The world’s smallest working drill

The world’s smallest working drill created has been created using a 3D printer. I’m not one for power tools normally but this is kind of incredible.

3D printers are on the top side of my favourite things invented this decade. Partly because the technology fascinates me and partly because IMAGINE PRINTING YOUR OWN ACTION FIGURES?


The follow up to #MakeItHappenZA

A while back i wrote a post about how @GeeksDoingStuff went from being something small into something big. A hobby to a business. It was a story i enjoyed writing. Sometimes it’s important to look back at what you’ve done so you can make sure what’s to come is even bigger :)

It was a great campaign – sponsored by Lumia. They asked South Africans what visions they wanted to make a reality, and it seems South Africa told them. Here’s a clip of one of those dreams being transformed with the help of Lumia.

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A live commercial for PayPal. Ellen wins the internet this month. #PayPalSA

I’m in advertising. I know it’s hard to always be on top of your content game and be able to create new ways to speak to customers. Especially when budgets are tight and restrictions are, well, strict. I also know the difficulty of online payments in South Africa and how we’re oddly behind in the world of paying for things online. Almost 50% of my geek store payments are still done via EFT, i find that weird personally but when i reached out to customers they just seemed to feel more secure doing it that way. Who am i to judge?

I am happy to see that the big players in the online payment world are starting to invest more into education around online payments. I really think if more people understood the simplicity of online interactions and the security behind the ‘big players’ like PayPal then we’d all be able to move happily into the next level of online shopping! Check out this rad campaign below that popped up on the Ellen show.

This post may be sponsored but i think it’s a great thing that PayPal has given us some facts below to share with you, to help educate people about the online payment process.

  • When checking out with your PayPal account, you do not need to type in all your credit card details and shipping information for each transaction- everything is already stored in your PayPal account and kept secure.
  • When you make a payment with PayPal we do not share your financial details with the seller. This gives you more control and provides an extra layer of security.
  • We also protect eligible purchases with PayPal Buyer Protection. If an eligible item doesn’t show up, or turns out to be different than described, we’ll help sort things out with the seller.

So this festive season there should be nothing stopping you.



Tis the season to be cheap and merry!

Firstly, you have to read the post title in a Christmas carol singing voice. That’s very important. Secondly, this post took a fair amount of time to construct so lets be thankful to the sponsors of this post, King Price Insurance.

We all know that King Price is the cheapest insurance but what we don’t know is where to buy the cheapest geek accessories this Christmas, and that’s how this blog post was born. We all know at least one geek, and this post is for them. As a geek myself i’m tired of terrible gifts because you don’t understand what we like. So to help you South Africans be better at geek-gift-giving this Christmas, i’ve put together this handy guide!

Note – these items are from all over the South African internet. Not just our own eStore. We tried to be fair 😉

1. Star Wars Christmas stockings. Available for R695 from (sold as a pair).


2. The Joker Vinyl Clock. Available for R270 from Project Mayhem.

joker clock

3. Marvel Comics vintage comic book bow tie. Available for R320 from Vamers.


4. Lego brick alarm clock. Available for R269 from Takealot.

lego alarm clock

5. Bazinga christmas stocking. Available for R295 from


6. Inflatable rollerwheel (i don’t know why i love this but i do!). Available for R799 from Mantality.

inflatable roller wheel

7. Pre-order them a Playstation TV. Available for R1499 from Kalahari.

playstation tv

8. And last but not least, if you have a geek that you REALLY love. A white Playstation 4 😉 Available for R6999.90 from Toys R Us.

white playsttion four_destiny_bundle_in_packaging

To be honest, gimmicky stuff is what makes us geeks happy. I’ve managed to add some cheap stuff to this list as well, so you have NO excuse. Talking about cheap, you can also get a quick quote from our royal friends of the insurance world. Go on, be a sport 😉

We know that geeks can be expensive friends but keep us in mind this festive season. With you decreasing monthly car insurance premiums, we know their should be budget for some Star Wars Christmas stocking gifts!



