Ladies. Do your makeup Superhero style!

Ok maybe don’t do this unless you are going to Geek Fest or something else nerdy. The real world isn’t ready for eye shadow like this.

If you want your face to look like a feminine version of Wolverine, Spiderman or The Hulk, you’ve come to the right place ūüėČ


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Wolverine Poster with a touch of Vandalism

This is an advertising WIN if i’ve ever seen one. I’m going to assume that this is staged as the “vandalism” cuts on the poster are a bit too perfect. I highly doubt a street gang is this pedantic ūüėČ

The poster for The Wolverine features Logan with his claws completely on display, e pretty standard pose.


via FastcoCreate¬†and this is what they had to say…

“The person who goes by the moniker¬†Poster Boy NYC¬†is known for vandalizing city signage with anti-consumerism, anti-everything satire. What he‚Äôs done for a poster of forthcoming Hugh Jackman joint,¬†The Wolverine,¬†however, is a work of marketing art that should embarrass the studio team assigned to this film for not thinking of it first.”

Spidey’s Web Shooters are the greatest superhero gadget ever [according to fans]

Let’s face it, we’d all trade in our desk jobs for a day in the life of a Superhero. If you say you wouldn’t i’d say you’re a liar ūüėČ

Being able to save the day, beat the bad guy, prevent total destruction and, for the guy readers, get THAT¬†girl. Many of us have been captivated by the thrill-a-minute action involving our favourite Superheroes, but it’s the little things that have helped keep these characters firmly etched in our minds.

The costumes are cool, the vehicles are cooler, but the gadgets are the coolest. Definitely. A survey by Ladbrokes Games of superhero movie fans revealed what they thought was the best gadget in the entire genre. With so much choice, it might have been hard to find a clear winner, but top of the poll with 38% of the vote was Spiderman’s Web Shooters.

Here are all the options people were given, keeping in mind that only gadgets that are permanently tied to the Superheroes were included.

Untangling the web of crime (Spiderman) – 38%

The web-shooters, as designed by Peter Parker himself, eject a web-like adhesive which traps the bad guys while helping him to get around, spider-like. The adhesive is ejected by a big red button, making it a simple yet effective gadget. Sadly, not everyone though that Spidey was so great in the cinema ‚Äď just 10.2% said they though Spiderman was the best superhero film ever made.


 Hammer blow (Thor) Р20.5%

Coming a distant second in the poll with 20.5% of the vote was the Hjolmir, otherwise known as Thor’s Hammer. It contains enough power to get Thor out of a sticky situation, and is pretty cool to have as a deterrent against the bad guys. Interestingly, Thor didn’t even register on the list of greatest superhero films, although The Avengers was 3rd with just over 15% of votes.


Clawing on (Batman) – 13.9%

Although nowhere near as famous as his costume, vehicle or even his neurotic sidekick, Batman’s Batclaw was third, gaining 13.9% of the vote. What it does is give the Caped Crusader a vice-like grip that helps him to hold on to anyone who tries to escape his grasp.


Honesty is the best policy (Wonder Woman) – 11.7%

The Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman’s weapon of choice, received 11.7% of the vote in the gadget category Рand it’s hard not to see why. Wringing the truth out of someone can be pretty powerful, especially when trying to identify the bad guy, which is exactly what this magical rope does!


Guarding more than a secret (Captain America) – 8%

Captain America is often overlooked by superhero fans, yet 8% of people voted his Shield the best gadget ever. What it does is protect him from harm, especially when lasers and gunshots are fired in his direction.


Not suprised that Cap America came last. I like him (mainly because he’s gorgeous) but he never seems to get that much traction anywhere, i mean, Iron Man put on a patriotic suit in ONE movie and i’ve seen more online about that than i’ve seen about CaptainAmerica EVER. I even bought an Iron Patriot bobblehead on the weekend.

What survey would you like to see next? I’d like to see what Superpower people would most like to have. Or maybe which super mode of transport is the most popular – Batman has a flippen cool car but let’s be honest, Superman can fly, you can’t build that shi*t.

Thanks again to Ladbrokes for sending the results through, always interesting to see this sort of stuff.

Now back to work my pretties. Only a few more hours then it’s the weeeeeeeekend BABY!


