A #ProjectJuno update

A guest post by @Mia_Tessy

Let me take you back in time for a little context. During December I did a 35 day tour of Inida and it was amazing and truly an eye opener. India is beautiful, in more ways than you can imagine. The scenery in India is breath-taking, from the famous Taj Mahal to the freezing mountain tops in Kashmir. Then there’s the Indian food, that is literally everywhere you look and has your mouth watering 24/7.

Based on that description, anyone would go to India in a heartbeat. But that’s the thing, no one ever mentions the not so attractive side to India. For starters, there’s the pollution and it’s everywhere! The streets are filled with rubbish, to a degree that leaves you feeling uncomfortable and in desperate need of a shower. Caused by rubbish, I would assume, is a foul smell lurking in the air that makes you not want to take another breath. Then there’s the dogs, millions of abandoned and malnourished dogs that are in every street, of every town I visited. Not only were the dogs homeless, but almost half of them looked sickly.

Dogs. You either love them, or hate them. There’s no in-between, that’s just how it is. I love dogs, and seeing those dogs in India was heartbreaking. There were so many of them, and there was nothing I could do to help, which brings me back to the reason I’m writing this blog post. What if there is something you could do?

Project Juno, a campaign launched by Pedigree is what got my attention. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of food to a dog, more importantly nourishing food. There’re doing this by documenting the the journey of an abandoned and malnourished dog, and showing this to South Africa in hope to make a difference and help the dogs that need it.


Juno was an abandoned and malnourished dog that was brought to the Woodrock Animal Shelter. She probably weighed about 7-8kg, her bones were visible, hair-loss on her ears and tail and most of all, she looked sad. Only the dog lovers out there will understand the last part.

Pedigree then partnered with the Shelter and gave Juno a home, nutritious food and a family. Every week development was seen in Juno, from the way she looked to the way she behaved.


Not only is Juno now deemed as a healthy dog, but she has gained a level of confidence in herself that speaks mountains. But the journey hasn’t ended yet, the shelter not only nourishes the dogs, but also finds them a home and family that will look after them and make sure they live a happy and healthy life.

I could only imagine the difference an initiative like this could make in India. But that’s it right there, it’s something. There’s always something you can do to better a bad situation. All it takes is an idea and of course a little financial back-up wouldn’t hurt. It’s that simple.

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