It’s time to vote for the @MnetMovies #Ambassadoggy winner!

The time has come to help us choose the pawfect Ambassadoggy for M-Net Movies Family. I’m sure you are horrified to see they Tyson didn’t make the finals but my involvement in the campaign means he couldn’t qualify. To be honest, after looking through hundreds of entries i’m quite worried he wouldn’t have made it anyway. But he doesn’t have to know that 😉

Ok enough with the Tyson talk and onto why you’re really here. My selection and contribution to the top 5 of course! I can see that you lot took my advice and ran with it, some of the entries were magical. Well done weird dog people of SA, i’m proud of your efforts! It’s true that every dog has its day and I am hoping the dog I have chosen to be a part of the top five wins this rad competition. So as you now know, every judge has narrowed down their favourites to one precious pooch which makes up the top 5, we are throwing the final decision back to you to vote for the coolest, cutest and most talented doggy to be the face of M-Net Movies Family.

My favourite dog, after Tyson, has to be Gunner. Because lets be honest, how can a dog THAT skilled not win this competition? Car driving, Surfing, skateboarding, ladder climbing, wave running! I think that dog has more co-ordination than me. In my opinion he’s the clear winner. It will be up to you as the voters in the end but i’m going to recommend that you vote for this guy…

Lets help Gunner win this thing. All you need to do to vote is head over here and LIKE his video. It’s that simple!

As you know, each judge chooses one dog for the top five, which makes a total of 5 top contenders. But it’s really up to you as the public to decide who takes the crown… but as the public you should vote for Gunner 😉

The lucky owner of the first ever Ambassadoggy will receive a flat screen TV, a DStv Explora decoder and a pampering voucher for his or her pooch. It’s not all bad if your bundle of fur doesn’t win the contest, you can still win a DStv Explora decoder.

Remember, public voting closes on the 25th of May so we need to get Gunner all the likes now!

Head over here and vote by hitting the thumbs up button. Do it for the pooch 😉

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 1.11.45 PM

Did you win that HTC One (M8)? Find out here! #HTCTheOne

The wait is finally over. After we showcased how exceptional the HTC One M8 is, we were lucky enough to give one away to one of our fans. We received an overwhelming of entries since Monday, it’s clear that most of you love the fact that HTC is back in SA! Wish we had at least ten phones to giveaway!

Alas, a winner has been randomly chosen. I tweeted asking for a number at lunch time today and that tweet is our winner. This brand new HTC One M8 is getting a new home – the home of Craig Martin, known as @JustJimmyZA on Twitter. Congratulations Craig, we hope you enjoy this exceptional phone and do take advantage of its glorious features!

Those who didn’t win, do not despair, we will have more goodies for you in the near future.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the goodness we have at the store. Get some cute stuff for your loved ones, they will love you forever!

Craig, please send a mail to with your address and tel numbers. We’ll connect you with the local HTC team to sort out your prize.


Want to win the new HTC One (M8)? Of course you do! #HTCTheOne [CLOSED]

I’m an Android fan. Always have been and probably always will be. I’ve recently just switched over to the HTC One (M8) and so far so good. It’s nice to have a phone that’s big enough to use for work, and also to run with… (says the girl who went running for the first time in months this weekend).

I think one solution is just easier. And because @HTCSouthAfrica were kind enough to come into my life and offer me that one solution i think i should pass that kindness onto you. In the form of a giveaway 😉

That’s right, you chose the right day to visit because we’re giving away the brand new HTC One (M8)! 


It’s true my little Superheroes. I went to an HTC lifestyle event last week and was introduced to this exceptional new phone – myself and the other HTC ambassadors were setup onto the exceptional HTC One (M8), which is designed for people who choose the exceptional over the ordinary.

HTC wants to win over the customers that think for themselves, those exceptional people who walk into a store and form their own opinions!

If you are one of those people, and you want to WIN yourself a brand new HTC One (M8), then all you need to do is complete the two instructions below:


Winners will be chosen at random this Friday at 1pm.

Good Luck!

Just love this campaign.

Welcome back to South Africa HTC!

It’s competition time! [closed]

Hello all you pretty geeks :)

It’s been a while since i did a giveaway, and you guys have been so good to me with all the orders and the tweets. I think it’s time for me to give back.

Today we’re giving away one of my favourite store products, one of the products that i use in my own home. Up for grabs today is a set of these Pac-Man Ghost Egg Cups…


I’m pretty sure these egg cups will actually make your breakfast more delicious than ever before. Who doesn’t want to eat their eggs out of little Pac-Man faces!?

