The world’s smallest working drill

The world’s smallest working drill created has been created using a 3D printer. I’m not one for power tools normally but this is kind of incredible.

3D printers are on the top side of my favourite things invented this decade. Partly because the technology fascinates me and partly because IMAGINE PRINTING YOUR OWN ACTION FIGURES?


Who should tell your brands story?

The one thing I love most about working in digital is that I always feel like we’re moving forward at a rapid rate. We work in an industry where innovation has become the norm. What our clients buy into this month we can often improve on three months down the line because we’ve learnt something new ourselves. Good digital marketers understand the landscape. Great digital marketers challenge it.

Marketers spent decades trying to understand consumers and more importantly how they react to advertising. Although the digital revolution has flipped everything we know on its head, there is one constant that stands strong no matter what medium we’re advertising on – great story telling will always be remembered. What changed in the digital world is how we get consumers to watch, to listen, and engage with brand stories. You see, the internet changed more than just the screen size and resolution of advertising content – it changed the way people receive it.

If I think back to when things changed it was probably around the time Google came into our lives. You see, the moment people were given the option to search for a review, an image, even an advert – it took the power away from the broadcaster and gave it to the receiver. Google did more than just develop a search engine; they changed the way people would engage with content forever. They opened the door to an entertainment source powered by the end user.

influencer marketing - webfluential 1

We know that online consumers gravitate towards communities. They follow and talk to people they chose to associate with, people with similar interests, people they trust. They aren’t waiting for commercial breaks, they don’t read pages in order, and the truth is – they often see brands as the outsiders.

This brings me to my next point. One inspired by Scott Cook and the quote below. Brands shouldn’t stop telling great stories online, but maybe they should consider letting others write a few chapters in their book?

influencer marketing - webfluential - scott cook

The traditional model of placing advertising ‘in the break’ isn’t what people remember online, think about your Facebook sidebar, can you remember the last advert you clicked on? Good digital marketers will understand this problem. Great digital marketers will challenge it – and ask what they need to do to be remembered.

Lets use the Motoring industry as an example. Are your consumers more likely to trust a sidebar advert highlighting your new SUV as the best car for moms, or a Facebook post that highlights a feature unique to the mommy blogger your audience already follows?

It’s time for brands to start moving away from the hero mentality, and start moving towards the community mentality. That means brands need to work with others to create conversations, with the people their consumers trust most – the people who influence their target market.


Online is a place where a brand, and its community combined, will tell its story. The key to this method is finding the right social influencers that already speak to your brands target audience. And ensuring that the stories you create for these influencers are truthful and relevant to their already established audiences.

influencer marketing social webfluential

Influencer Marketing is no longer a trend. It’s a reality.

Brands need to trust others to share their story in their own tone, they need to embrace audience feedback and learn from the insights social influencers can give to their business. After all, if we’re not challenging our approach to online marketing, then we’re not innovating.

Thats all i have for today 😉

<3 @KirstyCarrot

Do you know what your marketing is doing? Love this TVC by Adobe.

The digital industry is a bit like the wild west in Africa, lots going on but not always what’s best for client. This is largely because the people deciding how to spend the media budget have never tested and run a YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn campaign themselves. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t think people are delivering poor results intentionally – i just think we need more practical experience in our media strategy teams. But it will come with time.

You don’t buy a car without test driving it, and i feel that part of our responsibility as digital marketers is test driving the media we sell to our clients, with our own money. Practical experience FTW!

(Yip, our personal money. Your read that line correctly.)

Anyways, I saw this TVC as a display advert today. It’s what got me thinking. Hope it gets you thinking too 😉

#StartOver with @22seven

This is an interesting campaign [sponsored]. Coming from a brand i’ve been watching over the last few months grow from strength to strength. Highlighting two things that get all of us excited: money and technology!

You might have seen the Tweets yesterday talking about the big SORRY in the sky. People all over JHB were talking about this…

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.58.08 AM

What you might have missed is why.

Apparently your hard earned cash-dollas want to say sorry. Money itself makes the first move and asks South Africans to accept its apology and rekindle their relationships and #startover with the help of 22seven.

I was sent this letter myself from 22seven just yesterday as well.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 12.16.34 PM

The amount of young people i see and know carrying immense debt at a young age scares me. And not student loan debt. Living beyond your means debt. I grew up in a family riddled with debt. My parents were not stupid, nor were they irresponsible. They just never had a financial education about the real life consequences of debt. I’m always been tight with my money, and i think that mentality is based on a fear of debt.

And that is why i feel financial education is important, to teach people the bad and the good about money. 22seven is a money management tool that helps you do more with your money. It helps you to clearly understand where your money is, in easily understandable graphs and visuals.

It’s a very cool app. Whether or not you feel you need help managing your money i recommend you have a look around. If not just to explore the tech behind it!

CLICK HERE to learn more about it.

Which gadgets will you be purchasing in 2015? via @KingPriceIns

We’re already at the end of our first 2015 month. No one warned me that time moves quicker as you get older, it’s crazy. I’m excited for a few things this year – lots of exciting work opportunities on the go, a new home renovation project, and the curveballs a life in digital will throw my way.

