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How To Zombie Proof Your House

zombie proof your house

Kick-Ass 2 Interviews with Chloë Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Kick-Ass 2 is the closest launching Superhero film in SA, only 9 more days to go! This is one i’ve been waiting but since the whole Ben Affleck/Batman announcement it seems that’s all people are talking about. Oh and watch the blog later, we have a guest post on the whole #Batfleck situation – not one i entirely agree with but there are definitely some valid points!

Back to Kick-Ass and my two favourite characters. Chloë Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse answer Skype questions from fans dressed in Cosplay. They look so cute together, i almost want them to kiss. Good to know we can look forward to a scene where The Motherfucker is dressed in drag. WIN.

Favourite question of the interview, and a really valid one. Who would win in a fight between Hit Girl and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill?

And then there is another clip which you might have missed where Chloë Moretz (Hit Girl) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (The Motherfucker) chat to probably the most awkward interviewer i’ve ever seen. Seriously.

Good questions though. But still, awkward.

The Pinterest offices are almost as cool as their site

We all can appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of Pinterest, what i didn’t know is that they roll with the same values in their head office as well. The offices have a Super retro feel, love the old printing press and the boardroom names. It seems Pinterest is not only making pretty on the interwebs but also in their offices – the employees are just as crafty as the online pinners.

Another thing to look at is that the whole office, all 150 people, eat lunch together every day. I think this is something we here in SA neglect to be honest. How many of us just work through lunch? Be honest.

The office is apparently right in the heart of the San Francisco Design District. Let me stop ruining it for you, see for yourself in the video below. The ad in the beginning is a little annoying but it’s worth the wait :) Oh make sure you watch til 6min where they show you the retro toy collection, MAD!

via TechCrunch

Retro geek FTW!

Tomb Raider Minimates

I follow the @TombRaider instagram account and this popped up last week. I’m a huge fan of Lara Croft toys so obvs i had to screenshot it and discuss it with you lot. I didn’t really know what minimates were (no judgies) so i had to look them up. I’m not into the fancy expensive figurines really, i mean i like them and all, but i just can’t bring myself to spend thousands on one figurine.

That’s why this instagram caught my eye…


Great thing about these little guys is you can buy them at your local Toys R Us. Not sure if they will be stocking them in South Africa though, anyone know how we can find out? I see a new desk toy collection starting 😉

Minimates are are the most detailed, most poseable mini-figures in the world. Even though they’re only two inches tall, they have 14 points of articulation, which means you can pose them however you want. The Tomb Raider set is the one i’m after but it seems you can get superheroes, pirates, firemen, soldiers, planes, cars and boats too. You know, if you get obsessed with things like i do.

Let’s get back to Lara, my secret best friend and soon to be desk toy.


Artist turns trash into the coolest monster like characters!

Art is Trash is a street artist who has made his name in Spain by turning street rubbish into amazing illustrations of monsters. It kind of reminds me of a real life version of Monsters Inc. Hey?

He roams the streets and collects rubbish that has been discarded and left as litter. He then paints and rearranges them to look like a family of monsters. Apparently he is in London for the summer, and has already attracted a massive following with his quirky little street installations in and around Brick Lane.

Flip this is cool! I think we could have loads of fun doing stuff like this on our own local streets. Check out his work…

art is trash - rubbish into characters 6 art is trash - rubbish into characters 7 art is trash - rubbish into characters 8 art is trash - rubbish into characters 9 art is trash - rubbish into characters 10 art is trash - rubbish into characters 11 art-is-trash---rubbish-into-characters-12 art-is-trash---rubbish-into-characters-13 art-is-trash---rubbish-into-characters-14

art is trash - rubbish into characters 9 art is trash - rubbish into characters 1 art is trash - rubbish into characters 2 art is trash - rubbish into characters 3 art is trash - rubbish into characters 4 art is trash - rubbish into characters 5

via DesignTaxi

Geek Porn

I can spend hours looking at geek porn online. Not the dirty kind of porn, the gadget eye candy sort of stuff that Amazon insists on recommending to me. They know me so well 😉

I don’t sell any of this stuff by the way. I’m looking at getting one or two of these products into our eStore but nothing is confirmed yet. For now, let’s just drool over these awesome products.

