Another Unicorn Cake. This Time It’s Farting.

Last week i posted a pic of a rainbow unicorn cake. You guys seemed to like it so i thought i’d on up myself with this next farting Unicorn Cake.

Happy Birthday Valerie. Hope your year is filled with rainbow farts. I think.


When Easter Goes Wrong

Easter is a festive time of year that most kids grow up looking forward to. I say most kids because The Easter Bunny ruined egg hunting for these poor kids. This is why humans should have to get a license to have children.

This is what happens when The Easter Bunny goes rouge.

easter gone wrong 1 easter gone wrong 2 easter gone wrong 3 easter gone wrong 4 easter gone wrong 5 easter gone wrong 7 easter gone wrong 8 easter gone wrong 9 easter gone wrong 10

Realistic Mario Bros

Let’s be honest. Mario and Luigi gave us a bit of a false representation of life with their video game adventures. I mean, how many castles would you realistically go to in search of your princess? PETROL IS EXPENSIVE YO.

But all silly thoughts aside. This video will put a smile on your face. And i’m sure you need it on a Monday morning :)

Thanks Pete Holmes for this piece of magic.

What is a birthday without rainbows and unicorns?

Whatever, Bitch. Pattern available here >



April Fools Madness

I’ve been caught out by a few April fools jokes and tweets this morning. I’m sure you lot are much smarter than me though 😉

Seems there are a few brands and characters targeting the nerds today, i doubt they have fooled you but these are their attempts. I’ll tweet a few more if i see them, follow @GeeksDoingStuff for more April Fools madness.

1. Headdit – a revolutionary way to browse reddit

2. Absa changes our national rugby team Jersey to Red and Gold (If you’re from South Africa you will KNOW)


3. Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

4. Thinkgeek releases the NERF Nuke fake product (see product here)

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.57.29 AM

What other cool April Fools jokes have you seen? Tweet us and let us know :)


Today seems to be a sad day for South Africa. Seems our radio entertainment is being downgraded with the loss of Gareth Cliff while Zuma’s homestead is being upgraded with all our tax money. Things were looking a bit gloomy today.

Until i stumbled upon this video about Bane Cat. This will make it all better South Africa, i promise.


via NerdApproved

Muppets Most Wanted Ft. Ricky Gervais

Bit of fun to start your Monday. The Muppets have a movie coming out and it stars the likes of Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey.

I smell a funny.

Die Hard. But with a Pug.

This video is everything you think it will be and more.

A pug, recreating Die Hard. Who is Bruce Willis even?

More Dinosaur Office – Sick Day

I posted the first video in this series a while back and it seems a few of you enjoyed the arb humour as much as me. If you were one of those people then i have something special for you :)

Another video, this one about sick days and SHOUTING.

The Wolf of Sesame Street

This is where the Cookie Monster comes alive!
This is where the Cookie Monster comes alive!

Cookie Monster by day. Wolf of Sesame Street by night. I always had a feeling that the Cookie Monster ran Sesame Street, and this proves it.


[youtube id=”TK19h5kkOIc” width=”620″ height=”360″]