If beers we’re Superheroes…

I have never been much of a beer drinker, until now. Flavoured beers have opened up a whole new world of braai-time fun in my house. I posted this picture on the GeeksDoingStuff Facebook group a few days ago and people seem to be in agreement that beer with a little Superhero flavour is just what this country needs 😉


Wonder Woman and The Flash beer would be fully stocked in my fridge at all time. ALL THE TIME.

Unfortunately these beers are purely a concept and not actually available for purchase. So i went on a hunt to find out if any other Superheroes are promoting beers that actually exist. Believe it or not i came pretty close.

Maybe not crime fighters but rappers are a close second in the ranks of just generally being awesome. One of my all time favourite Superstars is starring in the new Castle Lite Lime advert. Remember Castle Lite? Well they’ve added  a new member to the Extra Cold family – Castle Lite Lime.

But I’ll let Vanilla Ice and Flavor Flav tell you a bit more about that…


With innovation at its core, Castle Lite have taken the extra cold experience to the next level with the addition of a lime infused beer to their product range. It’s the same green bottle, signature 2-stage cold indicator, grip and ice-proof label with added zest for intense Extra Cold refreshment. And of course, a revitalizing dash of lime 😉

I think it’s fair to say that Flavor Flav and Castle Lite Lime outdid themselves on this one. Follow them to see what they get up to next > @CastleLiteSA


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