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Thursday 24th April 2014,

Be the Office Geek

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Be the Office Geek

For most of us working is a necessary evil. How else will we be able to afford to see the latest Geek-Fest flick in 3D with popcorn, chocolate and a Slushie? Or kit out your wardrobe with this irresistable Star Wars collection? So since you have to sit in an office for 8 or so hours every weekday, why not geek out your workspace? And if you’re the boss, why not geek out the whole office! Here are a few ideas that would make my workday a little more exciting…

1. In the office kitchen
UFO bowl

What better way to enjoy your breakfast cereal than eating out of a UFO bowl. It’s just a pity the designers didn’t think about painting aliens on the inside of the bowl… As seen on The Fancy.

2. In the boardroom

This little clock will cause geekgasms in your boardroom! It may also cause some sweating and heavy breathing by those that don’t understand why this is so fabulous! As seen on Information Symmetry.

3. In your cubicle
pacman noteboard

Get rid of all those old noteboards and replace with these awesome Pacman noteboards! If you’re going to keep actual paper notes in your workspace then you may as well display them appropriately, don’t you think? I bet you could even find some suitable fruity pushpins to out-geek this idea further. As seen on Trend Hunter.

4. On the desk
laser scissors

Are you the office shredder? Or have you always dreamed of being able to use cool scissors? Well these laser scissors will bring some fun back into the tediousness of cutting. As seen on Information Symmetry.

5. Anywhere in the office

Decorate any empty walls with awesome Geek-speak. There are many many ideas you could use so go online and go wild! As seen on Pinterest.

6. In the waiting area
rubic cube

If your office is big enough to have a waiting room with a few chairs and tables, then this is for you! Swap out the ordinary side tables and replace them with these! You don’t necessarily need to keep some blocks open, unless of course you need someplace cool to keep all your geek-related magazines and paraphernalia. As seen on Pinterest.

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