Why yes… Pinball machines DO have a hall of fame

This post was inspired by something i saw on Buzzfeed yesterday titled “The 20 Coolest Old School Games At The Pinball Hall Of Fame” – i was like, WAIT UP… there is a Pinball hall of fame!? Just because i live at the bottom of the world, doesn’t mean i have to be the last to hear about things like this. If any of you knew about the Pinball hall of fame and didn’t tell me… Shame on you!

The Pinball hall of fame is based in Nevada and is otherwise known as ” The cheapest slot machines in Vegas”. This non-profit arcade hall covers 10 000 square feet of pure pinball, peppered with a few classic arcade games. Machines date as far back as 1933, with several from the 60’s and 70’s. Inside this heavenly plce you will find rows and rows and rows of almost every single machine ever made, and you can play ALL of them! They even have the holy grail of pinball machines — The Pinball Circus. A machine so expensive , that only two were ever manufactured (over 1 Million US apparently). One is in my bedroom and the other is at The Pinball hall of fame. Ok, that was a lie… it’s in my office 😉

Not only are there pinball machines, but there is also a small collection of the classic video games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pacman, etc… you know, in case 10 000 square feet of vintage Pinball machines isn’t enough for you. I think i might have to add this to my geek bucket list, what do you think? If you were ever in Vegas would you make a point to spend a day at the Pinball hall of fame?

Here are some pics of the inside, apparently the outside isn’t much to look at as i couldn’t find many pics.

pinball-hall-of-fame-9 pinball-hall-of-fame-2 pinball-hall-of-fame-3 pinball-hall-of-fame-4

pinball-hall-of-fame-5 pinball-hall-of-fame-6 pinball-hall-of-fame-7 pinball-hall-of-fame-1


It even has a website and everything so you KNOW it’s legit > www.pinballmuseum.org

Kisses x

Who remembers Widget the World Watcher? #VintageGeek

Oooohh this one is good! Thanks to @Jess_Obese for this recommendation, I wouldn’t have remembered this one on my own. His purple little monster face used to be my best friend for a while, before I had real friends. Feel kinda bad that I just forgot about him.

Anyways, here you go… Who remembers Widget?

New #VintageGeek – Darkwing Duck!

So i’ve been a little slow on the posting for the last three days. Sorry about that but i needed a bit of a break. Thought i would come back with a bang and share some goddam amazing history with you… and no, this post is not about Riaan Cruywagen and his last news read. It’s about something MUCH bigger than that, a legend far greater. It’s about… Darkwing Duck.

Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and watch this Darkwing Duck intro video

But wait… there’s more! I’m not done with your pretty faces 😉

I saw a post on Geek Tyrant this morning that displayed some fan art that was perfect for today. The whole Disney and Star Wars mash up thing is becoming more popular than i expected it to but we shouldn’t moan about these things. Check out this EPIC Disney and Star Wars mash up called “Darthwing Duck.” Apparently it was created by a guy called Xum Yukinori (not too surprising that) – it is meant to feature the dark side of Darkwing Duck. Kinda cool huh, in a freaky kind of way! Check it out…

Some more #VintageGeek with Tale Spin

I can see most of us are struggling a bit today. It’s getting to that time of year where all we want to do is go on holiday and forget all about our desk jobs, swim in the sea and day drink without feeling guilty. It’s the hardest time of the year in my opinion.

I feel like i am building this post up to give you some good news about your Christmas break coming early. Unfortunately, i got nothing. But i DO have this #VintageGeek video of Tale Spin to lift your spirits :) Who remembers this awesome show?

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More #VintageGeek with Tiny Toon Adventures

On Tuesday we shared Duck Tales in our #VintageGeek section – although this one was a classic hit for me. It seems that not everyone remembers it… Sad Panda :(

I have been trying to think of a cartoon classic from the late 80’s/early 90’s that EVERYONE should know. Then it dawned on me, Tiny Toon Adventures! Surely you all know this one!? The show used to play on KTV and there was also game available on those 16 Bit Sega Cartridges. I remember playing the game but can’t find a decent pic of it.

The little green duck with the *lithsp is the most familiar to me, he features in the video below but i can’t for the life of me remember his name. I still know all the words to the song though so my memory hasn’t completely failed me!

Another #VintageGeek blast from the past right here…

Hope that put a smile on your face. No more grumpy tweets today!


Who remembers Duck Tales? #VintageGeek

Every now and then i post a little blast prom the past, partly to remind myself of the good old days where i could sit and watch KTV all day and partly because these shows were just awesome! I remembered one today that i had completely forgotten about, how could i forget Duck Tales!? It’s like the Cartoon Gods are screaming down at me… KIRSTY, WHY YOU NO LIKE DUCK TALES!?

This will bring back some good memories if you’re in your late 20’s or early 30’s!

The main characters of the series are Scrooge McDuck and his grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie (thank you Google). I can’t remember which little duck wore which colour though? There was green, red and blue. There was also a butler called Duckworth if i remember correctly.

Ahhhh… good memories!


#VintageGeek – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Sometimes i think back to old shows i used to watch when i was young and innocent and had no bills to pay! Those were the days :)

Who remembers watching THIS?

I have 1/4 of a collection of #TMNT figurines but it’s not complete yet. Still hoping the team from Smallville comics can bring the rest of the gang in for me :(

Hope your Monday is going well… mine is HECTIC!