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Which gadgets will you be purchasing in 2015? via @KingPriceIns

We’re already at the end of our first 2015 month. No one warned me that time moves quicker as you get older, it’s crazy. I’m excited for a few things this year – lots of exciting work opportunities on the go, a new home renovation project, and the curveballs a life in digital will throw my way.

Just earlier today Facebook was down for a few minutes and the internet almost exploded – we complain about Eskom but it seems they aren’t the only ‘service’ we can’t live without. Gadgets follow a close second to things we’re unable to live without, if you’re anything like me. I don’t insure everything i own but gadget insurance is right up there with cars and medical 😉

I’m keen to see more gadgets that creep into our lives in 2015. Besides the usual smartphones and music accessories i think these three gadgets might be next in line for me…

1. Samsung looking at a phone with a bendable screen… SAY WHAT!?


2. This smart pedal from Connected Cycle is making big waves in the biking industry. Not only does it track stats like speed, route, incline, and calories burned on each ride, but it also alerts you through an app if someone tries to steal your bike. 


3. The AirDog drone, designed for action sport enthusiasts, is a self-flying drone controlled by a wristband. YES, you read that correctly!


Best bet is to have your favourite items insured early into the year. Wether its your new car or your new Airdog – our good friends at King Price are keen to do just that with super cheap premiums that decrease every month. 

Click on the image below and chat to the King yourself, he’ll help you cut down on those unnecessary monthly expenses so you can increase on the necessary ones… i.e. GADGETS 😉

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My #PerfectHome with Property24

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that my bulldogs are pretty much my entire life. I’m in the process of buying a new house, and let me tell you about my criteria for the perfect home. A garden for my children. My children being my bulldogs 😉 And I don’t just mean any garden. I mean a shady luxury garden with a big pool to keep them cool on summer days. With their life jackets on, of course.  

After searching for a long time, I finally found what I was after. And it was close to work too!

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.08.25 PM Needs a LOT of work but excited to announce my new home to the world! My only current issue is what to do with the toy shelves. Where will they go!? How will they fit!? They were built for a specific wall. Not the new wall. PANIC!

But then i remember. Miley needs a big pool so she can spend her summer days sipping milkshakes by the pool. Wearing her sweet life jacket. Basically, bringing all the boys to the yard.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.16.36 PM

To sum up, when I have to describe my perfect home, I can assure you that my pets come first. My first priority is a big space for them to enjoy. That’s outweighs the vegetable garden every time for me. Besides, they’d probably eat that up anyway.

But this post isn’t just about me. And my home.

How would you describe your perfect home? If you want to win some great accessories to complement it, tweet @Property24 describing your #PerfectHome.

Good luck!

*** This is a sponsored post, but the story of my home and finding it on @Property24 are completely real. So is the pic of Miley in her life jacket 😉