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5 more reasons to love Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of those shows that everyone knows about. The idea behind the show is genius so i’m not that surprised, and we all know that popular shows are followed by the sale of banded merchandise.

The Breaking Bad team do merch almost as well as they do shows, lots of cool things for the fans. These are 5 i’d buy.

1. Breaking Bad bath salts

Breaking Bad - Bath Salts


2. Breaking Bad cuff links

Breaking Bad - Cufflinks

3. Breaking Bad RV shirt

Breaking Bad - RV - T Shirt

4. Walter White in Blue Hazmat Suit Action Figure

Breaking Bad - Walter White - Action Figure

5. Breaking Bad Beaker Mug

Breaking Bad - Walter White - Chemistry Beaker Mug geek up their advertising

This is a great example of creatives thinking outside the box. Advertising WIN.

Well played, you can stay.

match dot com - geek pixel adverts 1 match dot com - geek pixel adverts 2 match dot com - geek pixel adverts 3

Bacon of the Month. It’s a real thing.

I know what you’re thinking. Some crispy bacon would be delicious right about now. And totally Paleo so we don’t even have to feel guilty 😉 I’ve always believed that bacon should be a life style. Seems like i’m not the only South African who thinks this way, there is a new company in town and they are about to baconize your world.

bacon of the month

Heard of Bacon Of The Month Club?

They started following me a few weeks back and at first i was a bit confused, i wasn’t entirely sure how all it all worked. A subscription to bacon? Then i realised something. WHO AM I TO QUESTION THE BACON GODS? This is what Bacon of the Month Club is all about…

“Twelve months; twelve different bacons. From the obvious to the obscure. From the norm to the fantastic. From Plain ‘Don’t Do Us No Flava’s’ to Green ‘What the Seuss’ Bacon. All our bacons are developed and produced by Neil ‘His Royal Porkness’ Jewell. Bacon of the Month Club memberships are limited and available on a first-come first-served basis.”

See there site below, go forth and buy bacon my pretties. Think of it as an investment into your happiness.


Oh and this isn’t a sponsored post. I just think it’s really cool idea so wanted to share it with you lot.

We’ve got some crazy-trepreneurs in South Africa eh?

Yours in bacon,


TRON: LEGACY Superbike

I don’t often post bike porn but when i do, it’s the best goddamn bike porn on the South African internet 😉

The superbike we’re talking about today is one that Lotus has just unveiled, it’s called to C-01. It was designed by a guy called Daniel Simon, the same designer that worked on the Tron: Legacy film. He worked on Captain America as well so his nerdspiration bank is full. Wait. Why does that sound sexual?

Anyways. Before my mind gets lost in the gutter, let me show you the beautiful C-01.

Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01


The bike is 400-pounds and it packs a 200hp four-stroke engine.

This is what Daniel Simon had to say about his masterpiece…

“The design process of the C-01 was a labour of love. We have worked hard to create a motorcycle with very distinctive features such as a clean main body, an extremely low side profile, a bold stance, a unique air intake, logical partline solutions and clean graphics.”

Pics via GeekTyrant

‘It’s like The OC but with Tech Nerds’

If Mashable says it, it must be true. This new HBO comedy called ‘Silicon Valley’ might just be the best show to hit television this millennium. The show follows the lives of a bunch of nerds (it’s ok to call them that in 2014) as they venture into the startup world, showing off the Silicon Valley lifestyle we all dream of. Well, i dream of 😉

Nerds are some of the most interesting people around, if you don’t believe me just look at the Big Bang Theory ratings. This show throws business into the mix so i’m SOLD.

Airs in America on April 6th, now sure if it’s coming to our SA screens though. Will find out.

via Mashable

Nitro Circus Live In Johannesburg [@NitroCircusLive 2014]

Sure you saw the Facebook and Twitter activity over the last week as @NitroCircusLive traveled across South Africa just being generally awesome 😉 If you didn’t attend one of their three shows (Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban) then you missed out, FOMO FOR LIFE.

