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Thursday 24th April 2014,

5 Memorable Superhero Relocations

With the announcement that The Justice League of America will be moving to Canada next year, it seemed like a good time to look at the noble tradition of superhero relocations.

5. The X-Men Hide Out In Australia


For a period of time when the world thought that the X-Men dead, Marvel’s Merry Mutants lived in a deserted town in the Australian outback. Having liberated the town from a gang of cyborgs called the Reavers, the X-Men used it as a base of operations while they fought evil across the world in secret. Eventually though, enough secret world saving is going to get you noticed and this, along with a counterattack from the Reavers, forced the X-Men to abandon the town.


4. The Inhumans Transport Their City To The Moon


Whereas other superheroes simply move themselves to new locations, when the strange civilization known as The Inhumans want some privacy (more privacy than the isolated Himalayan peak they already lived on provided, that is) their whole city, Attilan, lifts off and deposits itself elsewhere. It’s been to alien worlds and is currently hovering somewhere above the Marvel Universe’s version of Manhattan. But my personal favourite locale for it was in the ruined city (with its breathable atmosphere) on the blue area of the moon.

3. The Justice League Found International Embassies


When the Justice League received international peacekeeping status from the United Nations, they moved out of their orbital satellite and began opening embassies around the world, allowing them to have unique staging grounds at hand wherever their mission took them. It also opened up the membership of the League to international members like the Russian hero Rocket Red or the French hero Crimson Fox.

2. Daredevil Moves To San Francisco


Moving from New York (a city famous for its tall buildings) to San Fransisco (a city not really known for its tall buildings) seems like a bit of an odd choice for Daredevil, a hero who gets around by swinging from tall buildings. But hey, we all do stupid things for love. Daredevil, like most of America in the 1970s, moved cross-country with then new girlfriend, The Black Widow. Drawn by the call of the sunny west coast to start a new life together, their eventual breakup sent ol’ hornhead back to Manhattan.

1.Robin Exiled To Keystone City


Following a massive earthquake, Gotham City is declared condemned by the U.S. government. Becoming a decaying wasteland, Batman bans his allies from entering the city, a problem made worse for Robin when his own father moves them to Keystone City, home of The Flash. After several adventures with the scarlet speedster, Robin runs away from home to help save Gotham, going against Batman’s orders.

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