So, who won the Arkham City figurine giveaway?

Really hope you guys liked this weeks giveaway. Sucks that everybody can’t win. I always feel bad choosing so i made the kids over at decide who wins the Arkham City figurine of their choice!

Dun dun duuuuuuun. Our winner today is @FoxOneZA with this tweet below. He chose Batman which was clearly the most popular choice. I think i might have gone for Penguin myself. Not really sure why cause i thought he was pretty gross. Just as a point of interest, Robin was the least popular choice.

Sunesh R (FoxOneZA) on Twitter

Sunesh, please email me your delivery address and contact deets Geeksdoingstuff[at]gmail[dot]com so we can get your Batman delivered. Make sure you tweet us a pic when it arrives!

If you are awesome and collect nerd things then make sure you bookmark the Project Mayhem catalogue. They have loads more stock then listed so feel free to send them a tweet if you are looking for something.


Batman Arkham City [CLOSED]

GUYS. Is it too early in the week to do a giveaway?

The kids over at Project Mayhem want to give you an Arkham City figurine. They sell a whole bunch of figurines, graphic novels and Hot Wheels cars. The cars are my favourite, i don’t collect myself but i do enjoy screen shopping for them. In order to create a bit of awareness about their online store they have decided to run a competition with us.

The competition works like this. You need to decide which one of these figurines you want to win. Then you need to tweet and tell us if your collection needs Batman, Robin, Harley Quinn or The Penguin. Simple. There is a tweet button below to get you started :)



Have you decided which figurine you want to win?

All you need to do is click the Tweet button below. Remember to tell us which figurine you want to win. It will automatically select Batman so change his name to one of the other characters if you would prefer to win one of those. Make sense?

ALSO, please be sure you are following me and @ProjectMayhem for the latest updates on figurines and collectables. Also, you have to follow to win so do it 😉

They guys from Project Mayhem will randomly choose one of their new followers to win the Arkham City figurine they selected. We will make the announcement this Friday. Good luck!

So, who won those GEEK FEST tickets?

As always, thanks for all the enthusiasm and entries on the Geek Fest competition. You guys ROCK :)

We have selected our winner purely based on will to win. If it’s not you that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend Geek Fest in Jozi this year. Head over to Web Tickets to purchase yours for under R100. Come on guys, let’s support the local nerds. Also, COSPLAY PET PARADE!

Anyways, back to our winner, congrats to @Moonica! You and a friend will be joining me at Geek Fest this year!  This was one of my favourite entries yet. See the poster below she tweeted me, WIN :) Please email me your cell number and name so we can arrange your tickets — > GeeksDoingStuff [at] Gmail [dot] com

geek fest winner

We’re giving away tickets to GEEK FEST! [CLOSED]

Have you heard about Geek Fest? If you haven’t and you live in Jozi then you’re going to want to read this post. There is something about hanging out with other geeks that makes us feel awesome and Geek Fest is the first Jozi born festival that i will be attending. Besides Rage of course but that expo is pretty focused on gaming and hardware and lacks that community feeling if you aren’t playing in the LAN competition.

Lucky for us, the folks over at Dark Carnival have decided to set up an annual GEEK FEST. This first one will be on the 31st of August in Bedfordview, Jozi. Bring your family, friends and even your pets for a geeky day out. The two things i am most excited about are the Beer Garden (for obvious reasons) and the Cosplay Pet Parade. My Bulldog is totes winning best dressed 😉

If you want to win tickets to this event then get entering, details below the poster. Usual entry mechanism but as always, extra points for creativity. If you don’t win tickets, don’t be sad, you can buy them over HERE.

I hope to see you all there!


So i’m pretty sure you want to go to Geek Fest. Of course you do.

Only thing is that it’s in JHB so make sure you can get to the event if you win. Now how do you enter?

Simply click the tweet link below, if you win you get TWO tickets so you can take a friend along with you.

