| Soft Kitty has become a brand of it’s own…
Monday 21st April 2014,

Soft Kitty has become a brand of it’s own…

KirstyCarrot January 14, 2014 Geek Life No Comments

We all know the episode of The Big Bang theory where Sheldon gets sick and Penny has to sing ‘soooooft kitty, waaaaaarm kitty, little ball of fuuuuuur kitty’ to him. What i’ve noticed over the last two years is that that particular soft kitty has become just as famous as Mr Cooper himself. It’s madness.

I did a little research into Big Bang Theory branded products and was amazed to see how much is out there JUST for Soft Kitty. The sweater is my ultimate, i’d wear it every god damn day, even in Summer. Basically like Sue Heck and her cross country sweater, if you don’t watch The Middle you probably won’t get that.

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