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Monday 21st April 2014,

5 Best Superhero Bromances

Superheroes teaming up to fight common foes is common enough and many of those heroes has formed close bonds with their superheroic peers. Here are my favourite superhero bromances and some recommended reading for each.



Like all good bromances this one starts with our two leads despising each other until circumstances (in this case a virus that forces them to combine their DNA to survive) force them to work together. Eventually the two came to an understanding as they joined forces to protect Cable’s island nation Providence. Though fate has seen them part ways, their occasional interactions since have shown that their bromance will never die.


Where to start:

Cable and Deapool Vol. 1 If Looks Could Kill


4.Green Lantern / Green Arrow:


One a peace keeping agent of ‘The Man’ (in this case The Man is tiny blue aliens with big heads but whevs) the other a hot-tempered revolutionary.  The two friends took to the road to find America, each trying to show each other the problems inherent in their philosophy. While they’ve never managed to change the other’s mind, they each count the other as the closest of friends.

Where to start:

Green Lantern/Green Arrow Vol. 1


 3.Powerman/Iron Fist:


Both created as an attempt to cash in on popular film movements at the time (Blaxploitaton and kung Fu movies respectively) it makes a lot of sense that when both character’s books were slipping in sales the people at Marvel would attempt to pool resources by having the characters co-star in a book together. What no one could have predicted is how well each complimented the other. Luke Cage’s no-nonsense pragmatism and Danny Rand’s eastern philosophy created a balance within their lives and making them into the unique partnership known as the Heroes for Hire.

Where to start:

Essential Power Man and Iron Fist Vol.1




While neither of these heroes is very similar in temperament, it’s their shared sense of responsibility that bonds them together. Wolverine feels responsible for the rage inside himself, while Spider-Man feels the responsibility for inadvertently causing the death of his uncle. While their methods and beliefs are different each one respects the other for their shared urge to protect those weaker than themselves. Also their banter is hilarious.

Where to start:

Astonishing Spider-man/ Wolverine




Batman and Superman are best friends. Though their methods vastly differ they both see in each other an ally in the fight against evil, and equal; not that it stops them from engaging in good-natured competitions from time to time.


Where to start:

World’s Finest


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  1. Helga Pearson August 27, 2013 at 10:54 am

    I have a special place in my heart for Powerman and Iron Fist. These guys are from my childhood comic collection! Wolverine and Spidey are also a brilliant team-up because personality-wise, they play off one another incredibly well – always funny as hell. :)

  2. manik August 27, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Add Booster Gold and Blue Beetle to yer list fer starters ;-p.

    • RaunchThe Locket August 28, 2013 at 2:05 pm

      If they added Booster Gold and Blue Beetle all of these would drop one in rank.

  3. grobs August 28, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Uh…no. Blue beetle/booster gold, punisher/microchip, wolvie/nightcrawler, moonknight/frenchie, doc strange/wong

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