Warning, you will want EVERYTHING.

geek - star treck apron geek - vaptain america briefs

geek - wolverine alarm clock

geek - batman tights

geek - bazinga slippers

geek - darth vader cufflinks geek - DC comics mashup toys geek - flash wallet

geek - pac man stapler

geek - pixel glasses

Monster Truck Gets Turned Into A ‘World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van’

If you say you wouldn’t buy an ice-cream from this truck i’d say you’re a liar. This is one of the coolest car mods i’ve seen in a while, with the huge wheels and oversized everything else. I think the best thing about this truck is that it’s clearly built to serve ice cream to adults. As you can see in the pic below children can only take part in the ice-cream eating if they carry a ladder around and let’s be honest, they won’t do that.

Also the ice creams being served are super-sized. No one in their right mind would give a child that much sugar, it’s just not worth it.

Oh, the truck was built by Czech carmaker Skoda to mark the release of their new monster truck. They turned one of their 5.5-ton, 21-foot tall Octavia vRS vehicles into what they claim to be “the world’s biggest ice cream van”. Check it out below…

Monster Truck - World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van Monster Truck - World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van 2 Monster Truck - World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van 3

via DesignTaxi


Pet Superheroes

You all know i’m weirdly obsessed with my Bulldog. Heck, even i know it’s not normal. What makes it kind of ok in my head is that if you Google for ‘pets in fancy dress’ it seems there are loads of other crazies just like me. It’s only a problem if you are the only crazy person, crazy in numbers is ok.

Pets in Superhero fancy dress seems to be a thing these days. WINNING. These are some of the best pet Cosplay images i’ve found, it’s been a while since we’ve had the ‘aaaawww’ factor on this blog so close that spreadsheet and look at this awesome instead 😉

1. Captain Lab

Superhero dog - Captain America

2. Catman & Robin

Superhero cat - robin n batman

3. Pugvengers

Superhero dog - avengers

4. Super puffy gingerman and the most concerned looking Batman i’ve ever seen

Superhero cat - superman n batman


Superhero dog - Spider Basset

6. French Bat

Superhero dog - batman

7. Grumpy Supercat

Superhero cat - Superman

8. Spidermut

Superhero dog - Spiderman

9. Does this amount of adorable even need a caption?

Superhero dog - batman and robin

10. The fanciest Bulldog in the world, who also happens to be mine – @Super_Tyson


We should probably get back to work now huh?

One Teen + 24 000 Lego Bricks = Huge Lego Minion

There is a kid called Evan Bacon who is kinda famous for building amazing things in Lego. He calls himself a Lego artist actually.

Anyways, last weekend this teen set out to build a cute little Minion from the Despicable Me movies. Evan made this awesome model all by himself. No help from friends, parents or Minions. All together it has about 24,000 bricks and weighs about 120 pounds (55kg). It was built live at the Rooster Teeth convention in Austin, Texas.

I wonder who pays for Evans Lego? Probably sponsored.

Anyways, check out his latest masterpiece.

Evan Bacon Minion Lego 3 Evan Bacon Minion Lego Evan Bacon Minion Lego 2


He’s got that nerd hotness vibe going on. I won’t discuss this further as he is only 15 and, well, that’s illegal.

The Ben Affleck/Batman fan art didn’t take long…

Let’s be honest, we would have moaned about pretty much any choice they made as Christian Bale’s replacement. He was everything we ever wanted as Batman and it’s going to be difficult to fill those shoes.

But in all honesty… BEN AFFLECK? Are you kidding me? We all saw Daredevil. Don’t make us re-live that mess of a film.

I just feel like there are so many options that would have been better. SO MANY. We would have moaned because let’s face it, that’s what geeks do, but not like this. There would have at least been a debate around the decision, not just mass hate.

There have been some excellent memes and posters created that adequately display how the internet army feels about the choice to cast Ben Affleck as Batman. If you see anymore sent them our way!

ben affleck batman meme 5

ben affleck batman meme 6 ben affleck batman meme 7 ben affleck batman meme 8 ben affleck batman meme 9 ben affleck batman meme 10

ben affleck batman meme 11 ben-affleck-batman-meme 1 ben affleck batman meme 2 ben affleck batman meme 3 ben affleck batman meme 4