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Illustrations Of The Day Go To…

Some you know, some you don’t. All made me smile so thought i’d share. Which is your favourite?

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When Historical Figures Get Business Cards

This is cool. An online stationer called MOO created a bunch of business cards for historical figures. Sure this will get them loads of free PR.

Check em out…

historical business cards - winston churchill historical business cards - william shakespear historical business cards - vn gogh historical business cards - roald dahl historical business cards - martin luther king historical business cards - jane austin historical business cards - ian flemming historical business cards - ernest hemmingway historical business cards - ben franklinn


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A Robot Animated Short To Start Your Week

Love robots? Then i have a gift for you.

Love this animation style, feels like tech-retro. That’s a new style i just invented in my mind.

The animated short is called Bat.Tutty.Ry and was directed by Francois Heysen.

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Another Unicorn Cake. This Time It’s Farting.

Last week i posted a pic of a rainbow unicorn cake. You guys seemed to like it so i thought i’d on up myself with this next farting Unicorn Cake.

Happy Birthday Valerie. Hope your year is filled with rainbow farts. I think.


When Easter Goes Wrong

Easter is a festive time of year that most kids grow up looking forward to. I say most kids because The Easter Bunny ruined egg hunting for these poor kids. This is why humans should have to get a license to have children.

This is what happens when The Easter Bunny goes rouge.

easter gone wrong 1 easter gone wrong 2 easter gone wrong 3 easter gone wrong 4 easter gone wrong 5 easter gone wrong 7 easter gone wrong 8 easter gone wrong 9 easter gone wrong 10

Realistic Mario Bros

Let’s be honest. Mario and Luigi gave us a bit of a false representation of life with their video game adventures. I mean, how many castles would you realistically go to in search of your princess? PETROL IS EXPENSIVE YO.

But all silly thoughts aside. This video will put a smile on your face. And i’m sure you need it on a Monday morning :)

Thanks Pete Holmes for this piece of magic.

Original Captain America bike #VintageGeek

Ages before Mr Hotness himself, Chris Evans, took on the role of Captain America and brought the comic book character a new round of popularity. Cap starred in two TV movies in the late 1970s – Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon. I’m a bit too young to have seen these but Google tells me it’s true 😉

They are both incredibly cheesy movies with the patriotic hero busting a red, white and blue motorcycle out of the back of a vintage van. Lots of action, lots of old school. This was the ORIGINAL Captain America motorcycle.



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What is a birthday without rainbows and unicorns?

Whatever, Bitch. Pattern available here >



I’m so Retro – best new blog!

Retro is cool. We all know it. That’s why i had to share my latest discovery with you. I’m so Retro.

They feature old commercials, toys and products that will make your inner child squeal with excitement.

It’s basically 35 pages of stuff like this…

im so retro action figures im so retro camera im so retro games im so retro nintendo im so retro view masterim so retro jaws im so retro smurfs im so retro the goonies im so retro kool aid

You’re welcome.

For more retro awesome visit :)



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