12 Lego Minifigs that you don’t have to be a geek to want

We often talk about the Lego minifigs from Superhero films and other geek cultures but we never really talk about the minifigs that are based on regular characters. The characters me and you interact with every day.

I’ve collected 12 of my favourite ordinary Lego minifigs that you don’t have to be a geek to appreciate – from Butchers to Mechanics and even a Sky Diver. There are loads of other characters that would be epic as Lego minifigs, i’ve been thinking about submitting the idea of a Red Neck Truck Driver to Lego for a while now. Realistically they wouldn’t make it but the fact that they let you submit ideas for minifigs is kinda cool. If you have an idea to submit you can click here.

I think Lego have done pretty well with these minifig characters, and there are loads more. These are 12 regular minifigs that you don’t have to be a geek to want, do you own any others that i should add to this list?

1. The Surfer 


2. The Baywatch Babe 


3. The Businessman 


4. The Butcher 


 5. The Fitness Instructor 


 6. The Hippie


7. The Mechanic


 8. The Mime (with three expressions) 


9. The Paintball Guy


10. The Plumber


11. The Sea Captain


12. The Sky Diver


Batman Arkham City [CLOSED]

GUYS. Is it too early in the week to do a giveaway?

The kids over at Project Mayhem want to give you an Arkham City figurine. They sell a whole bunch of figurines, graphic novels and Hot Wheels cars. The cars are my favourite, i don’t collect myself but i do enjoy screen shopping for them. In order to create a bit of awareness about their online store www.ProjectMayhem.co.za they have decided to run a competition with us.

The competition works like this. You need to decide which one of these figurines you want to win. Then you need to tweet and tell us if your collection needs Batman, Robin, Harley Quinn or The Penguin. Simple. There is a tweet button below to get you started :)



Have you decided which figurine you want to win?

All you need to do is click the Tweet button below. Remember to tell us which figurine you want to win. It will automatically select Batman so change his name to one of the other characters if you would prefer to win one of those. Make sense?

ALSO, please be sure you are following me and @ProjectMayhem for the latest updates on figurines and collectables. Also, you have to follow to win so do it 😉

They guys from Project Mayhem will randomly choose one of their new followers to win the Arkham City figurine they selected. We will make the announcement this Friday. Good luck!

Possibly the biggest personal Star Wars collection EVER!

Meet Clinton. This guy has been collecting Star Wars figurines, accessories, clothing since he was 4 years old. This collection is enough to make any Star Wars nerd faint. He has over 1400 Star Wars figures alone, not to mention all the other geek stuff that lives in his garage. Nice to see he likes to open the boxes and play with the toys, i totally agree with that.

I’ve never wanted to hang out in a garage so much.

Wow. You win the nerd award Clinton.

Source : Clinton: Trust me, I’m a Jedi from ABC Open Wide Bay on Vimeo.

Oooohhhh, i found a new Lara Croft figurine!

Lara Croft is my favourite video game character of all time. She is the only figurine i have on display in the adult section of the house, the rest all have to play in the adultchild room (aka the study). I found this new 9 inch figurine via Geek Alerts and it looks pretty goddamn cool, it’s a brilliant representation of her character in the 2013 A Survivor Is Born game. Two of the things that stood out to me most whilst playing this game was the excessive amount of dirt on her skin and having to hunt to survive using her bow – both are represented in this Tomb Raider collectable below.

It’s a sign. I MUST HAVE THIS.


While we’re talking about figurines, i made this vine video of my Bobblhead collection on Thursday night. It’s a bit blurry at times. there might have been some wine involved in making this. Also the video is on its side, any idea how i can rotate it?

For not just turn your head sideways and push play 😉

New Bobbleheads in stock – including Iron Man 3 stuff!

Hey guys, just thought i’d let you know that there is loads of new stock at www.BobbleheadsSA.co.za – you know i am a fan of these bobbleheads and i will convert the LOT of you into collectors before i die 😉

Some very cool new characters have landed on our chilly South African shores including Iron Man 3 (in a few different suits), Tigger and even a Mars Attacks vinyl figurine! Check out their new range by clicking HERE.

