Illustrations of Cats As Superheroes

Toronto-based artist Alana McCarthy brings two things that the internet loves together: cats and superheroes. I’m more of a Superhero fan than i am a cat fan but everybody knows that cute cats pictures get the internet surfers more excited than a kid on a sugar rush. I know how much time it takes to put together a series like this so i must take my hat off to this lady painter. Yes, she is a lady painter, obvs 😉

Apparently these images are part of a series called ‘Geeky Pets’ by Alana. She also had this to say, “I created the cat paintings as a funny side project to my more serious illustration work,” she said. “I’m a cat person and think it’s hilarious to try to capture the disdainful looks of cats forced into costumes.”

She has illustrated your typical house cat into scenes from Batman, Spiderman, Star Trek, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Avengers.

Cats As Superheroes - Batman Cats As Superheroes - Spiderman Cats As Superheroes - Star Trek Cats As Superheroes - Superman Cats As Superheroes - Wonder Woman

Cats As Superheroes - Avengers


Via DesignTaxi

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