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Teddy Bear Superhero Cookies… GET IN MY MOUTH!

This might just be the cutest thing you see all day. Unless you have a Bulldog, that is still cuter.

Have a look at these little teddy bear shaped cookies, wait for it, dressed as Superheroes! There is a bakery called ‘Pixie’s Treats‘ in America (obvs) that creates these magical little geek treats for birthday parties, office parties and maybe even sexy parties, who knows? There is a series of Teddy Bear cookies dressed as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, The Flash and HULK.


Teddy Bear Superhero Cookies 1 Teddy Bear Superhero Cookies 2

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So, who won The Wolverine tickets?

Hello you pretty little nerds. Thank you kindly for all you entries and enthusiasm with The Wolverine competition. I really want to start doing more competition stuff for you guys, we should have another movie giveaway on Friday and something even BIGGER next week so if you don’t win this one there is still hope for you!

If you missed it, on Monday we gave away 4 sets of double tickets to go watch The Wolverine at Sandton City. I just chose a random entry every hour to keep things legit. These are our winners…


CONGRATS GUYS! Please email me here – GeeksDoingStuff [at] Gmail [dot] com and let me know when you want to go to the movie. Remember tickets are for Sandton City only!

Thanks again to MTN and Nokia for sponsoring this give away :)




We have a little #VintageGeek suprise for you ;)

It’s been a while since we featured any vintage Geek shows. I’m sorry, i’ve been slacking, we can blame adult hood for that.

This is one of my favourite sections on the blog and i’ve missed the #VintageGeek goodness so much that i decided to bring it back with a bang. This my friends is the ORIGINAL Ghostbusters trailer from 1984. I wasn’t even born yet, but i sure did make up for lost time when my eyes were old enough to watch TV. I remember watching this movie over and over again growing up. It never got old, it still hasn’t.

The outfits, the car, the ridiculous hair and, well, the fact that these guys CATCH GHOSTS all make this an epic oldie.

Superhero Mashup time

Got some very cool Superhero mashups for you. Flash-Hulk is a total winner. Imagine that combination in real life? Another mashup i’ve always wanted to see is Spiderman and Aquaman. I don’t know why i want to see this, i think its because i secretly wonder if his mad web skills would work under water. I know they wouldn’t in real life but in a comic why not?

Can you think of any other cool mashups you’d like to see brought to life?

Let us know in the comments section below.

superhero mashup 5 superhero mashup 1 superhero mashup 2 superhero mashup 3 superhero mashup 4

Want to go watch The Wolverine? [CLOSED]

For those of you who didn’t make it down to your local cinema this weekend, you’re in luck. We’re giving away FOUR sets of double tickets to go watch The Wolverine at Sandton City, courtesy of Nokia and MTN. If you have already seen the movie and think it was as awesome as the review we posted on Friday then you’re also welcome to enter, why not see it twice?

This is a pretty cool giveaway to keep The Wolverine fans smiling, but it’s not all that the kind folks over at Nokia and MTN are giving away. They are also giving away the opportunity for you train like The Wolverine IN JAPAN! Yes, you read that correctly, you could be shipped off to Samurai country to learn mad Wolverine skills from the pros. Read below to find out how to enter this comp as well as enter to win yourself a double set of tickets to go watch The Wolverine at Sandton City.

Wolverine Giveaway

Nokia + MTN + Numetro Films are giving one Wolverine enthusiast a chance to win the ultimate Samurai training experience in Japan, in celebration of The Wolverine release.  To stand a chance to win, eager Samurais need to purchase a Nokia Lumia 520 at any MTN store nationwide and SMS ‘Japan’ and the IMEI number to 41611.

Offering impressive features and great value, the Lumia 520 is powered by Windows Phone 8, with exclusive digital lenses, a 1GHz dual core processor, and a touchscreen that even works with long finger nails or gloves. A fun and affordable smartphone with free music and navigation, the Nokia Lumia 520 not only offers amazing bang for your buck, but is the perfect weapon for any superhero! The Lumia 520 is available from MTN stores nationwide for just R1999 on pay as you go or on an MTN Anytime 100 contract.

I still think they should take me along with the winner so i can show off my mad ninja skills in Japan – i think my cat like reflexes and extended hours playing Prince Of Persia will really come in handy. I’m basically the nerd version of Jackie Chan. True story.

But don’t worry, if you can’t make it to The Wolverine experience in Japan you can still win some movie tickets TODAY. Remember it’s JHB only. To enter, click the tweet link below. It’s that easy.

I’ll be capturing all the tweets. I’ll select a random winner tomorrow afternoon and announce before 5pm. Make sure you are following me so i can DM you if you win 😉

Good luck and hopefully i’ll be seeing you at the movies!


Have you watched The Wolverine panel at Comic-Con yet?

Seeming as it’s Wolverine day. Let’s take a look at what The Wolverine panel had to say at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Seems like quite the ladies man eh 😉

Who is overly excited for the release of The Wolverine this weekend?

Have you booked your tickets yet?

Spidey’s Web Shooters are the greatest superhero gadget ever [according to fans]

Let’s face it, we’d all trade in our desk jobs for a day in the life of a Superhero. If you say you wouldn’t i’d say you’re a liar 😉

Being able to save the day, beat the bad guy, prevent total destruction and, for the guy readers, get THAT girl. Many of us have been captivated by the thrill-a-minute action involving our favourite Superheroes, but it’s the little things that have helped keep these characters firmly etched in our minds.

