One Teen + 24 000 Lego Bricks = Huge Lego Minion

There is a kid called Evan Bacon who is kinda famous for building amazing things in Lego. He calls himself a Lego artist actually.

Anyways, last weekend this teen set out to build a cute little Minion from the Despicable Me movies. Evan made this awesome model all by himself. No help from friends, parents or Minions. All together it has about 24,000 bricks and weighs about 120 pounds (55kg). It was built live at the Rooster Teeth convention in Austin, Texas.

I wonder who pays for Evans Lego? Probably sponsored.

Anyways, check out his latest masterpiece.

Evan Bacon Minion Lego 3 Evan Bacon Minion Lego Evan Bacon Minion Lego 2


He’s got that nerd hotness vibe going on. I won’t discuss this further as he is only 15 and, well, that’s illegal.

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