Apple turns 30 and to celebrate they gave us this…

I’m not going to lie. I’m not the biggest fan of Apple in the room. I don’t dislike the brand at all but i don’t really use their products, maybe that will change one day but for now i have an HP and an Android 😉

I do however like what they’ve done with their latest advert. Nothing sells a brand more that being your own ambassador. I’ve always felt that companies who believe in their own ‘bullshit’ are the companies that people will trust. After all, if you don’t use your own product why should i?

Well played Apple. This is titled 1.24.14.

This video was shot around the world in ONE day by 15 crew. January 24th to be exact, thus the name. It was shot using only iPhone 5s smartphones and the goal was to capture people doing amazing things with Apple products. Editing took only 36 hours, which is insane considering there were clips coming in from multiple crew members.

This is the sort of advertising that makes people believe in your brand.

Happy Birthday Apple.

Star Wars Lightsaber Sunglasses That Light Up!

In my poll yesterday i asked you kids what brands you like. Star Wars came out tops.

This discovery is my gift to you for taking the time to tick the boxes. I found these (light up) Star Wars Lightsaber Sunglasses that you can actually purchase. Would be close on 500 bucks though after shipping and import costs etc so i’m not sure i’d actually but them but cool to look at still :)

Star Wars Lightsaber Sunglasses 1 Star Wars Lightsaber Sunglasses 2 Star Wars Lightsaber Sunglasses 3 Star Wars Lightsaber Sunglasses 4

These lunch tins are guaranteed to make your lunch taste better ;)

It’s almost lunch time. Do you have a take away container or a crappy zip lock lunch tin that only really closes on three of the four sides? You aren’t alone, there are many others out there just like you. We should start a terrible lunch tin club.

Our goal should be to improve our lunch time experience. Let’s start by screen shopping for new lunch tins 😉

NMR48004 NMR48017 NMR48026lg (1) NMR48038 NMR48049 NMR48063 VN17570lg VN26270 VN26370 VN39070 VN44070 VN46070lgVN67070VN74570VN74670VN75570VN99070VN991708a959963a83be9478036ddd34333a960

I’m starting an 8-Bit band. Do you want to play the Harmonica?

You’re probably thinking ‘what sort of ridiculous link bait has Kirsty come up with now’, i don’t blame you. An 8-Bit band and a harmonica aren’t really two things that you thought we’d ever discuss here. It could be worse, we could be talking about cats.

Back to the point. I’ve had dreams of starring in an 8-Bit band for months now, problem is, i have absolutely no music talent. Like Jessica Simpson singing live sort of musical talent, that bad. This little contraption labelled the 8-Bit Harmonica gives me reason to hope though.

8 bit harmonica

It makes sound via some sort of NES chip, i’m not really going to talk about technical details because i have absolutely NO idea how this works. But i will tell you that it has a mode that makes the famous coin sound from Super Mario Bros when you blow into the cartridge. Music really doesn’t get much better than that.

Clever Asians. Making us all look bad again with their amazing ideas.

Via NerdApproved

Rubber Band Machine Gun – TAKE ALL MY MONEY

If you say you don’t want this machine gun that shoots rubber bands then i think you might need to reconsider your life. Think about the hours of fun, HOURS.

The real question is, who would you shoot first? I’m going to be honest here and say that i’d be targeting @WendyTayler straight in the face, i’d make sure she had glasses on because i wouldn’t want to blind her, that would be mean. Make sure you pick the target that will give you the best reaction because after a few rubber band rounds i’m sure this machine gun will be banned from your office.

Rubber Band Machine Gun

This monster is the Rubber Band Rambo, a Ukrainian invention designed by student Alexander Shpetniy (how do you even pronounce that?). Initially asking for $5000 on Kickstarter, it’s now close to the $100,000 mark. KA CHING.  The Rubber Band Rambo has 16 barrels and can fire up to 14 rubber bands per second.

It has a range of 7.9 meters so will work great in an open plan office 😉

Here is the video of Rubber Band Rambo in action.

via Kotaku

The tallest water slide in the world

I should probably start my fundraising campaign now. I feel like i need to be in Germany when this water slide officially opens.