The costumes are cool, the vehicles are cooler, but the gadgets are the coolest. Definitely. A survey by Ladbrokes Games of superhero movie fans revealed what they thought was the best gadget in the entire genre. With so much choice, it might have been hard to find a clear winner, but top of the poll with 38% of the vote was Spiderman’s Web Shooters.

Here are all the options people were given, keeping in mind that only gadgets that are permanently tied to the Superheroes were included.

Untangling the web of crime (Spiderman) – 38%

The web-shooters, as designed by Peter Parker himself, eject a web-like adhesive which traps the bad guys while helping him to get around, spider-like. The adhesive is ejected by a big red button, making it a simple yet effective gadget. Sadly, not everyone though that Spidey was so great in the cinema – just 10.2% said they though Spiderman was the best superhero film ever made.


 Hammer blow (Thor) – 20.5%

Coming a distant second in the poll with 20.5% of the vote was the Hjolmir, otherwise known as Thor’s Hammer. It contains enough power to get Thor out of a sticky situation, and is pretty cool to have as a deterrent against the bad guys. Interestingly, Thor didn’t even register on the list of greatest superhero films, although The Avengers was 3rd with just over 15% of votes.


Clawing on (Batman) – 13.9%

Although nowhere near as famous as his costume, vehicle or even his neurotic sidekick, Batman’s Batclaw was third, gaining 13.9% of the vote. What it does is give the Caped Crusader a vice-like grip that helps him to hold on to anyone who tries to escape his grasp.


Honesty is the best policy (Wonder Woman) – 11.7%

The Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman’s weapon of choice, received 11.7% of the vote in the gadget category – and it’s hard not to see why. Wringing the truth out of someone can be pretty powerful, especially when trying to identify the bad guy, which is exactly what this magical rope does!


Guarding more than a secret (Captain America) – 8%

Captain America is often overlooked by superhero fans, yet 8% of people voted his Shield the best gadget ever. What it does is protect him from harm, especially when lasers and gunshots are fired in his direction.


Not suprised that Cap America came last. I like him (mainly because he’s gorgeous) but he never seems to get that much traction anywhere, i mean, Iron Man put on a patriotic suit in ONE movie and i’ve seen more online about that than i’ve seen about CaptainAmerica EVER. I even bought an Iron Patriot bobblehead on the weekend.

What survey would you like to see next? I’d like to see what Superpower people would most like to have. Or maybe which super mode of transport is the most popular – Batman has a flippen cool car but let’s be honest, Superman can fly, you can’t build that shi*t.

Thanks again to Ladbrokes for sending the results through, always interesting to see this sort of stuff.

Now back to work my pretties. Only a few more hours then it’s the weeeeeeeekend BABY!


If Superheroes had Instagram

Most of us use Instagram, Many of you use it to post relevant pictures of your lives and beautiful scenery that other people will enjoy. I on the other hand use my Instagram account to post pictures of my Bulldog in fancy dress or sleeping, yes, i realise that is not normal. Lucky for you this post is not about my Bulldog ;0

Some clever person has gone and Photoshopped/Instagrammed some pics from Superhero lives. Imagine if they really used social media? Surely Tony Start would just be in trouble EVERY day. Spider-man would share too much about his love live and well, Cap America might be a fan of a good old selfie.

I think i’d follow Spider-man, this is a pretty cool pic actually.


batman_instagram  superman_instagram thor_instagram tonystark_instagram


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Let’s just look at Lego stuff cause it’s cool

I came across a Pinterest page filled with Lego magic, it made me happy.

I thought it might make you happy too.

Here are a bunch of my best lego things, for no reason really, just cause they are cool…

1. Lego home stuff. DIY lamps and kitchen utensil holders. WIN.

Lego kitchen utensil holder Lego Lamp

2. I just love the way these Lego Minifigs are displayed

Lego Minifig display

3. Lego DJ Deck base. I see this working in a bathroom though around a modern basin area?

Lego decks

4. Lego headphones. Don’t think these are done great, maybe i should make some and show them how it’s done 😉

Lego headphones

5. This office is Boss. Nothing wrong with being surrounded by Lego storage.

lego in office storage

6. Lego bed sheets. Sexy.

Lego bed sheets

7. I’m not entirely sure what this is but i like it.

lego built into wall

8. DIY Lego coffee table with an IKEA base.

lego coffee table too

9. A more pro version of the coffee table for the dedicated ones.

Lego coffee table

10. Lego corn on the cob

lego corn on the cob

11. Lego tree art

lego tree art

12. Ladies, if your boyfriend never buys you flowers (*raises hand*) you could always fill your vases with these?

Lego in vase

13. I want this just so i can say things like, “oh look, it’s Lego o’clock”

Lego inspired digital calendar

14. Lego keyrack, i actually have one of these and they are super easy to make!

Lego key ring holder


15. Dedicated Lego play area oooooor office word desk?

LEgo play desk

16. Something awesome to do with Lego and Stormtroopers.

Lego star wars space invaders

17. Why wouldn’t you want a Lego taco?

Lego taco


Oh no… there is no more :(

If you have any cool Lego creations or pics send them to geeksdoingstuff [at] gmail [dot] com – we’d love to feature some of our readers mad Lego skills!

Nerd kisses x


San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay [in Video]

So last week we posted a video by Sneaky Zebra that you guys seemed to enjoy, the one with all the Cosplay from London Comic-Con and the most epic track in the WORLD. The have just uploaded another video and this time they’re at San Diego Comic-Con.

These guys shoot the most amazing videos. Enjoy kids.

Which is your favourite costume? Comment below and let us know.

I’d totally be one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 45 seconds in.