If Superheroes had Instagram

Most of us use Instagram, Many of you use it to post relevant pictures of your lives and beautiful scenery that other people will enjoy. I on the other hand use my Instagram account to post pictures of my Bulldog in fancy dress or sleeping, yes, i realise that is not normal. Lucky for you this post is not about my Bulldog ;0

Some clever person has gone and Photoshopped/Instagrammed some pics from Superhero lives. Imagine if they really used social media? Surely Tony Start would just be in trouble EVERY day. Spider-man would share too much about his love live and well, Cap America might be a fan of a good old selfie.

I think i’d follow Spider-man, this is a pretty cool pic actually.


batman_instagram  superman_instagram thor_instagram tonystark_instagram


via NerdApproved

Spiderman Stuff

I like to collect cool Superhero Stuff for my home and office, i would collect A LOT more if i could afford it :( This is my Spiderman “WANT” collection that i keep stored away¬†in case i win the lottery one day. Spiderman is not my most favorite hero, although i do have a thing for Peter Parker and his geekiness…

1. Spider Shoes


2. Spider Robe

spiderman robe

3. Spider Shooters

spiderman shot glasses

4. Spider Undies (but preferably the lady kind)

spiderman undies

5. Spider Fridge


6. Spider Mr Potato Head

spiderman potato head

7. Spider Apron

spiderman apron

8. Spider Gadget Dog

Spiderman dog gadget

9. Spider Ice Trays

spiderman ice trays

10. Spider Lego Man!!

Spiderman lego man


If you dig this sort of Superhero stuff you should check out of Facebook page —>¬†


Guys, my Bulldog is totes famous! Watch @Super_Tyson in the new Torga Optical advert :)

Every now again i steer away from the usual geeky content, i like to think it’s always for good reason. Today is one of those days and this time it’s for the BEST reason. Surely by now you must know that i have a Bulldog named Tyson, self proclaimed “worlds first Bulldog Superhero”. If you don’t know him, i blogged about him here, here, here… this list could go on forever so i’m going to save you the clicking and just introduce you to the little man…


He’s on twitter and everything so you know he’s a real dog — > @Super_Tyson

So let’s get to the point… this little guy has been working hard to pay for his own Beenos. A while back he got a call from Torga Optical on his BarkBerry, they wanted to know if he did any TV work. Soon after that he was on set,¬†performing¬†his little heart out with dreams of becoming the next Lassie. THESE are his TV¬†commercials¬†for the¬†Torga Optical ‘Spectacle Spectacle’¬†promotion… I DIE!

For the first ad, they kinda made him look like a girl… Sorry Ty!

For the second ad, he was rocking the sweetest Hawaaian shirt known to man. This one is my favorite…

What a legend! @Super_Tyson¬†looks so HAWT in those spectacles ūüėČ You should get some, with Torga’s Spectacle Spectacle Promotion you can have two complete pairs of spectacles from only R1200*, and then Tyson might just let you join his gang. MIGHT.

If you want to get yourself some sexaaay glasses check out and support the guys who supported Tyson < DO IT!

A collection of #Superhero images from around the world

People often ask me how I find so much Superhero content. Its not that hard when when all you have to do is get sucked into a pool of geeky links and searches on the web – and when all else fails, one of you awesome folk always end up tweeting me a link or sending me a cool video via Facebook. That always makes me smile because then i know i’m not writing for ghosts ūüėČ

Running is one of my favorite things to do, when i started this blog i focused more on “breaking geek news” but¬†that’s¬†become¬†difficult¬†to keep up with as this blog isn’t a full time gig for me.¬†I often miss the breaking news cause i’m stuck in a meeting or have a deadline to attend to first, but I always try my best to find unique stuff for you guys – sometimes it’s just a little different. Even though things have changed over the months, i’m still super¬†proud of what this blog has become and hearing feedback from you guys ALWAYS makes my day.

I¬†definitely¬†don’t¬†win the award for biggest, most knowledgeable geek in South Africa but I think its perfectly ok for people to dabble in a bit of everything and maybe add some Batman to their lives every now and again –¬†I’ve¬†always wanted this site to be a place that anyone can enjoy, not just the die hard Superhero fans. That thought often¬†prompts¬†me to think about how other people see Superheroes and what they think is¬†relevant¬†and exciting. If it was up to me i’d write about Toy Story and Lara Croft all day long, but my mother keeps telling me “It’s not all about you Kirsty” so i’m trying to be a good adult-child and listen ūüėČ

Last night I was lying in bed (trying to distract myself from a certain snoring bulldog) and I stumbled on a hashtag that brought up some pretty interesting content. I think this is a great example of how people think differently when it comes to Superheroes. I ran a search on the #Superhero hashtag on Instagram, and got some random but awesome results. This (see below) is what different people from around the world think, see and feel when they tag a photo with #Superhero on Instagram. Cool huh?

