‘Toy Story’ Meets ‘Grand Theft Auto’

I love how Woody just keeps smiling. Even though he is portrayed as a murderer. Haha.

The music makes it. There is a moment at 1.02 that wins the internet. Woody, why you so violent?

Kinda ruins your childhood memories a bit huh?

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Nintendo Rescued The Video Game Industry [Infographic]

Ok that is the title on this infographic, not entirely sure i buy into it but this little piece of nerd knowledge below definitely has some interesting points. Nintendo was definitely my gateway drug into the gaming world, i remember my first console almost drove my mother to drink as she couldn’t pry me away from the TV. Circus Charlie, Mario Brothers, Ice Climer, ExciteBike… endless hours of blowing into the back end of the game cartridge. Surely you have similar memories?

This lil infographic has some cool facts to expand your brain, like telling us how Nintendo started and that currently more US households own a Nintendo Wii than a cat. Nintendo 1, Cats 0. We have a Wii in our house, although we only use it when friends come around to play silly group games like Balance Boat and Wii Party. Do you have a Wii in your house?

Some of these figures seem a bit inflated to me, i’m not really a gaming expert though so can’t be sure. Although i do completely agree with the last line about WHY Nintendo has been so successful…

Nintendo infographic

Batmobile Scalectrix

I have no words for how awesome this is…

Batmobile Scalectrix


Ok maybe i do have some words 😉

This set is officially called the “Batman 1966 TV Slot Car Race Track Set” but in my world we call this a Scalectrix set! Batman vs The Joker is what it’s all about and the track it comes with has 5 different layout options. There’s also something called dynamic lane changing, over-and-under racing, a squeeze track, and the fact that YOU GET TO DRIVE THE BATMOBILE!

I want this for my birthday, PLEASE!

<3 @KirstyCarrot

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The biggest Nintendo collection EVER!

I’m not sure if this is the largest Nintendo collection in the world but it’s certainly the largest i’ve seen on the interwebs!  Isao Yamazaki, a web developer from Japan has a house filled with things that will make all the other geeks drool straight onto their keyboards, no jokes. Isao started collecting Nintendo gear in 1982 (before i was born FYI), and he has never stopped – how does this guy have space for actual people in his house with all this stuff!?

He started with Nintendo pencil erasers and has since moved onto old toys, hundred year old cards, classic games and consoles as well as autographs, books and many other retro Nintendo items. You’ll even see a vintage baby stroller that Nintendo once made… i didn’t even know that existed! Big question is… i wonder how much money this guy has spent during his 30 years of collecting? Any guesses?

nintendo collection 1 nintendo collection 2 nintendo collection 3 nintendo collection 4

nintendo collection 5 nintendo collection 8 nintendo collection 7

nintendo collection 6 nintendo collection 10

Sweet pram. This photo is not awkward at all Isao.


Iron Man… now living inside Grand Theft Auto

OMG. Grand Theft Auto IV modder (H1Vltg3) has built this incredible Iron Man mod for the PC version of the game.

THIS. IS. COOL. More details on Kotaku

Seems like Angry Birds was more popular than Santa over the Christmas period!

I like Angry Birds. How many other people also like Angry Birds will literally blow your mind into space. Rovio, the company that makes Angry Birds, apparently crossed the 263 Million ACTIVE users mark in December. Yes, two hundred and sixty three MILLION! Apparently what pushed them over the mark was the 30 million downloads of the game during the Christmas week. On Christmas day alone there were 8 million copies downloaded.

What most people don’t know is that Angry Birds was not an overnight success , Rovio was on their 52nd try on the iOS platform before they struck gold. During an interview with TechCrunch in November, the company’s chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka said he wanted Rovio to be the first entertainment brand with 1 billion a users a day (or as many as Coca-Cola interacts with). The brand is clearly expanding – even locally we find Angry Birds accessories all over. Stationary, toys, clothing, headphones, mugs… the list is endless!

