The Truth About Lego

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The king of cool offices

I like to pride myself on my toy collection. I only started collecting about four years ago when i stopped worrying about what others would think if my home decor was focused around Tin Tin art and my absolute favourite… the entire Toy Story collection. king-price-insurance Guess it reminds me to think like a kid sometimes, to try new things and realise that that it’s ok to do things differently. One brand that seems to be employing a similar approach to their business is King Price. They have a whole bunch of fun in their office. I was there last week and snapped some pics. You’ll see why 😉 king-price-car-insurance-1 king-price-car-insurance-2 king-price-car-insurance-3 king-price-car-insurance-4 Not bad for an insurance company hey? Not only are these guys the kings of car insurance but they are also the kings of office layouts. If you ask me 😉 If you’re keen to see how this insurance company can save you money and insure your goods at the same time then find out more here. CYMERA_20141021_075245 king price logo

The Pixar Theory

It’s Friday. We need some happiness.

What if I told you that all Pixar movies are connected? That all the characters in those movies actually live in the same universe, only in different times? How is that possible, you ask? Watch this video to see… 

Minifig Monday 50


I can’t believe we’re already at Minifig Monday number 50! I thought I’d mark the occasion with a simple but awesome minifig from series 1, the caveman. He has an impressive beard and unibrow, and comes with a club.

(And don’t worry, I still have MANY minifigs to share :)

My 5 Favourite Disney Characters

I’m not sure why i never grew out of my toys but i just didn’t. I’m sure my mom would love an explanation, she just spent a few hours of her London day trip looking for a specific Jessie doll to complete my Toy Story set. Wonder how she explained that one to her friends 😉

What i really love about these characters is their stories. The stories with happy endings. The characters i seem to love the most all have great stories, they make me smile and give my mind a break for all the other adult stuff i have to deal with 99% of the time.

These are 5 of my favourite Disney Characters. Who are yours?


1. Rita the Cheetah (from Doc McStuffins – played by our very own Unathi Msengana)

*Rita the Cheetah will make her debut appearance on Doc McStuffins in an episode titled ‘No Sweetah Cheetah’, Unathi will be the first person in Africa to act as the voice of a Disney Junior character!

If you want to watch history happen then check out Disney Junior (DStv Channel 309) on the 16th of June at 08:20. More info on that here.


2. Rex (from Toy Story)

disney - rex toy story


3. Eeyore (from Winnie The Poo)

disney - eeyore


4. Manny (from Handy Manny)



5. Dory (from Finding Nemo)

disney - dorio

Minifig Monday 49


This Monday I thought I’d share one of my favourite minifigures in my collection, Queen Amidala in her Theed throne room gown. She features a unique skirt piece that is round at the bottom, and of course a unique headdress as well, which is made of that funny squishy plastic they sometimes make hair out of.

She comes from the Gungan Sub set released a couple of years ago. It would be really awesome if they made minifigs of a few more of her costumes!

Minifig Monday 48


I’ve just received my set of Simpsons minifigs, so I thought I’d post one of them today. Homer, the first minifig in the special Simpsons series, comes with a TV remote and a doughnut (naturally). Like the rest of the minifigs in this series, he’s got a unique one-piece head.


This new Lego Simpsons theme celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons!

16 Of The Latest Simpsons LEGO Minifigs

LEGO has unveiled 16-NEW Simpsons minifigs and they are all truly amazing.

My birthday is in June, feel free to buy me aaaaaaaall the Simpsons minifigs!


simpsons-2 simpsons-3 simpsons-4 simpsons-6 simpsons-7 simpsons-8 simpsons-9 simpsons-11 simpsons-12 simpsons-13 simpsons-14-600x552
simpsons-16 simpsons-marge-528x600

Via NerdApproved

‘Toy Story’ Re-enacted by Kittens

You all know how i feel about cats. I wouldn’t usually post a video about kittens on my blog but, well, they are dressed like Toy Story characters so here you go.

To be honest the video quality isn’t great, this is why children shouldn’t direct videos, just putting it out there 😉 The little kittens dressed up as Woody and Buzz Lightyear will definitely put a smile on your face though, so i think we can forgive the video quality.

Oh and if this video isn’t enough to cheer you up, visit their YouTube channel for things like Live Bulldog Webcams and Barkwatch – yes, Barkwatch is exactly what you think it is.

Happy Friday people, only a few more hours to go the it’s the weeeeeeekend :)

Window shopping for Toys Hong Kong

This will be my last about past stuff i’ve done. Just had to share with you the window displays that blew my mind – if you’re ever in Hong Kong gimme a shout and i’ll guide you to the three biggest toy malls in Mong Kok. We spent about 4 days hunting for toys so hoping i covered most of the territory!

Besides all the variety and late working hours of these toy malls, the thing that i was most impressed with was their window displays. It was super hard not to smash the glass and try scoop up all the action figures, instead i just spent hours drooling at window displays like this…

IMG-20140107-WA0002 IMG-20140107-WA0003 20131217_180927 20131217_182327 20131217_183441 20131217_185702

Oh and the ones below were my two favorite toys on display.

Kick Ass and Hit Girl Be@rbrick figurines. I couldn’t afford to buy them but soon… soon they will be mine :)