In between beers and chip n dip, i managed to capture a few tricks on my phone cam. Because i love you, I’ve put them all into one video so you can get a better idea of what goes down at these famous Nitro Circus events. I’m not actually a video editor so the quality isn’t great, it’s the effort that counts right? The video is being buggy, if it doesn’t ember below you can watch it by clicking HERE.

I had an absolute blast,  spent most of the evening screaming like a Justin Bieber groupie 😉

Also, stunt of the night goes to the Penny Farthing jump. It’s not a great quality pic but you get the point. One of the Nitro team members jumped an old school penny farthing bike, if you can even call it a bike?


My battery died by the time the team took their shirts off, probably for the best, this post would have gone in a different direction if i had half naked stunt pics to play with. I can almost guarantee it would have gotten weird.

Anyways, big ups to all the crew and performers last night. You guys absolutely rocked it. Come back to South Africa soon, i have a set of bunk beds in my spare room if anyone needs a place to stay. I also have a bulldog that is not adverse to performing stunts, just saying.

Til next time.


12-year-old builds low cost Lego braille printer

When i was at school i could think of nothing more terrible than competing in the science fair, partially cause it involved putting in extra hours and partly because there was always this one Asian kid who i could never beat. I’ve always lived with a ‘if you’re not first, you’re last’ sort of attitude, Ricky Bobby actually got that advice from me 😉

Well, because of Jessica Sho, i was always last. Seems we have another little Jessica Sho over in America just inventing braille printers out of Lego and making all the other kids look bad. His name is Shubham Banerjee and i want to adopt him.

braille printer 2

Shubham Banerjee, a kid from the US, decided that $2000 was just too much to pay for a braille printer. He decided to tackle that challenge for his local science fair and the result is called the Braigo – a better, more affordable way to print braille, using Lego.

The better way he came up with involved the clever use of a $350 Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit along with some over the counter hardware. He took a basic, preexisting pattern for a printer and reworked it with new software and hardware enhancements to print out letters in braille. This is how it works.

Smart kid. I want him.

This is the close up pic of his final design. The first prototype isn’t very fast, but it proves the concept works. Banerjee is working on improvements that will allow it to print full pages of text.

braille printer 1

Retro Arcade Watch

A gift from the retro gods. An arcade game and wrist watch combo. On ‘sale’ for only $60 dollars – although they probably won’t ship to South Africa, obvs.

Because, sometimes, playing games is more fun than telling the time.

Retro Arcade Watch 1 Retro Arcade Watch 2 Retro Arcade Watch 3 Retro Arcade Watch 4

My Two Favourite Iron Man Statues

It’s common knowledge around here that i collect toys the same way that regular girls collect shoes. Bobbleheads, Action Figures, Lego Men and whatever else i can afford on my monthly pay cheque. When i was in Hong Kong in December i bought an Iron Man and Iron Patriot set to add to my collection. See below.

iron man and iron patriot set

But this is not the favourite Iron Man set that i was referring to in the title of this post. I’ve just ordered another set. Another set of absolute retro awesomeness.

Below are two statues from the Marvel ‘Classic’ collection. They are a little more expensive than the plastic action figures you can buy locally but very much worth it. I’ve ordered a set for myself and an extra set to sell. If you are keen then give me a HOLLA on kirsty [at] geeksdoingstuff [dot] com and i’ll work out a price.


The Primary Colours of Superheroes

This isn’t really something we think about until its put directly in front of us. Artist Jai Mistry from London has released this series of artworks displaying Superheroes as their primary colours. Never realised how much Marvel and DC Comics loooooove the colour blue. Are you even a real hero if your uniform doesn’t have a touch of blue?

primary colour of superheroes - beast primary colour of superheroes - spiderman primary colour of superheroes - superman primary colour of superheroes - the flash primary colour of superheroes - thor primary colour of superheroes - wolverine