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Ladies. I have a Halloween gift for you.

Morning ladies. Hope you are feeling extra Halloweeny today.

I may or may not follow a board on Pinterest that just shows off hot geek guys. I’ve been DYING to share it with you but haven’t really had a reason. Halloween is reason enough right?

SORRY BOYS, close your eyes!

hot geek man 4

hot geek man 5

hot geek man 1 hot geek man 2

hot geek man 3

#GeekPorn is relevant on Halloween right?

Oh and this one is completely not relevant, it’s just the most sexy picture i have ever seen in my life. EVER.


hot geek man 6

Halloween For Nerds With Dogs

This post was bound to happen. The only part of Halloween i get excited about is pets in costume, mainly dogs but because we have a few cat fans i won’t exclude them 😉

Happy Halloween!

Oh, and believe it or not this post doesn’t feature my own dog. For once. But it does contain other peoples Bulldogs because they are the best dogs EVER.

dog-halloween-costume-funny-1 dog-halloween-costume-funny-2 dog-halloween-costume-funny-3 dog-halloween-costume-funny-4 dog-halloween-costume-funny-5 dog-halloween-costume-funny-6 dog-halloween-costume-funny-7 dog-halloween-costume-funny-8 dog-halloween-costume-funny-9

Ok i lied, not cats. HATE them.

This is why your kids Halloween costume isn’t good enough…

Thinking of dressing your kid up for Halloween and sending them off to get candy from strangers?

Let me guess your costume options. Witch, Ghost, Cowboy, Princess, Superhero… the list of common costumes can go on forever. This year you should set your kid apart from the rest – give them a costume they can remember. Just like Marty McFly, that’s his real name by the way, i didn’t just use a generic American name, either way his kid has SERIOUS geek cred!

Check out his costume for 2013 trick-or-treating. Custom made yo.

ghostbusters-pushcart-1 ghostbusters-pushcart-2 ghostbusters-pushcart-3

via Geekologie

Facebook your way to the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil

This is not a joke. Now that i have run everyday for the past week i feel like i can talk about athlete activities, just this morning i attempted to break a record for the 100m breaststroke at the Linden community pool. Although i came VERY close, today was not my day. Maybe i should stick to virtual races for now 😉 Let’s be honest, virtual races also have better prizes. Continental Tyres might just be offering the best prize out there at the moment for a virtual race. Especially for the football fans. Gold Medal < A trip to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Run 2 Stop Virtual Racer - Our Continent - Our Continent Again. Not a joke. You really can win a trip to the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil just by using Facebook. This is the chance to test your mental agility and challenge yourself by rounding up three of your friends and entering the virtual #Run2Stop race. Develop a unique team name, send three of your friends an invitation to join your team and stay glued to the Facebook page. Four questions will be randomly posted each day between 4 – 8 November and the correct answers will be awarded points that could find your team in the lead. Pick the right buddies, and make sure you’re glued to the Facebook page so that you don’t miss any questions. Then pack your bags for the ultimate prize, brought to you by Continental Tyres #Run2Stop. Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits! Sign up HERE.

Craft Beer vs Snake Venom

What’s the strongest beer you have ever drunk? What’s the coolest name of a beer you have ever heard?

I’m about to blow your mind by beating both of the answers you just gave me. Brewmeister, a Scottish Brewery, just released a new beer… and it’s called SNAKE VENOM! 67% of pure drunk fun 😉

Brewmeister-snake venom Brewmeister-snake venom 2

Via Nerdalicious

Holy shit someone painted their horse like a Skeleton

This might just be the most magical thing you will see all month. Meet Raven, known to me as horse skeletor. I just made that name up right now because i feel like Raven doesn’t do this scary horse any justice. I wonder if it glows?

LOOK AT IT! Look at Horse Skeletor!

skeleton-painted-horse-3 skeleton-painted-horse-1 skeleton-painted-horse-2

via Geekologie

Halloween + Lego + Vine = WIN

Gosh darnit i LOVE Lego. Why didn’t i think of this!

How cool are these Star Wars bar stools!

I want these. I need theses.

I’m not big into the sports themed home bars but maybe a Star Wars theme would work? WHO AM I KIDDING!? Of course a geeky theme would work 😉 This is the perfect start if you are looking into re-decorating your bar. Haven’t seen them available locally but you can buy them on Think Geek.


The Dark Knight Rises… from your TV to your desk! [CLOSED]

So i have two pieces of good news for you today. I’m going to combine them into one blog post because i’m not having a great day emotionally with my bulldog child being at the vet and the expenses that go along with that ripping my wallet to shreds. But let’s not talk about that, let’s talk about the good things that are happening this week.

First good thing is that this Sunday at 20:30, @MnetMovies (channel 103) is screening Batman: The Dark Knight Rises for the first time on South African TV. Yeah, i’ll be glued to my TV for that one. But that’s not all.

You all know that i collect bobbleheads and secretly want all of you to collect them too so that my obsession becomes less weird. This could be that day, i’m giving away a 6 inch Neca BATMAN Bobblehead just like this one. See details below on how you could WIN him…


This is what you need to do to win:

1)  Follow ME and @MnetMovies  on Twitter

2)  Click the TWEET button below

And if that isn’t enough Batman for your liking then watch this video of ‘Batman’ visiting the Dlala Nje community center a few weeks back. This is one way to brighten up the lives of South African children.

Still here? No ways.

Now don’t forget to watch Batman: The Dark Knight Rises THIS Sunday on M-Net Movies Premiere (DSTV channel 103). It’s not who you are underneath, but what you watch that defines you 😉

Nerd Inspired Guitars of AWESOME

I don’t play guitar because i have absolutely no musical talent. Like none. I’m getting better at guitar hero though, at least that’s something 😉 This post should brighten up your Monday – it’s basically what happens when nerds get hold of musical instruments.

1. Steam-punk Guitar

Nerd Inspired Guitars 3

2. Thor guitar

Nerd Inspired Guitars 4

3. Pacman Guitar

Nerd Inspired Guitars 5

4. Nintendo guitar

Nerd Inspired Guitars 6

5. Super Mario guitar

Nerd Inspired Guitars 1

6. LEGO guitar

Nerd Inspired Guitars 2

Have a happy Monday adult children :)

Chat soon x