I have a secret… and it’s about food, obviously.


I’m currently a bit obsessed with Chicken Licken, it’s taken over from my Romans Pizza obsession. Partially because they have three bun burgers and partially because they have a secret menu.


Yep. A secret menu.

International site, HackTheMenu.com, lists all the places that host secret menu items that require some kind of special invitation or password in order to get access. And who was featured on there last week? Our very own Chicken Licken.

So it looks like the secret menu is out. Head on over to www.ChickenLicken.co.za and hold down ‘SHIFT 1981’. You’re welcome.
3 If you’re wondering, 1981 is the year Chicken Licken was founded. That the secret password. Now go get yourself a Chickwich 😉

Oh. And FYI. For mobile, this is how it works:

Smartphones: Please tap the Chicken licken logo 5 times in under 5 secs to activate the secret menu (slow succession).

 Feature phone: Click on the Chicken Licken logo to activate the secret menu.

  • Does This secret menu thing actually work. Do thehy know what you are talking about when you order from the secret menu?


    June 3, 2014

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