Original Captain America bike #VintageGeek

Ages before Mr Hotness himself, Chris Evans, took on the role of Captain America and brought the comic book character a new round of popularity. Cap starred in two TV movies in the late 1970s – Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon. I’m a bit too young to have seen these but Google tells me it’s true 😉

They are both incredibly cheesy movies with the patriotic hero busting a red, white and blue motorcycle out of the back of a vintage van. Lots of action, lots of old school. This was the ORIGINAL Captain America motorcycle.



Via Autoblog

I’m so Retro – best new blog!

Retro is cool. We all know it. That’s why i had to share my latest discovery with you. I’m so Retro.

They feature old commercials, toys and products that will make your inner child squeal with excitement.

It’s basically 35 pages of stuff like this…

im so retro action figures im so retro camera im so retro games im so retro nintendo im so retro view masterim so retro jaws im so retro smurfs im so retro the goonies im so retro kool aid

You’re welcome.

For more retro awesome visit www.imsoretro.com :)


This months #VintageGeek goes to Cow And Chicken

I don’t think i’ve done a #VintageGeek post this year. NAUGHTY KIRSTY.

Last year we featured the likes of Darkwing Duck, Full House, Gummie Bears and even Widget the World Watcher. If you don’t remember these shows you missed out as a kid, this is what i grew up on. Every Saturday morning i’d be super excited to get up and tune into KTV, and my parents were super excited cause i’d shut up for a few hours. Everybody won 😉

This show came out a bit later in my childhood and was a bit more mind-numbing than the rest, but i did watch it. Guilty.

20 of the most incredible sweaters you will EVER see…

I’m a bit of a hoodie collector. Most girls are into shoes, i’m more into ridiculous looking hoodies that make me look like a university student. Each to their own i guess. I’ve been saving these hoodies into the geek inventory one by one and i’m finally at 20, though that was enough to completely blow your mind in one blog post.

I want to wear every single one of these sweaters on my body AT ONCE.

nerdy sweaters - monster nerdy sweaters - Batman nerdy sweaters - captain america nerdy sweaters - cat nerdy sweaters - contra nerdy sweaters - dinosaur

nerdy sweaters - Burgernerdy sweaters - dwight nerdy sweaters - grumpy cat nerdy sweaters - IT nerdy sweaters - mario

nerdy sweaters - star wars nerdy sweaters - superman nerdy sweaters - tetris nerdy sweaters - TMNT nerdy sweaters - transformers nerdy sweaters - unicorn nerdy sweaters - why you no nerdy sweaters - wonder woman nerdy sweaters - napolean


And my personal best.

This one i don’t actually want but it was too good to leave off the list. You’ll see why.

nerdy sweaters - snake BEST

This might just be the scariest picture i’ve ever seen.

Sweet sweater bro.

Instagram in the 80’s

If Instagram was invented in the 80’s this is how it would work. Still sexy 😉

“Picture albums are out. Old fashioned!”


Nothing like a bit of 8-Bit Pulp Fiction to end off the week

Congrats for making it all the way to Friday without having a break down. First week of work done and dusted, only two hundred to go 😉

A super creative bunch of guys called Cinefix created this short film replicating the Pulp Fiction movie. We all know Pulp Fiction right? Anyways, just a little gift from the internet to you to say HAPPY FRIDAY 8-Bit style…

Retro board games #VintageGeek

Ebay keeps trying to get me to buy these vintage board games. They know me so goddamn well.

I’m not going to ship these from the states but if these sorts of things were available locally i would seriously consider. Me and every other hipster who only drinks flat whites and craft beer. Be honest 😉

pocket scrabble retro borad game skittle horse shoes retro borad game stop theif retro borad game batman and robin  retro borad game battleship retro borad game bottems up retro borad game lost in space retro borad game

This months #VintageGeek goes to… He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man wasn’t on my list of favourite cartoons growing up but i’ve had a few requests to feature him in our vintage geek section. I think this cartoon was a bit before my time as it ran into the 80’s when my mother still controlled my TV schedule but the characters lived long after that. You can still find He-Man bobbleheads in your local nerd shops.

I am a little sad that i never bonded with Battle Cat, the sweetest tiger in all the land. maybe that’s why i’m not the biggest cat fan now. Anyways there are still crazed fan sites dedicated to He-Man so he must have been big for some people. Were you a He-Man fan? If you were i hope this video takes you away from your time sheets for a minute and back to Eternia.

By the Power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWER!

Sweet cat.

Happy Friday guuuuuys! If you dig the #VintageGeek vibe then make sure you keep following…

Some mid-week #VintageGeek [Full House]

We haven’t done a #VintageGeek post in a while. This one isn’t cartoon based but goddammit it brings back some AWESOME memories. Watch this right now, it’s a guaranteed feel good 😉

Do these guys have the sweetest clothes or what!?

Blast from our Gummi Bears past #VintageGeek

It’s been a while since i’ve done a #VintageGeek post – they always make me so happy so i thought i’d do one again. This blast from the past is a fairly well known one but i’m sure it will bring back magical memories :) Although i used to watch the show religiously i couldn’t seem to remember any of the characters names. Terrible i know. I ran a quick Google search (as you do) and realised that they all had really lame names, whats up with that?

I’ve listed their names below but watch the intro video first, it’s bound to cheer up your morning…

Gummibears names

Gummi Bears from left to right: Cubbi, Sunni, Gruffi, Zummi, Tummi, Grammi.

SHOTGUN Cubbi! Except i would rename him to “Pink Grizzly”, that would be a cooler name. Anyone remember why all their names rhyme?

<3 @KirstyCarrot