Coffee Geeks And Their Tables


That headline does not 100% make sense but i’m sticking to it. That’s the cool thing about having your own blog – you can write whatever you want. I think for my next post i am going to title it “Goats on a plane”, that one is bound to generate LOADS of traffic. Yes? No? Maybe?

Let’s move on. I came across an 8-bit coffee table a while ago when i was on a mission to make my house look more “adult”… lame, I know. I have been collecting rad coffee table designs from Pinterest and Google ever since. These are 10 geek coffee tables that might just make you wet your pants, i think each table represents a different type of geek hood. Maybe i’m crazy but this is where i’m at…

nerd-coffeetable-lego nerd-coffeetable-pacmanghost nes-controller-coffee-table_1 retro-coffee-table1 rubix-cube-coffee-table-geek1 shazam-coffe-table1

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