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If you’ve ever played 30 seconds with your partner you should watch this #Lumia30

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.53.38 PM

I don’t really want to brag but @Jess_Obese and i are pretty much the best 30 seconds team out there. People try all sorts of things to take us down but we’re just too good.

We’re basically the two guys in this video… except we always win ūüėČ

I think we’ve all had a 30 seconds experience similar to this video. I know a few guys just like this, i won’t mention names, but you know who you are.




30 Seconds is¬†pretty much the most South African thing people like us do on holidays…¬†that and take photos. And the Nokia 1020 is best phone on the market to actually take those holiday snaps with.¬†So you can understand how these two¬†things came together for one crazy digital campaign.

Tell better stories with pictures¬†people ūüėČ

It’s competition time! [closed]

Hello all you pretty geeks :)

It’s been a while since i did a giveaway, and you guys have been so good to me with all the orders and the tweets. I think it’s time for me to give back.

Today we’re giving away one of my favourite store products, one of the products that i use in my own home. Up for grabs today¬†is a set of these Pac-Man Ghost Egg Cups…


I’m pretty sure these egg cups will actually make your breakfast more¬†delicious than ever before. Who doesn’t want to eat their eggs out of little Pac-Man faces!?

So, this big question, how do you win? We’re making this one relatively simple.

I just need you to do the below. Then we’ll select a winner over the course of the weekend and announce¬†via Twitter on Monday.

1) Sign up to our mailer below

2) Share this post! 

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Once you’ve hit subscribe above you’re officially entered. But because you love us and really, really want to win the set of¬†Pac-Man Ghost Egg Cups i’m going to ask you to share this page on Facebook or Twitter. Whatever network you live your social life on.

Good luck!


You know how much we love things that fly in the air?

Well, we like thing that fly in the air on their own just a little bit more and this is why it’s time to get excited, specifically if you are in Cape Town.

Basically it’s the robot on a whole other level…

There is a free demo on 29 August at 4:15 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, where a team of roboticists from Zurich will show how these machines dance, build towers, catch balls and juggle poles.

The radio commands that instruct the high-speed machines are transmitted at 50 times per second yet balance objects on their heads and hover perfectly.

Need more?

A little demo:

Twitter : TheQuadrocopter

Instagram: TheQuadrocopter

If you’re looking to register: