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Superhero Dinosaurs. Stop It.

I don’t know why i love Dinosaurs but i do. If i could have my very own T-Rex my life would be complete, i’m sure i could train him to be cuddly and do tricks. I would be like the Cesar Millan for pet Dinosaurs.

The real question is would my Dinosaur let me dress him up in fancy dress? My Bulldog is pretty chilled with that, i dressed him up as Darth Vader a while back and made a video. If you missed it your life is incomplete, seriously, check it out here > Darth Bulldog!

Back to Dinosaurs. These cute little buggers have had a Superhero makeover. Win.

superhero dinosaurs

These are my favourite. I would totally adopt them from the Dinosaur SPCA.

I’d call them Hulky, Wolvey, Captain Cute and Iron Dino.

You’re lying if you say you don’t want one 😉





Ron Burgundy officially has an action figure… and it’s kind of a big deal!

I know what you are thinking, “this chick better not be making sick jokes so early on a Friday morning”.

Lucky for you i’m not making jokes today. An official Ron Burgundy TALKING action figure has been released and is on sale for 50 pounds. Not that cheap considering the shipping costs will almost double that figure but who cares, Ron Burgundy is a saint!

The famous anchorman from Channel 4 News is 13 inches high and says things like “I’m kind of a big deal”, probably my favourite movie line EVER.


Gosh darnit your hair is magical Ron… MAGICAL!Anchorman-Ron-Burgundy-action-Figure 2

Available from Forbidden Planet


Anyone else see the #BraaiPhone parody yesterday?

This one is for our South African Apple fans. Braai day was a winner yesterday for many reasons, one of them is that Castle Lager announced the launch of their BraaiNation app. This app effectively transforms your Apple or Mandroid smartphone into the much-anticipated #BraaiPhone. Man points for this one Castle.

Firstly you need to watch this video, remember when Apple released the iPhone 5 with that cheesy video? If not i’ll remind you…

So Castle did this. You might have to be a saffa to get this but it’s pretty funny.

Best line goes to Jason Goliath, Castle Lager Braai Relations Officer (B.R.O), “the BraaiNation app is the most beautiful consumer app that we’ve ever created”.


The Castle Lager BraaiNation App is FREE to download HERE (BraaiOS) and HERE (Mandroid).

Follow Castle Lager on TwitterFacebook and YouTube and be part of the Braaivolution.

Go Jason!


LEGO themed wedding. There is like a 100% you will wish this was your wedding.

I wasn’t really to worried about getting married for a while. This has changed my mind.

I want to have a Lego wedding. MAGICAL!

This is how you geek up your wedding but keep it from looking like a kids party 😉

lego-wedding-8 lego-wedding lego-wedding-2 (1) lego-wedding-2 lego-wedding-3 lego-wedding-4 lego-wedding-5 lego-wedding-6 lego-wedding-7


via Gizmodo

Last chance to get a visit from the #Superheroes

I posted THIS on Tuesday because, well, SUPERHEROES!

There are two exciting things to talk about today, one is that during October you can watch a Superhero movie EVERY night on M-Net Movies Showcase, DSTV channel 108. To find out what movies are on when follow these guys —> @MnetMovies

Next exciting thing is that this weekend, some of your favourite #Superheroes will be visiting cities in South Africa and putting smiles of the faces of many children AND adult children. Say whaaaaat? BTW i will be rolling with Batman in Jozi tomorrow so give me a HOLLA if you see us :)

If you want Batman, Spiderman or The Hulk to brighten up your day – this is how it works. Think of a cool idea, and then tweet it using the button below! EASY.

Superhero1---web Superhero2---web Superhero3---web

A Newspaper Collage of Superheroes

This is pretty cool, a collection of Superhereos made out of newspaper clippings. Collages be crazy!

Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-1 Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-2 Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-5 Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-6 Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-8 Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-11 Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-12 Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-13 Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-17 Mike-Alcantara-superheroes-collages-18 batman_by_mikealcantara-d4rewyl flash_by_mikealcantara-d4reysx


via The Likebook Blog

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ IN LEGO

I’ve started to realise that if the people of the internet re-create your content in Lego then you’ve made it big. You’re a somebody. Michael Jackson is definitely a somebody and thus the re-creation of his ‘Thriller’ music video in Lego, we the beginning part of the video.

This is epic, well played Annette Jung, your Lego skills are MAD. Watch the credits at the end to see how she did it.

Lego Thriller by Annette Jung from Talking Animals.

If you can’t quite remember the original Thriller video, you can view it HERE.

Lego - Thriller - Michael Jackson 1Lego - Thriller - Michael Jackson 4Lego - Thriller - Michael Jackson 2Lego - Thriller - Michael Jackson 5

Ben Affleck Responds To Internet Backlash [Batman]

I’m sure you all remember when the announcement was made that Ben Affleck is going to be the new Batman. If not, let me remind you > THIS happened.

At least he’s a good sport, to be fair geeks are the hardest people to please and we know it. He talks about the reaction from fans and how he felt about it on the Jimmy Fallon Show. Seems he was preparing for hate.

You can skip the kid chat in the beginning if you’re in a rush :)

via Mashable

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Batman is coming to Jo’burg!

Yo! Fellow Jo’burgers. I like to call you that because it combines Joburg and burgers, my two favourite things 😉

I have some good news for you. Christmas is arriving early this year courtesy of @MnetMovies, if you haven’t heard about their latest campaign, ‘Superheroes Rock Up This October’, then best you take a look at the video below…

I know right? A Superhero movie on TV EVERY night for a whole month. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Oh wait, it does.

Take a look at Batman, yip, that’s Jo’burg in the background.


Word on the interwebs is that a few #Superheroes will be rocking up, roaming our streets, and tackling tasks as only as a superhero can this weekend. I could definitely use a helping hand from Batman when it comes to walking my Bulldog, who just happens to also have a Batman suit. I feel something special coming here.

How can you get involved? Tweet @MnetMovies with the #Superheroes hashtag and let them know how Batman could brighten up an average day in Jo’burg for YOU!

Make sure you catch all the Superheroes in October on M-Net Movies Showcase, DSTV channel 108, EVERY night. To keep up to date with what heroes are rocking up on your TV when keep your eyes locked on the @MnetMovies Twitter handle!

GTA 5 Day. A collection of the best pre-release images.

Are you excited for the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 today? GTA was one of the first games i ever put solid hours into, back when i lived in London and was too poor to do anything but stay home. True story. GTA and Tony Hawk were my lifesavers.

I’ve seen loads of trailers/articles and pictures as we’ve built up to this GTA 5 release day. There are 10 of my favourite, these are the images that make me want to pick up that controller and be completely consumed by this game 😉

grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 5grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 11grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 6grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 7grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 8grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 9  grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 1grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 2grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 3grand-theft-auto-5-gallery-pre-release 4


Some serious action lined up. Wish i had more time to do game reviews. That would be the life.