So, this big question, how do you win? We’re making this one relatively simple.

I just need you to do the below. Then we’ll select a winner over the course of the weekend and announce via Twitter on Monday.

1) Sign up to our mailer below

2) Share this post! 

[wysija_form id=”1″]

Once you’ve hit subscribe above you’re officially entered. But because you love us and really, really want to win the set of Pac-Man Ghost Egg Cups i’m going to ask you to share this page on Facebook or Twitter. Whatever network you live your social life on.

Good luck!

I’m giving away an Iron Man Bobblehead because, well, #IM703SA [CLOSED]

It’s giveaway time again! This time the prize is extra special because not only am i giving away an Iron Man bobblehead, i also entered the 2015 half Iron Man triathlon today. That’s right kids, this nerd is getting FIT.

Towards last year i decided that i needed some time away from the screen. Some time out doors, in the sunlight. Some time with people who’s names didn’t start with an @ symbol. As much as i love my job and this blog, i got to a point where i needed some balance. I started running, then swimming, then got a mountain bike. It was all down hill from there, literally.


I’m super excited about the race. So excited that i’ve decided to give one of my Iron Man 3 (War Machine) bobbleheads away. I have two at home, both still in the packaging and one of them has your name on it.

Thought today was the perfect occasion to give back to you guys, the cool people who read this thing i call a blog. Below is the bobblehead up for grabs, from the Iron Man 3 movie range. I think your desk needs this.


So i’m going to go ahead and assume that you want this Iron Man War Machine bobblehead, surely?

Entering is SIMPLE. Just follow the two steps below.

1. Follow me on Twitter > @KirstyCarrot
2. Click the Tweet button below

That’s all you have to do.

I’ll select a random winner over the weekend and announce on Monday.

Have a sexy weekend people. I guess i’ll be training for this…

1.9km swim

90km cycle

21km run

Because that’s how my 2015 is going to start. #IM703SA excitement.

Christmas has arrived early – we’re giving away another Hot Wheels car!

Hello pretty people. Thanks for visiting today :)

You picked the right day to join us over here at – we’re giving away a Hot Wheels car again. I have two on my desk and (if we’re being honest) i play with them daily. It’s a great distraction when you’re on hold or just when you’re procrastinating in general. Hot Wheels are right up there in my list of things that i want but never really buy for myself.PROJECT-MAYHEM-LOGO

If you are the same as me then it’s your lucky day! Our friends over at PROJECT MAYHEM have decided to sponsor another giveaway for us. Whoohoo! If you buy your toys and comics online please check their site out, they have great prices and that small biz service you can’t find anywhere else.

So, what can you win today? One of these three Hot Wheels cars is up for grabs…


Let’s get down to to details.

First you have to follow us on Twitter (@KirstyCarrot and @ProjectMayhemSA).

Next you have to choose which one of these 1:64 inch Hot Wheels cars you want to win, you cant only pick one so select carefully 😉 Then you have to go to that car below and click the Tweet button. Easy as that.

1. If you want to win this Arkham Asylum Batmobile (1:64) hit Tweet button below:



2. If you want to win this Flintstones Flintmobile (1:64) hit Tweet button below:



3. If you want to win this 1970 Dodge Charger from Fast & Furious (1:64) hit Tweet button below:



Get entering people and don’t forget to follow us too :)

Good luck!

Facebook your way to the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil

This is not a joke. Now that i have run everyday for the past week i feel like i can talk about athlete activities, just this morning i attempted to break a record for the 100m breaststroke at the Linden community pool. Although i came VERY close, today was not my day. Maybe i should stick to virtual races for now 😉 Let’s be honest, virtual races also have better prizes. Continental Tyres might just be offering the best prize out there at the moment for a virtual race. Especially for the football fans. Gold Medal < A trip to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Run 2 Stop Virtual Racer - Our Continent - Our Continent Again. Not a joke. You really can win a trip to the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil just by using Facebook. This is the chance to test your mental agility and challenge yourself by rounding up three of your friends and entering the virtual #Run2Stop race. Develop a unique team name, send three of your friends an invitation to join your team and stay glued to the Facebook page. Four questions will be randomly posted each day between 4 – 8 November and the correct answers will be awarded points that could find your team in the lead. Pick the right buddies, and make sure you’re glued to the Facebook page so that you don’t miss any questions. Then pack your bags for the ultimate prize, brought to you by Continental Tyres #Run2Stop. Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits! Sign up HERE.