You know how much we love things that fly in the air?

Well, we like thing that fly in the air on their own just a little bit more and this is why it’s time to get excited, specifically if you are in Cape Town.

Basically it’s the robot on a whole other level…

There is a free demo on 29 August at 4:15 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, where a team of roboticists from Zurich will show how these machines dance, build towers, catch balls and juggle poles.

The radio commands that instruct the high-speed machines are transmitted at 50 times per second yet balance objects on their heads and hover perfectly.

Need more?

A little demo:

Twitter : TheQuadrocopter

Instagram: TheQuadrocopter

If you’re looking to register:

I have a secret… and it’s about food, obviously.


I’m currently a bit obsessed with Chicken Licken, it’s taken over from my Romans Pizza obsession. Partially because they have three bun burgers and partially because they have a secret menu.


Yep. A secret menu.

International site,, lists all the places that host secret menu items that require some kind of special invitation or password in order to get access. And who was featured on there last week? Our very own Chicken Licken.

So it looks like the secret menu is out. Head on over to and hold down ‘SHIFT 1981’. You’re welcome.
3 If you’re wondering, 1981 is the year Chicken Licken was founded. That the secret password. Now go get yourself a Chickwich 😉

Oh. And FYI. For mobile, this is how it works:

Smartphones: Please tap the Chicken licken logo 5 times in under 5 secs to activate the secret menu (slow succession).

 Feature phone: Click on the Chicken Licken logo to activate the secret menu.

Lego robots are solving Rubiks Cubes

If the BBC reports it then you know it’s cool 😉

British computer chip-making firm#ARM has been showing off robots made from#Lego, which can solve #Rubik’s Cubes. It uses a smartphone that has an app to solve the puzzle, the app then tells the Lego arms what to do. I wish i had one of these to mix me exotic cocktails every day, i’m sure it’s possible hey?

12-year-old builds low cost Lego braille printer

When i was at school i could think of nothing more terrible than competing in the science fair, partially cause it involved putting in extra hours and partly because there was always this one Asian kid who i could never beat. I’ve always lived with a ‘if you’re not first, you’re last’ sort of attitude, Ricky Bobby actually got that advice from me 😉

Well, because of Jessica Sho, i was always last. Seems we have another little Jessica Sho over in America just inventing braille printers out of Lego and making all the other kids look bad. His name is Shubham Banerjee and i want to adopt him.

braille printer 2

Shubham Banerjee, a kid from the US, decided that $2000 was just too much to pay for a braille printer. He decided to tackle that challenge for his local science fair and the result is called the Braigo – a better, more affordable way to print braille, using Lego.

The better way he came up with involved the clever use of a $350 Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit along with some over the counter hardware. He took a basic, preexisting pattern for a printer and reworked it with new software and hardware enhancements to print out letters in braille. This is how it works.

Smart kid. I want him.

This is the close up pic of his final design. The first prototype isn’t very fast, but it proves the concept works. Banerjee is working on improvements that will allow it to print full pages of text.

braille printer 1

Retro Arcade Watch

A gift from the retro gods. An arcade game and wrist watch combo. On ‘sale’ for only $60 dollars – although they probably won’t ship to South Africa, obvs.

Because, sometimes, playing games is more fun than telling the time.

Retro Arcade Watch 1 Retro Arcade Watch 2 Retro Arcade Watch 3 Retro Arcade Watch 4

If you weren’t sure about the quality of GoPro. This confirms it.

I’ve always thought that GoPro cameras were a bit over priced. But it seems the price is on par with the quality of the camera so fair enough, you get what you pay for eh. Apparently you can drop your GoPro out of an airplane and into a pig pen full of hungry animals and it will keep rolling the whole time.

Don’t believe me? Watch this…

GoPro should turn this into an advert. Staring porky himself, yes, i did just name the pig in the video.

This is a weirdly cool piece of content. What bothers me the most about it is HOW did the guy find his camera after it fell out of a moving airplane? Seems a bit unrealistic. Maybe it is a secret GoPro ad after all.