If you’ve ever played 30 seconds with your partner you should watch this #Lumia30

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.53.38 PM

I don’t really want to brag but @Jess_Obese and i are pretty much the best 30 seconds team out there. People try all sorts of things to take us down but we’re just too good.

We’re basically the two guys in this video… except we always win 😉

I think we’ve all had a 30 seconds experience similar to this video. I know a few guys just like this, i won’t mention names, but you know who you are.




30 Seconds is pretty much the most South African thing people like us do on holidays… that and take photos. And the Nokia 1020 is best phone on the market to actually take those holiday snaps with. So you can understand how these two things came together for one crazy digital campaign.

Tell better stories with pictures people 😉

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