I’ll be capturing all the tweets and announcing the winner this Friday. Make sure you are following me so i can DM you if you win!

Winners announced for The Heat Premiere

Just a quick announcement of the winners randomly selected to attend ‘The Heat’ premiere. Thanks for the entries guys, i know this wasn’t the typical geek film but it looked pretty funny so i thought why not 😉

Durban winner:

durban winner the heat

Jozi winner:

jhb winner the heat

Cape Town winner:

ct winner the heat


Please email me here – GeeksDoingStuff [at] Gmail [dot] com and let me know your full name and contact details (email and cell). I’ll make sure your name goes on the list and the event organisers will mail you 2 or 3 days before with more deets.

Thanks again to @MnetMovies for sponsoring this giveaway :)

The_Heat_poster giveaway

We have another ticket giveaway! This time for ‘The Heat’

Ok so i have good news and i have backup good news. Firstly, we’re giving away a double set of movie tickets to attend the premiere of The Heat on the Tuesday 13th of August. Everybody say thank you to @MnetMovies for sponsoring these! We have a set for Jozi, a set for Cape Town AND a set for Durban so everybody can enter. Unless you’re from Bloemfontein. In that case i’m sorry for the fact that you can’t win tickets to this premiere, and also because you live in Bloemfontein.

I’m excited for The Heat, it looks funny as hell. Melissa McCarthy is one of my favourite actresses at the moment so i am expecting greatness from this film.

The_Heat_poster giveaway

The backup good news is that if you don’t win on our blog, you have a pretty good chance of winning with @MnetMovies too. See the promo trailer below to see how you can win tickets as well as a few funny snippets from the film.

Below that is the entry mechanism for today, it’s a simple tweet button again so good luck 😉

Ok so if you want to go watch this movie AND you are free on the 13th of August then simply click the tweet link below. It’s that easy. REMEMBER to include ‘JHB’, ‘CT’ or ‘DBN’ in your tweet as i’ll select a winner from each city.

I’ll be capturing all the tweets. I’ll select a random winner over the weekend and announce on Monday. Make sure you are following me (@KirstyCarrot) so i can DM you if you win. Mkay?

Aaaand GO!

So, who won The Wolverine tickets?

Hello you pretty little nerds. Thank you kindly for all you entries and enthusiasm with The Wolverine competition. I really want to start doing more competition stuff for you guys, we should have another movie giveaway on Friday and something even BIGGER next week so if you don’t win this one there is still hope for you!

If you missed it, on Monday we gave away 4 sets of double tickets to go watch The Wolverine at Sandton City. I just chose a random entry every hour to keep things legit. These are our winners…


CONGRATS GUYS! Please email me here – GeeksDoingStuff [at] Gmail [dot] com and let me know when you want to go to the movie. Remember tickets are for Sandton City only!

Thanks again to MTN and Nokia for sponsoring this give away :)




Want to go watch The Wolverine? [CLOSED]

For those of you who didn’t make it down to your local cinema this weekend, you’re in luck. We’re giving away FOUR sets of double tickets to go watch The Wolverine at Sandton City, courtesy of Nokia and MTN. If you have already seen the movie and think it was as awesome as the review we posted on Friday then you’re also welcome to enter, why not see it twice?

This is a pretty cool giveaway to keep The Wolverine fans smiling, but it’s not all that the kind folks over at Nokia and MTN are giving away. They are also giving away the opportunity for you train like The Wolverine IN JAPAN! Yes, you read that correctly, you could be shipped off to Samurai country to learn mad Wolverine skills from the pros. Read below to find out how to enter this comp as well as enter to win yourself a double set of tickets to go watch The Wolverine at Sandton City.

Wolverine Giveaway

Nokia + MTN + Numetro Films are giving one Wolverine enthusiast a chance to win the ultimate Samurai training experience in Japan, in celebration of The Wolverine release.  To stand a chance to win, eager Samurais need to purchase a Nokia Lumia 520 at any MTN store nationwide and SMS ‘Japan’ and the IMEI number to 41611.