Wonder how long this trend will last? If you look at all the real life Angry Birds merchandise and the fact that they are keeping people entertained with new games that speak to the masses (i.e. Angry Birds Star Wars) then i think they might be here to stay. For a little while at least, we know the digital world can be fickle 😉

Check out the Angry Birds merch you can find with a simple Google search…

angry-birds-soda angry-birds-star-wars-jenga angry-birds-phone-cover Angry-Birds-Plush-Slippers angry-birds-shoes

angry-birds-christmas-stocking Angry-Birds-Mead-Back-to-School-Supplies-from-Office-Max angry-bird-toy

Bitches be making the BIG BUCKS!



So apparently cats don’t like Super Mario…

Saw this video a while back, been saving it for a day that i thought you might need it 😉

Now don’t think i’m a cat person because i’m posting this video, i would never want any of you to think i like cats. Most cats are just slutty but this little ginger is kinda cool, he can stay. Watch how he reacts to the Super Mario Brothers music, it’s CLASSIC! The video starts to pick up after 20 seconds so hang in there…

It’s good – happy Friday folks :)


Tomb Raider – New World Premiere Trailer (of awesome)


This new trailer for Tomb Raider – A Survivor is Born looks like something out of gaming heaven! The premiere trailer for Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot was aired last night during Spike’s Video Game Awards. Although i wasn’t at the awards, i do recognise some of the footage from my @LazyGamers mission last month. If you missed the article where I bragged all about it you can find it here > “Remember that time i went to London to play Tomb Raider” – sorry, I can’t help myself 😉

I have only played a portion of the game, I have to wait until the 5th of March 2013 to play the rest. Still not sure how I’m going to do that…

This is the opening to my Tomb Raider – A Survivor Is Born priview on LazyGamer.

“Crystal Dynamics’ new Tomb Raider reboot is unlike any other Tomb Raider game I have played before. I’m not sure if this is the Tomb Raider that people will be expecting but I am sure that this fresh, new approach to the franchise is one that is well overdue. If you are one of those gamers who isn’t a fan of change, best you start mentally preparing yourself now!”

To read the full article CLICK HERE.

Lara Croft for president!


We need to make this happen in Jozi… Adult LEGO party time!

You must have realised by now that i kinda like Lego… kinda 😉

I really do love SA, but sometimes being a 3rd world geek is hard. We don’t have overly huge Lego stores or places like Legoland, we have slow bandwidth and over priced electronics. Heck, even our episodes of Days Of Our Lives are 18 months old – 18 months in the digital era is like a lifetime in the biblical era. FACT.

But why am i moaning about all this? Because the people in Chicago got a Lego party and we didn’t!

Ok, that is my rant for the day, now how about we do something to change it? The folks over at LEGOLAND Chicago are hosting their first ever “No-Kids-Allowed” party, just LEGO mad adults, cool idea don’t you think? The event is only open to guests aged 18 or older and people are encourage to dress up for the Lego themes costume content. ERMAHGERD… Fancy dress AND Lego!

Let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be great to play with Lego blocks without feeling out of place? Maybe even have a have a competition element with prizes etc. I just want to put the word out there on the internet streets to see if any of you would enjoy a “No-Kids-Allowed” Lego party? What i want to know is :

A. Would you go to an event like this? And B. How much would you pay for entry?

Comment below please :)


One for the Gamers – Assassin’s Creed comes to life

I’m not the biggest Assassin’s Creed fan, I felt it was a bit drawn out and repetitive. Each to their own i guess. I came across this video last week called “Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life” and WOW! If you have played Assassin’s Creed before, this video is an absolute must watch. Also, if you aren’t sure what Parkour is, don’t feel bad i didn’t know either – it is a physical discipline of movement that’s focused on overcoming obstacles. Via Technabob.

I probably enjoyed watching this video more than i enjoyed playing the game, apparently so did other people as the views climbed to 9 million in just over a month. Impressive huh? After the video there is a link to the behind the scenes stuff, if you feel like procrastinating some more then watch that video too 😉

Watcha think?