| Lego Set Review: Iron Man 3
Thursday 17th April 2014,

Lego Set Review: Iron Man 3

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This is my first review of a Lego set here on Geeks Doing Stuff, so I thought I’d start off with a superhero-themed set: Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle. It’s one of the sets released around the time of the Iron Man 3 film release earlier this year. (I’ll keep this review spoiler free in case you haven’t seen it yet.)

I’ve already featured the Iron Man Mark 42 suit in the very first Minifig Monday. That particular one came from another Iron Man 3 Lego set, but you can get him in this set too. In addition, this set features two more minifigs, War Machine and Aldrich Killian. All three minifigs have two face options: Iron Man has a confident face and a scared face, War Machine has a serious face and an angry face, while Killian has a ‘normal’ face and an Extremis face, plus his face even glows in the dark! Expect to see some close ups of these minifigs in future Minifig Mondays!



The set also features a small red and blue buoy, which has a ‘launch’ action if you press down on one side of the grey squares, flipping the top half of the buoy into the distance.


The rest of the set is Killian’s boat, which is kitted out for his attack against Iron Man. The two green torpedoes can be launched using the grey levers at the back of the boat. There is ample space in the main area of the boat for Killian and perhaps a henchman. The dark green front of the boat can be removed to reveal a handy storage space for the stick of dynamite Killian has in reserve.

The best thing about the boat, for me, is the fact that it actually floats. Made. My. Day.

Overall, a nice little set – not too big that you have to worry where you’re going to display it, and featuring three awesome minifigures, especially if you want to add an Iron Man minifig to your collection. You can expect to pay around R350 for the set.

You can check out this set’s “tech specs” over on Brickipedia.

This set was generously sponsored by Blox Universe, who also happen to be the guys who I get most of my Lego from. You can contact them via their website, (though at the time of this posting they were busy upgrading their website. Fortunately, they are available via e-mail:


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