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Fan made Iron Man 3 trailer that might just burn your eyes off

I understand that there is minimal budget involved in fan made trailers but i feel like this one lacks more than just budget. Mt first awkies trigger was about 11 seconds in when you see Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) being played by a large Asian man, it gets even weirder at about 1.20 min. It seems like these dudes put some real effort into making this Iron Man 3 trailer so i don’t really want to rip it to shreds, i think its just really hard to compete with the other fan made Superhero content out there. Have we become too spoilt?

I kinda dig the parts where they have used mini toy helicopters and made cardboard suits, i appreciate the effort there. It just kinda freaks me out when you can see the outline of their underpants through the body paint. Anyways, make up your own mind…

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Supervillain Speed Dating

This is pretty cool, a video that gives us a look into the world of speed dating for Villains. Darth Vader, Bane, Lex Luthor, Mystique and a few other Supervillains and not-so-popular Superheroes like Aquaman. I’d pay pretty good money to go on a date with Darth Vader, at least we agree on the “no kids” rule 😉 Joker looks as crazy as ever…

Which Supervillain would you go on a second date with after this?

Directed by: Tom Grey @theRealTomGrey
Written by: Brett Houston
Director of Photography: Daniel Levin
VFX by: Daryl Bartley
Production Design: Megan Burns
Wardrobe: Manzi DeYoung
Krang Puppet by: Jonathan Pezza – @pezzabrain

Possibly the best Bobblehead i have EVER come across…

I have no words. If you have ever watched East Bound & Down you will understand how epic this is…

kenny powers bobble head


You’re fucken out and i’m fucken in!

Every single T-shirt Sheldon Cooper has ever worn

Its little treasures like this that make me get out of bed on a Monday morning. I was sent this link via @MegPascoe via @MisStaceyVee via Sheldon Cooper himself… ok maybe not directly from Sheldon :( Mr Cooper is renowned for is quirky geek outfits, when he’s not dressed as The Flash himself he’s usually rocking a Superhero t-shirt and chinos. I bought myself a Batman t-shirt on the weekend in the hopes of one day having a Superhero t-shirt collection as big as Sheldons. This right here my friends is EVERY single t-shirt Sheldon Cooper has worn on The Big Bang Theory…


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This is a pretty cool collection. I think doing wardrobe for The Big Bang Theory would be the only wardrobe job i’d be good at, who knows… maybe i’ve missed my calling?

Happy Monday kids!

Star Wars Custom Converse

Sexy aren’t they? A loyal Star Wars fan got creative with this pair of regular converse shoes and made nerd magic. He even went as far as to make a little GIF for the world to show off his masterpiece…

star wars custom converse

I’m not entirely sure who made these shoes, i found them on Pinterest with no credits. I tried to search for the creator of these shoes but without much luck :( I did however find some other geeky shoe creations, if you click on the image it will take you through to the source. Most of these guys sell their Star Wars shoe designs so if you think Star Wars might be your style this winter then click through…







MY FEET HAVE NEVER BEEN SO GREEDY! Do we have any local talent that makes shoes like this? If you know of anyone pop a comment below as i’d love to feature them on the blog :)

<3 @KirstyCarrot

Iron Man 3: Watch The Live Streamed Red Carpet Premiere [Video]

Last night was the official premiere of Iron Man 3 in Hollywood, i missed the live stream cause i fell asleep on the couch watching Come Dine With Me (ssshhh, don’t tell Tony Stark). Lucky for us Yahoo Movies has uploaded their video footage from last night. It’s pretty long so i suggest you fake an uncontrollable sickness now and head off to a private office somewhere with your laptop.

I’m heading off to the Iron Man 3 premiere next Tuesday courtesy of @mnetmovies – SO EXCITED! I did a blog post last week telling you guys how to win tickets, i was happy to find out that some of my readers won so i’ll be seeing all your pretty little faces at the premiere. Dress sexy 😉 Below is some footage from Hollywood, I am expecting a similar vibe at the @MonteCasinoZA premiere, wonder if Tony Stark himself will be there? I make a joke, Tony won’t be there but i don’t care i’m just EXCITED to watch Iron Man 3! Thanks again to @mnetmovies for the invite, you guys rock my socks off.

Make a coffee, grab a piece of toast and put the volume up…

You excited yet? If not, I’ve included some pics from this event as well as some other Iron Man 3 red carpet events around the world. Photos courtesy of Marvel/Warner Bros. I cannot WAIT to watch this film…

iron man 3 premiere - 5 iron man 3 premiere - 1 iron man 3 premiere - 2 iron man 3 premiere - 3 iron man 3 premiere - 4

iron man 3 premiere - 6 Marvel's "Iron Man 3" German Tour - Press Conference Marvel's "Iron Man 3" German Tour - Photo Call Marvel's "Iron Man 3" German Tour - Press Conference iron man 3 premiere - 10

Footage from

I don’t really make notes but if i did…

This little guy would hold them all!!



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Spiderman Stuff

I like to collect cool Superhero Stuff for my home and office, i would collect A LOT more if i could afford it :( This is my Spiderman “WANT” collection that i keep stored away in case i win the lottery one day. Spiderman is not my most favorite hero, although i do have a thing for Peter Parker and his geekiness…

1. Spider Shoes


2. Spider Robe

spiderman robe

3. Spider Shooters

spiderman shot glasses

4. Spider Undies (but preferably the lady kind)

spiderman undies

5. Spider Fridge


6. Spider Mr Potato Head

spiderman potato head

7. Spider Apron

spiderman apron

8. Spider Gadget Dog

Spiderman dog gadget

9. Spider Ice Trays

spiderman ice trays

10. Spider Lego Man!!

Spiderman lego man


If you dig this sort of Superhero stuff you should check out of Facebook page —>


And the winner of coolest home Batcave goes to…

If you had $150 000 (or 1.4 million rand) what would you spend it on? Maybe a new house? Or a few cars? Better yet, the Free-States website?

Don’t be silly, there are far more practical ways to spend your money and Chris Weir is here to show us all how. Chris spent over two years and the equivalent of 1.4 million rand on his dream Batcave… and in my opinion it was money well spent! What used to be his basement now holds hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Batman memorabilia and it’s all styled to replicate Batman’s very own cave, right down to the secret entrance.

He gives us the tour in this video, going all out with family outfits and everything…

Geeez, i’d just be happy with that home theater system! And maybe the clock, and the number plate… aaahhh, ok i want everything!

<3 @KirstyCarrot