| 5 Potential Roles For Vin Diesel In A Marvel Movie
Wednesday 23rd April 2014,

5 Potential Roles For Vin Diesel In A Marvel Movie

Word leaked (by the man himself) last month of meetings Vin Diesel had been having with Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, with regards to playing a role in an upcoming Marvel Studios movie. Since then the Internet has been trying to guess which role he might be portraying. Given Diesel’s *ahem* limited range, these are some roles I could see him suiting:

The Wrecker:


Former demolitions crewmember turned costumed criminal, the Wrecker draws superhuman strength and stamina from a crowbar that has been enchanted by Loki (yes, I promise, this is seriously his origin; no, I don’t know what they were thinking either) The Wrecker is the exact kind of large strong man character that suits Diesel’s build.


The Absorbing Man:


Another strongman type suited to Diesel’s build. Crusher Creel was a part time boxer, full time criminal given the power to absorb the properties of any material he touches by Loki (I’m seeing a pattern here). Able to become living breathing steel, or rock or, really, whatever suits his needs, The Absorbing Man has been a constant thorn in the side of Thor and the other Avengers.

Odds: 20-1



The villainous artificial intelligence behind the trouble in the upcoming Avengers 2 is going to need a voice, and eventually a (motion captured, one assumes) body for the climatic third act fight with the heroes. And Diesel has already taken a turn at voicing a robot war machine in 1999’s the Iron Giant.

Odds: 10-1



The sentient alien vegetation known as Groot is the powerhouse of the Guardians of the Galaxy (who you may have heard are getting their own film in 2014). This is another case of motion capture and voice work , and once again Diesel’s work with the similarly limited in vocabulary Iron Giant makes him ideal for working Groot’s single, repeated line of dialogue “I am Groot!” Additionally Diesel himself hinted strongly this week that this may the role he will be taking.

Odds: 5-1



What? It could happen. No, it’ probably couldn’t but if it did Diesel’s brooding visage and booming voice could really work for the world devourer. And are you going to tell a guy who looks like Vin Diesel that he can’t pull of a mini skirt and an odd, overly complex pink hat?

Odds: 1000 – 1

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  1. Colin August 16, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    i really dont think ultron.

  2. The Batfan August 19, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    Well it’s already been confirmed he’s voicing Groot.

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