A live commercial for PayPal. Ellen wins the internet this month. #PayPalSA

I’m in advertising. I know it’s hard to always be on top of your content game and be able to create new ways to speak to customers. Especially when budgets are tight and restrictions are, well, strict. I also know the difficulty of online payments in South Africa and how we’re oddly behind in the world of paying for things online. Almost 50% of my geek store payments are still done via EFT, i find that weird personally but when i reached out to customers they just seemed to feel more secure doing it that way. Who am i to judge?

I am happy to see that the big players in the online payment world are starting to invest more into education around online payments. I really think if more people understood the simplicity of online interactions and the security behind the ‘big players’ like PayPal then we’d all be able to move happily into the next level of online shopping! Check out this rad campaign below that popped up on the Ellen show.

This post may be sponsored but i think it’s a great thing that PayPal has given us some facts below to share with you, to help educate people about the online payment process.

  • When checking out with your PayPal account, you do not need to type in all your credit card details and shipping information for each transaction- everything is already stored in your PayPal account and kept secure.
  • When you make a payment with PayPal we do not share your financial details with the seller. This gives you more control and provides an extra layer of security.
  • We also protect eligible purchases with PayPal Buyer Protection. If an eligible item doesn’t show up, or turns out to be different than described, we’ll help sort things out with the seller.

So this festive season there should be nothing stopping you.



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