanket drive ambassador. If you would like to join me at this event or you know a lady geek who would, check the event details below and get your ass signed up!!

Event Details

Date: 19 February 2013

Time: 18:30

Venue: Gwefey, 3 Lower Road, Sandton

Cost: R170, which includes a 2-course dinner, a welcome drink and a stunning goodie bag.

Sign Up : Click Here to book your spot

If you want to know more about Girl Geek Dinners visit their website OR their Facebook page. Please be caring and share this post with any other lady geeks you may know – and if you do sign up, be sure to come say hi at the event!


Lego Batman Movie has an official release date

We like Lego almost as much as we like Batman so this is an exciting date for us. The official release date for LEGO Batman the Movie : DC Superheroes Unite has been set for May 21st 2013. It’s going straight to Blue-ray/DVD so we will have to arrange for a group viewing at one of your houses. Who wants to volunteer their home?


Above is the official cover art for the movie. If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here…

Here is the movie synopsis for those of you pretending you need a reason to watch it.

“When Bruce Wayne receives the man of the year award, fellow billionaire Lex Luthor becomes jealous and decides to run for President. To create the atmosphere for his type of fear-based politics Lex recruits the Joker to perfect a Black LEGO Destructor Ray which wreaks havoc on Gotham. As Lex destroys Batman‘s tech, Batman reluctantly turns to Superman for help. “

Story from GeekTyrant

You know you’ve made it when you get your own Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead!

No, i did not get my own Bobblehead. I wish i was that famous :(

For a reason that is still unknown to me, the most popular song of 2012 has to go to Gangnam Style! That little Asian guy danced his way to the top of the charts, breaking all sorts of internet records along the way. I have to admit, the first time i saw the video on YouTube i thought is was a joke… i was wrong, it is very real… and people LOVED it! I know being the most watched video on YouTube is a great achievement but getting your own Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead? THAT my friends, is when you know you will be remembered forever!

This Gangnam Style Bobbleheads will be landing is SA in March, and i have a feeling they will go fast. I might just have to order one for my collection, it just doesn’t seem right not to have it? If you want to purchase your own, chat to these dudes to get the exact arrival date >


It certainly would get your desk some attention :/

After watching the video a few times and seeing the internet world go into a PSY frenzy, i only felt one thing. I felt sorry. Not for myself, but for these horses…


Why yes… Pinball machines DO have a hall of fame

This post was inspired by something i saw on Buzzfeed yesterday titled “The 20 Coolest Old School Games At The Pinball Hall Of Fame” – i was like, WAIT UP… there is a Pinball hall of fame!? Just because i live at the bottom of the world, doesn’t mean i have to be the last to hear about things like this. If any of you knew about the Pinball hall of fame and didn’t tell me… Shame on you!

The Pinball hall of fame is based in Nevada and is otherwise known as ” The cheapest slot machines in Vegas”. This non-profit arcade hall covers 10 000 square feet of pure pinball, peppered with a few classic arcade games. Machines date as far back as 1933, with several from the 60’s and 70’s. Inside this heavenly plce you will find rows and rows and rows of almost every single machine ever made, and you can play ALL of them! They even have the holy grail of pinball machines — The Pinball Circus. A machine so expensive , that only two were ever manufactured (over 1 Million US apparently). One is in my bedroom and the other is at The Pinball hall of fame. Ok, that was a lie… it’s in my office 😉

Not only are there pinball machines, but there is also a small collection of the classic video games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pacman, etc… you know, in case 10 000 square feet of vintage Pinball machines isn’t enough for you. I think i might have to add this to my geek bucket list, what do you think? If you were ever in Vegas would you make a point to spend a day at the Pinball hall of fame?

Here are some pics of the inside, apparently the outside isn’t much to look at as i couldn’t find many pics.

pinball-hall-of-fame-9 pinball-hall-of-fame-2 pinball-hall-of-fame-3 pinball-hall-of-fame-4

pinball-hall-of-fame-5 pinball-hall-of-fame-6 pinball-hall-of-fame-7 pinball-hall-of-fame-1


It even has a website and everything so you KNOW it’s legit >

Kisses x