Offering impressive features and great value, the Lumia 520 is powered by Windows Phone 8, with exclusive digital lenses, a 1GHz dual core processor, and a touchscreen that even works with long finger nails or gloves. A fun and affordable smartphone with free music and navigation, the Nokia Lumia 520 not only offers amazing bang for your buck, but is the perfect weapon for any superhero! The Lumia 520 is available from MTN stores nationwide for just R1999 on pay as you go or on an MTN Anytime 100 contract.

I still think they should take me along with the winner so i can show off my mad ninja skills in Japan – i think my cat like reflexes and extended hours playing Prince Of Persia will really come in handy. I’m basically the nerd version of Jackie Chan. True story.

But don’t worry, if you can’t make it to The Wolverine experience in Japan you can still win some movie tickets TODAY. Remember it’s JHB only. To enter, click the tweet link below. It’s that easy.

I’ll be capturing all the tweets. I’ll select a random winner tomorrow afternoon and announce before 5pm. Make sure you are following me so i can DM you if you win 😉

Good luck and hopefully i’ll be seeing you at the movies!


Want to find out if you won the set of Hot Wheels cars?

Last week Friday we did a giveaway on behalf of Project Mayhem. They were kind enough to sponsor us a set of collectible (1:64) scale Hot Wheels Cars featuring The Arkham Asylum Batmobile, an A-Team Van and the DeLorean Time Machine from Back To The Future. Who wouldn’t want to win that? If you missed it, you can see what you missed out on HERE.

We randomly selected a winner, congrats to @Hamish_Hoosen – please email me your full name, number and deliver address! You can find me here — > kirsty [at] superherostuff [dot] co [dot] za – this was the wining tweet…

hot wheels winning tweet

We hope the set of Hot Wheels gets cared for like all geek toys should! Please remember to check out for all your other geeky needs, they stock a wide range of Hot Wheels collectible cars, action figures AND comic books.

PROJECT MAYHEM    Collectibles   Action Figures

Have a good Thursday people,

Love you guys x

WIN a set of Hot Wheels cars – The Batmobile, an A-Team Van and the DeLorean Time Machine! [Closed]

Today we have a bit of a different giveaway but one that i’m pretty excited about, i collect Hot Wheels cars and even have two of them on my desk at work. I’m not sure why i love these little 1:64 scale cars so much but they always come in handy when desk play time is needed. Desk play time is a real thing by they way, you should try it 😉

We’re giving away a set of collectible 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Cars, there are 3 (very cool) pieces in this set! The Arkham Asylum Batmobile, an A-Team Van and the DeLorean Time Machine from Back To The Future…


I recently discovered a local company that sells most of the vintage 1:64 scale Hot Wheels cars – they have been kind enough to sponsor some prizes for you! Have you heard of Project MayhemThey specialise in collectibles and action figures ranging from rare toy cars to limited edition large scale statues of your favorite pop-culture icons. They do carry stock so you don’t have to wait weeks for delivery and deliver throughout South Africa. They also will order in for those tricky hard-to find items. Have a look at their eStore here > Project Mayhem

PROJECT MAYHEM    Collectibles   Action Figures

 Want to win this set of 3 x 1:64 Hot Wheels collectors cars? This is what you have to do to enter…

1. Follow @ProjectMayhemSA on Twitter

2. Follow @KirstyCarrot on Twitter

3. Tweet a link to the post using the hashtag #ProjectMayhemSA (you can just use the button below to do this)

It’s that simple :) Good luck!

We’ll announce the winners on Wednesday the 22nd of May by tweeting the winner, but in the meanwhile check out the cars you could win in their packaging… Desk porn!


Please note, pic above is not actual packaging. I totes stole these off Google. The Hot Wheels cars we are giving away are the short-card versions, 1:64 scale.