Interesting how most of the drawings are of Spiderman and most of the kids are dressed as Captain America. There were waaaaay more underwear shots but i only included one cause that chick is HAWT!

Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-37-17 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-38-33 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-39-04 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-39-31 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-40-56 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-41-07

Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-41-20 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-42-02 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-42-28 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-43-07 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-43-25 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-44-06

Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-44-22 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-44-39 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-44-55 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-45-14 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-45-59 Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-47-13


Screenshot_2013-04-16-21-49-16 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-46-45 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-47-53 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-48-08 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-48-43 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-48-59


Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-49-12 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-49-45 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-49-57 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-50-07 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-50-16 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-50-25


Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-50-38 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-51-20 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-52-26 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-52-49 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-53-02 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-53-25


Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-54-06 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-54-58 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-55-12 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-55-31 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-55-51 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-56-10 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-56-20 Screenshot_2013-04-17-07-53-53

Screen Shopping For Your Inner Geek

I¬†haven’t¬†done a gift post in a while –¬†occasionally¬†i like to throw out a few gift suggestions in the hope that, one day, some of my¬†friends¬†will actually read my blog and¬†realise¬†that i’m not big on salad spoons and vases. I know that shipping gifts from the US can be a bit of a mission, especially with Amazons new tricky rules but where there is a will there is a way! I’m sure you guys are going to drool over at lease ONE of these products, surely!?

1. Super Mario Brothers Chess


2. You Killed Kenny USB Drive



3. Spock Oven Mitt


4. Batman Dog Collar

Batman Dog Collar

5. Remote Control PAC-MAN Racers


6. Lego Head Gas Canister


7. Lightning Bolt Power Strip



8. Lego Brick Boom Box


9. Wolverine Cookie Jar


10. Geek Cufflinks


And yes, i do realise that some of these items are completely ridiculous – gotta love¬†¬†that inspired this post. Now for the big questions. Which ones would YOU buy?? Leave a response below and let us know…


<3 @KirstyCarrot

The #UTEForce Team Strikes AGAIN – Real Life Superheroes

Recently there has been quite a bit of negativity surrounding our country Рyou see it on social networks, hear it at the water cooler and watch it on the news. I think South Africa needs a bit of good news, just a tiny bit of positive energy goes a long way and these real life Superheroes > The Chevrolet #UTEForce team < are doing their bit to get South Africans smiling again. If you haven’t heard of them, the Chevrolet #UTEForce team is made up of South African Superheroes who travel around the country, completing extraordinary missions for communities who need it most!

¬†Their latest mission was at Kwa Zulu Natal‚Äôs Valley of 1000 Hills which happens to be¬†one of the most beautiful places in our country. The #UTEForce team set out to change the lives of the¬†Valley of 1000 Hills community forever by making some radical changes at their local community centre.¬†The centre is not only a social hub for the town’s residents, but (with an unemployment rate of over 50%) it also feeds, educates, medicates and integrates more than half of the town. THIS is what the #UTEForce Superheroes did for them‚Ķ

Chevrolet is looking for more South African communities to help and they need YOUR input. If you know of a local community that could use the help of the #UTEForce team, let Chevrolet know > > then follow the #UTEForce team on Facebook or Twitter to find out if they make a stop at your suggested community :)

Come on… we know you all secretly LOVE stationery

Good to have the site up and running after the blackout earlier – one of our links made it onto reddit and somehow managed to chow through 59GB of bandwidth in 8 hours… thus, craaaaashed. But never fear – we came back with this¬†Iron Man 3 footage¬†that could possibly change your life.

Next up we have some stationery that is SUPER steamy ūüėČ Not sure how @Nicki_Dadic¬†found these, maybe steamy stationery is her thing? We will never know i guess, let’s just be¬†grateful¬†that she found these desk items of awesome. Cottonon is an online store many of you will know, some of you will love, and well… THEY SELL AWESOME STATIONERY!

Check out this comic branded stationary that would do wonders in any office environment… the prices are all on the site, click here if you want to buy any of these good :) FYI they ship from the states so not a local supplier unfortunately :(

comic-geek-stationary-4 comic-geek-stationary-1 comic-geek-stationary-2 comic-geek-stationary-3

comic-geek-stationary-5 comic-geek-stationary-6 comic-geek-stationary-7 comic-geek-stationary-8