These are the 3 Iron Man bobbleheads i will be adding to my collection SOON…


Bobbleheads SA are running a FREE DELIVERY promo

Hello hello! Some good news for you this Monday, uuhh… i mean Thursday. The guys over at www.BobbleHeadsSA.co.za are are offering free delivery on all orders over R200. I know the post office takes a bit longer to deliver but it’s a good option if you only want one or two Bobbleheads as courier fees can cut you deep 😉 Click on the banner below and it will take you right through to the site…


My little collection is growing, any other Bobblehead collectors out there? Send us pics of your current collections, even if its one or two… we always like to see what the other nerds play with!

Payday and discount Bobbleheads are a match made in heaven!

Geeez… it’s Bobblehead week i tell you. MORE good Bobblehead news! As most of you know – i am a collector, so far i have completed my first desk row and will have to build some shelves to continue on as i’m officially out of space! Collecting Bobbleheads can get a bit pricey if you order a few every month but if you are smart about it and order when there are sales etc then it really helps. I’ve picked up most of my children from www.BobbleheadsSA.co.za – this is my collection so far…

bobble head collection

You know what they say… a penny saved is a Bobblehead gained. Ok, no one actually says that but they should right? I am always looking to expand my collection so i am forced to keep an eye out on sales/reduced prices etc …help me i’m poor. There are some awesome new Bobbleheads arriving in March and our Bobbleheads SA friends have decided to give 10% off to anyone who pre-orders stock. I plan on ordering a few so this saving will add up!

Check and see what Bobbleheads are > COMMING SOON < The new Spiderman looks cool, and the Captain America – i need one of those for collection actually… *takes out credit card*

Also, spend your salary QUICK before the debit orders steal all the money!

Oh… and it’s Phuza Thursday, who is celebrating tonight?


Hello Kitty… with a twist!


You know you’ve made it when you get your own Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead!

No, i did not get my own Bobblehead. I wish i was that famous :(

For a reason that is still unknown to me, the most popular song of 2012 has to go to Gangnam Style! That little Asian guy danced his way to the top of the charts, breaking all sorts of internet records along the way. I have to admit, the first time i saw the video on YouTube i thought is was a joke… i was wrong, it is very real… and people LOVED it! I know being the most watched video on YouTube is a great achievement but getting your own Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead? THAT my friends, is when you know you will be remembered forever!

This Gangnam Style Bobbleheads will be landing is SA in March, and i have a feeling they will go fast. I might just have to order one for my collection, it just doesn’t seem right not to have it? If you want to purchase your own, chat to these dudes to get the exact arrival date > www.BobbleheadsSA.co.za


It certainly would get your desk some attention :/

After watching the video a few times and seeing the internet world go into a PSY frenzy, i only felt one thing. I felt sorry. Not for myself, but for these horses…


Iron Man 3 collectible action figure set by Hot Toys

Last week i showed you guys the Iron man 2 action figure set by Hot Toys… it was all part of a master plan. Ok, not really. This week Hot Toys have released some preview shots of the Iron man 3 action figure that’s in production.  If you saw the initial Iron Man 3 promo material you might notice that they’ve replicated an official image of Tony Stark in his hall of armor.

Holy mother of geekville, i hope Santa brings me one of these for Christmas…

iron-man-3-hot-toys---2 iron-man-3-hot-toys---4 iron-man-3-hot-toys---5 iron-man-3-hot-toys---6 iron-man-3-hot-toys---1

The team from Hot Toys had this to say, “One of the most anticipating blockbusters of the year – Iron Man 3 is coming soon in end April! A series of collectibles from this exciting movie will be launched very soon which you can match with our Hall of Armor Collectible Set including the Tony Stark Collectible Figure in his workshop, so that you can easily create the scene when he is putting on his armor in the trailer.”