This my friends, is the worlds tallest and SCARIEST water slide. Definitely not for sissies. You need to be half a Superhero just to climb the stairs to the top! Taller that Niagra Falls, no jokes.

The question is. Would you ride this?

The slide, named VerrĂźckt (German for “insane”), will beat the current world record slide in Brazil, which stands at 164 feet. However, the details of the slide at Schlitterbahn will not be revealed until its opening day.

via Mashable

Real Life Knight Rider KITT Replica

You have to appreciate Chris Palmer’s dedication. He took his 1991 Pontiac Trans Am and converted into a replica of KITT, the famous talking car from Knight Rider. The original KITT was an ’82 model but i’m sure this replica is close enough to work as an effective panty dropper for Chris. Be honest ladies, going on a date in this car would make for great story telling.

Seems his passion to make his very own KITT car started out online, they weren’t lying when they said you can buy anything on Ebay. Chris changed the fenders, the hood, the entire dashboard and much more – all to match the season one version of KITT. Check out this lil video he made to show off his masterpiece. Images below the video.


Original post via Geekologie

So earlier i was raving about the Nokia Lumia 1020, this is why..

I went to a technology showcase earlier, hosted by Nokia.

I am an avid Android fan and have been loyal to them for a good few years now. I’ve never considered a Nokia because i’ve never felt there was anything strong enough to lure me away from the Android family. The Nokia 1020 is the first phone to make me reconsider. Also, I recently bought a DLSR camera and now i want my money back.

This explains why…

41 Megapixels. Manual ISO. Manual shutterspeed. Full HD video. And it’s sexy.

I basically want to BE Stephen Alvarez. I also want to go to the Grand Canyon. And have this phone.

There seems to be a lot of stuff i want, guess i better get back to work so i can actually have all this stuff one day 😉


Monster Truck Gets Turned Into A ‘World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van’

If you say you wouldn’t buy an ice-cream from this truck i’d say you’re a liar. This is one of the coolest car mods i’ve seen in a while, with the huge wheels and oversized everything else. I think the best thing about this truck is that it’s clearly built to serve ice cream to adults. As you can see in the pic below children can only take part in the ice-cream eating if they carry a ladder around and let’s be honest, they won’t do that.

Also the ice creams being served are super-sized. No one in their right mind would give a child that much sugar, it’s just not worth it.

Oh, the truck was built by Czech carmaker Skoda to mark the release of their new monster truck. They turned one of their 5.5-ton, 21-foot tall Octavia vRS vehicles into what they claim to be “the world’s biggest ice cream van”. Check it out below…

Monster Truck - World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van Monster Truck - World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van 2 Monster Truck - World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van 3

via DesignTaxi


There is an actual Ghostbusters car right here in Johannesburg!

Being a screen geek is pretty hard in South Africa. We get the movies after everyone else, the cool series take even longer. Flip, we even have to watch 18 month episodes of Days Of Our Lives… that’s just not fair. Lucky for us, Nerd Jesus throws us a bone every now and again. This time it’s in the form of an actual real-life Ghosbusters car right here in Johannesburg. This car is available for hire as well, it’s not cheap but being awesome takes a bit of budget at times.

Surely you remember the original Ghostbusters car from the 1984 supernatural comedy? The Ectomobile, is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor and was used by the Ghostbusters team to travel around New York City, busting ghosts and causing havoc. The original vehicle design was the creation of Steven Dane, credited as a Hardware Consultant in the credits.

original ghostbusters car 2 original ghostbusters car 1


A bit freaky that this model of car was mostly used as a hearse in those days. I think ghostbusting is a far better use it.

So the good news for you, fellow geek South Africans, is that i have found this Ghostbusters replica car right here in Johannesburg. This is a pretty feakin good replica car if you ask me, lots of time and effort put into this custom job. Wonder if you can but a Ghostbusters suit anywhere around Jozi to go with it?

ghost busters vehicle johannesburg

Oh, and while we are discussing cool discoveries.

I found this Lego replica Ghostbusters car a while back and have been saving it in my secret Lego folder. I want it. But then again, i want everything that i blog about.

Need. More. Money. To. Buy. ALL. THE. STUFF.