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The best piece of content i’ve seen this year. Wow.

I’m in digital. So i know what goes into making branded content.

We talk about making videos shorter to optimise them for online. We talk about adding a ‘sharable’ factor to get people to engage. We talk about creating content based on trends and industry research.

I love this piece of content because it breaks all those rules. It’s so good that nothing else really matters. It just absorbs you. Probably the most beautiful thing i’ve seen this year.

Well played @RedBull… as always.

Of course having Danny MacAskill on your team does help 😉

Happy weekend kids!

X-Men. Days of Future Past. Don’t act like you’re not excited for this one.

Review by @MarksMandusic

Big ups to Nokia and MTN for an awesome evening out. They set the bar high with the Man of Steel premiere so I was expecting an awesome evening out, and they definitely followed through. Well played Nokia 😉


Now, back to the movie of the month.

So, it is 7am on a Saturday morning and your parents, (well mine at least) have left the house for another day at the office. As the garage door slams shut, you spring out of bed, switch onto K.TV, and eagerly await the opening theme song to the animated X-MEN series. Well that is if you were a kid in the 90’s.

I think why this memory holds such a prominent position in my head is because in the animated series, the X-MEN were always faced with a larger than life, moral dilemma. Save the humans that are frightened by you, or fight against them to solidify the mutant race as the next step in evolution.

Luckily for them, they were always guided by the ultimate spin-doctor, Professor X – leader and founder of the X-MEN and occasionally Captain to the USS Enterprise. (Keep an eye out for the Star-Trek reference in the movie, well played Brian Singer).

Well not much has changed in the seventh instalment of the X-MEN, Days of Future Past – although it starts in the future, WAY out in the future, where the Professor has teamed up with, what seems to be the last few remaining X-MEN and the introduction of the mutant stomping Sentinels.

*spoilers start here*

To solve this problem, the Professor, along with “old man” Magneto and Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) have devised a plan to send a self-volunteering Wolverine (Hugh, I spent all my time at the gym, Jackman) back to the 60’s. His goal is to stop a chain of events that would lead to the rise of the Sentinels, and death to all mutants and eventually the human race. Can’t say that this hasn’t been done before, but hey, at least Singer had some great visual effects, the original X-MEN cast and some added childhood favourites, enter Bishop.

Although the story lacks a sense of urgency, when compared to the mission they need to complete. Watching the younger Professor (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) battle through their emotional and personal issues, brings through a sense of realism and shows that although these character have epic powers, they are still human and are often guided through their decisions by emotions, not logic, that would be too easy.

Without giving too much away, X-MEN, Days of Future Past ties in really well in the line of X-MEN movies. In a way it is a bit like standing on a missing piece of LEGO. At first it really freakin’ hurts, but then you realise that you have just found the missing block to complete your LEGO masterpiece and you are happy you can finally finish it off. Well until the next one.

Still bleak I didn’t win one of those Nokia Lumia 1320 Phablets, I was feeling lucky.

xmen 1320

Great night out Nokia.

Excited to see what Superhero movie you will bring us next 😉

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Minifig Monday 48


I’ve just received my set of Simpsons minifigs, so I thought I’d post one of them today. Homer, the first minifig in the special Simpsons series, comes with a TV remote and a doughnut (naturally). Like the rest of the minifigs in this series, he’s got a unique one-piece head.


This new Lego Simpsons theme celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons!

I have a secret… and it’s about food, obviously.


I’m currently a bit obsessed with Chicken Licken, it’s taken over from my Romans Pizza obsession. Partially because they have three bun burgers and partially because they have a secret menu.


Yep. A secret menu.

International site,, lists all the places that host secret menu items that require some kind of special invitation or password in order to get access. And who was featured on there last week? Our very own Chicken Licken.

So it looks like the secret menu is out. Head on over to and hold down ‘SHIFT 1981’. You’re welcome.
3 If you’re wondering, 1981 is the year Chicken Licken was founded. That the secret password. Now go get yourself a Chickwich 😉

Oh. And FYI. For mobile, this is how it works:

Smartphones: Please tap the Chicken licken logo 5 times in under 5 secs to activate the secret menu (slow succession).

 Feature phone: Click on the Chicken Licken logo to activate the secret menu.

Coffee Geeks And Their Tables


That headline does not 100% make sense but i’m sticking to it. That’s the cool thing about having your own blog – you can write whatever you want. I think for my next post i am going to title it “Goats on a plane”, that one is bound to generate LOADS of traffic. Yes? No? Maybe?

Let’s move on. I came across an 8-bit coffee table a while ago when i was on a mission to make my house look more “adult”… lame, I know. I have been collecting rad coffee table designs from Pinterest and Google ever since. These are 10 geek coffee tables that might just make you wet your pants, i think each table represents a different type of geek hood. Maybe i’m crazy but this is where i’m at…

nerd-coffeetable-lego nerd-coffeetable-pacmanghost nes-controller-coffee-table_1 retro-coffee-table1 rubix-cube-coffee-table-geek1 shazam-coffe-table1

Pac-Turtles Vest Of Awesome

Design Center Job Spec - RETROVIRAL

I want to wear this on my body. Even though it’s winter.

Pacman + TMNT =

Design Center Job Spec - RETROVIRAL

Source: Fashionably Geek

Mothers Day meets 8-Bit Mario

This card is for all the moms out there that raised us to be awesome 8-bit loving, princess saving, mushroom eating geeks :)

You moms are just the best. Happy Mothers Day!


Peter Griffin joins Instagram!

Well he could have joined a while ago but @MarksMandusic only just discovered this his account today so let’s pretend this is breaking news.

If you don’t already follow Peter Griffin you should – he is just as grossly entertaining as you expect him to be. Lot’s of selfies. Some with skittles, some on the toilet holding a baby. Just a regular day in the life of a Family Guy.


I’ve listed some of his best Instagram posts below. Follow him here >


***This one titled ‘#poopingwithababy






















***This one titled ‘So disappointed in this one. #shutupMeg






















***This one titled ‘Obsessed with pie lately. Can you tell? #pielover’



The @GeeksDoingStuff store is now OPEN.

Yip, it finally happened. I finally opened that eStore. I can definitely say that the last year of my life has been the most hectic. New ventures, life lessons, long hours and even a few laughs along the way. But i’m the happiest i’ve ever been and has been a passion project of mine right since the start so this is a really exciting day for me.

Go easy on me though. We’re technically still in beta and i know there are some bugs on the store but heck, we’re opening anyway in the hopes that your purchases can pay to fix the website bugs 😉 Feel free to TELL EVERYONE by clicking the Tweet button.

But enough about me. Let this green dinosaur take you on a Reggies Rush experience for adults. Go on, click him.


Peter Parkour

Peter Parkour. He probably isn’t the best parkour athlete you’ve ever seen but he is wearing a Spiderman suit. So that gets him a feature.

Have a good day all :)