Legit Batman Motorcycle Helmet

What’s sleek, mysterious, and black all over? This new Dark as Night helmet from Helmet Dawgs of course. Even though it’s only Tuesday i think it’s safe to say that this might be the best product you see all week. Do you even have to have a bike to want this? Flip i’d be happy just to wear it around my house on a regular evening.

I wonder if when wearing this helmet, it converts your voice into a deep and husky Batman voice?

I think what the actual bike riders will like about this helmet is that it’s not a custom, one off job that isn’t actually safe to ride with. All the helmet specs are below the images and it seems to be pretty legit. Also, you must get serious street cred if you roll around looking like The Dark Night.

How many of you guys actually ride road bikes? Would you spend the money on something like this?

Batman Motorcycle Helmet 6 Batman Motorcycle Helmet 1 Batman Motorcycle Helmet 2  Batman Motorcycle Helmet 4 Batman Motorcycle Helmet 5

For people who actually know stuff about bike helmets, these are the specs:

  • Integrated hand crafted and tooled details molded from lightweight high impact-resistant* plastics
  • Original concept and design made from high quality materials and finishes (NOT toy parts attached to a helmet)
  • Based on GM48S Platinum series full face helmet (see GMAX product details below)
  • Quality automotive grade paint with protective clear coat finish
  • Includes flush mounted, screwless (easily interchangeable) CLEAR and TINT visor (platinum quality)

If you are interested, they sell them over at HelmetDawg.com for 325.00 dollars. Sure they would ship if you were interested.

Have a lekker week kids!


  • please tell me how i can get thist helmet.. thank you very much.


    October 8, 2013

  • please tell me how i can get thist helmet.. thank you very much….


    October 8, 2013

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