The Dark Knight Rises… from your TV to your desk! [CLOSED]

So i have two pieces of good news for you today. I’m going to combine them into one blog post because i’m not having a great day emotionally with my bulldog child being at the vet and the expenses that go along with that ripping my wallet to shreds. But let’s not talk about that, let’s talk about the good things that are happening this week.

First good thing is that this Sunday at 20:30, @MnetMovies (channel 103) is screening Batman: The Dark Knight Rises for the first time on South African TV. Yeah, i’ll be glued to my TV for that one. But that’s not all.

You all know that i collect bobbleheads and secretly want all of you to collect them too so that my obsession becomes less weird. This could be that day, i’m giving away a 6 inch Neca BATMAN Bobblehead just like this one. See details below on how you could WIN him…


This is what you need to do to win:

1)  Follow ME and @MnetMovies  on Twitter

2)  Click the TWEET button below

And if that isn’t enough Batman for your liking then watch this video of ‘Batman’ visiting the Dlala Nje community center a few weeks back. This is one way to brighten up the lives of South African children.

Still here? No ways.

Now don’t forget to watch Batman: The Dark Knight Rises THIS Sunday on M-Net Movies Premiere (DSTV channel 103). It’s not who you are underneath, but what you watch that defines you 😉

Want to win a Superman Apron? [CLOSED]

I know how much you guys love prizes. Almost as much as you love Superman right?

Well lucky for us the @MnetMovies family is giving us both of those things this week. RIGHT NOW you can win a DC Comics original Superman apron on my blog and then for the rest of the week you get the get to watch Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV and Superman Returns. This week isn’t so bad after all hey? #Superheroes be crazy!

Ok so i’m assuming you want to win this apron right now. Details on how to enter below the image.


Entering is SIMPLE.

1. Follow @MnetMovies on Twitter 
2. Click the Tweet button below

I’ll DM the winner before i close the competition so make sure you are following me (@KirstyCarrot) so that i can get in touch. 

This whole Superman week is all part of a campaign i’ve been working on. You might have seen the video i posted last week about Superheroes rocking up all over South Africa. If not, watch it below. Superhero fancy dress FTW!

The point if this video was to let YOU know that every night for the whole month of October, M-Net Movies will be screening all the greatest #Superhero films on DSTV channel 108. Make sure you’re in front of your TV by 19:00 every night this week to catch aaaaaall these Superman movies…

Tuesday (tonight) – Superman

Wednesday – Superman II

Thursday – Superman III

Friday – Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

Sunday – Superman Returns

But for now, get entering so you can win this super apron 😉 Delivery only to South Africa.

superman apron

We’re giving away some Iron Man 3 DVDs [CLOSED]

It’s competition time again. Whoohoo! This time the kind folks over at Checkers have sponsored 3 x Iron Man 3 DVDs for us to give to YOU. Monday just got a whole lot better :)

I’m sure most of you have seen Iron Man 3 but it’s the type of movie you could watch over and over, so why not own it? Marvel’s Iron Man 3 is now available on Blu-ray and DVD at your local Checkers. So while you’re doing your grocery shopping with Gordon Ramsay and Nataniel, maybe you can invite them round to your house for a Superhero movie night? Sexy times.

Anyways, the point of this competition is to give you some sweet prizes and to let you know that if you don’t win this weeks competition on then there is still hope for you! Checkers customers have the opportunity to win a life size Iron Man figurine (worth 45k) plus many more geek prizes from NOW until the 30th of September. All you gotta do is pop an Iron Man 3 DVD or Blu-ray into your trolley when shopping at Checkers or Checkers Hyper, then just enter with your till slip. More deets below.

Ok, i’m rambling again. How do you win an Iron Man 3 DVD right now? 



It’s super easy,  just click the tweet link below, all the info will pop up with what you have to tweet. Simply hit ‘send’ and you’re entered. Make sure you are following me too so i can DM you if you win 😉

I’ll be capturing all the tweets, you have to be from South Africa to enter. I’ll select THREE random winners between now and Friday. Will announce via Twitter!

And if you don’t win this week, this is what else is up for grabs in store:

1st Prize – Life-sized Iron Man 3 Statue – value R45,000
2nd Prize – Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Collectible Figure – value R2,500
3rd Prize – Marvel Select War Machine + Marvel Select Mark 42 Figurines – value R500

Images of all these prizes are below, pay special attention to the life-sized Iron Man so you can start preparing excuses for your partner as to why there is a new (awesome) tenant in your house.

iron-man-3-life-size-statue iron-man-3-hot-toys-collectable