Just earlier today Facebook was down for a few minutes and the internet almost exploded – we complain about Eskom but it seems they aren’t the only ‘service’ we can’t live without. Gadgets follow a close second to things we’re unable to live without, if you’re anything like me. I don’t insure everything i own but gadget insurance is right up there with cars and medical 😉

I’m keen to see more gadgets that creep into our lives in 2015. Besides the usual smartphones and music accessories i think these three gadgets might be next in line for me…

1. Samsung looking at a phone with a bendable screen… SAY WHAT!?


2. This smart pedal from Connected Cycle is making big waves in the biking industry. Not only does it track stats like speed, route, incline, and calories burned on each ride, but it also alerts you through an app if someone tries to steal your bike. 


3. The AirDog drone, designed for action sport enthusiasts, is a self-flying drone controlled by a wristband. YES, you read that correctly!


Best bet is to have your favourite items insured early into the year. Wether its your new car or your new Airdog – our good friends at King Price are keen to do just that with super cheap premiums that decrease every month. 

Click on the image below and chat to the King yourself, he’ll help you cut down on those unnecessary monthly expenses so you can increase on the necessary ones… i.e. GADGETS 😉

car insurance

My #PerfectHome with Property24

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that my bulldogs are pretty much my entire life. I’m in the process of buying a new house, and let me tell you about my criteria for the perfect home. A garden for my children. My children being my bulldogs 😉 And I don’t just mean any garden. I mean a shady luxury garden with a big pool to keep them cool on summer days. With their life jackets on, of course.  

After searching for a long time, I finally found what I was after. And it was close to work too!

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.08.25 PM Needs a LOT of work but excited to announce my new home to the world! My only current issue is what to do with the toy shelves. Where will they go!? How will they fit!? They were built for a specific wall. Not the new wall. PANIC!

But then i remember. Miley needs a big pool so she can spend her summer days sipping milkshakes by the pool. Wearing her sweet life jacket. Basically, bringing all the boys to the yard.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.16.36 PM

To sum up, when I have to describe my perfect home, I can assure you that my pets come first. My first priority is a big space for them to enjoy. That’s outweighs the vegetable garden every time for me. Besides, they’d probably eat that up anyway.

But this post isn’t just about me. And my home.

How would you describe your perfect home? If you want to win some great accessories to complement it, tweet @Property24 describing your #PerfectHome.

Good luck!

*** This is a sponsored post, but the story of my home and finding it on @Property24 are completely real. So is the pic of Miley in her life jacket 😉

The follow up to #MakeItHappenZA

A while back i wrote a post about how @GeeksDoingStuff went from being something small into something big. A hobby to a business. It was a story i enjoyed writing. Sometimes it’s important to look back at what you’ve done so you can make sure what’s to come is even bigger :)

It was a great campaign – sponsored by Lumia. They asked South Africans what visions they wanted to make a reality, and it seems South Africa told them. Here’s a clip of one of those dreams being transformed with the help of Lumia.

[Sponsored post]

Fun with a little madness these holidays :)

The festive season is around the corner. It’s the season for family and in our case, competitive board games for the whole family! Our sponsor for today, King Price, knows best about family values. One of the family values they live by is ‘fun with a little madness’ – I think my families board game obsession falls right into that world.

We don’t have much time together in the year but when we get those few days off we spend our spare cash on board games. I dig finding cheap hidden gems – like this Marvel Monopoly below. Granted it’s only cheap because we bought it in Hong Kong but still. It’s MARVEL Monopoly!

superhero monopoly New_logo-1


Getting the same insurance cover, but with super cheap premiums, allows us to consider that extra family board game for the Christmas holidays. Preferably one involving Superheroes 😉 But how are you meant to decide on the geekiest family board games to buy this festive season? Luckily we’ve done the research for you!


1. The Big Bang Theory board game

board game -  big bang theory

2. Batman Snakes & Ladders

board game - batman snakes ladders

3. Star Trek Uno

board game - star trek uno 


Hope you manage to dedicate some time to family fun these holidays. My family is into board games, yours might be into beach vibes. Either way, try not to let the budget stress get you down during the holidays.

Thanks again to King Price for supporting the geeks. If you want to support them in return AND save money at the same time, go here for a quick quote!



Build a Lego vase this holiday #adultkid

If you have some time off this holiday you should use it wisely. Use it to build Lego and watch movies. Maybe play an Xbox game or build a puzzle. All the fun #adultkid stuff you don’t get to do during the year!

I found this on Pinterest. Thought i’d share with you lot 😉

Go have fun!



A live commercial for PayPal. Ellen wins the internet this month. #PayPalSA

I’m in advertising. I know it’s hard to always be on top of your content game and be able to create new ways to speak to customers. Especially when budgets are tight and restrictions are, well, strict. I also know the difficulty of online payments in South Africa and how we’re oddly behind in the world of paying for things online. Almost 50% of my geek store payments are still done via EFT, i find that weird personally but when i reached out to customers they just seemed to feel more secure doing it that way. Who am i to judge?

I am happy to see that the big players in the online payment world are starting to invest more into education around online payments. I really think if more people understood the simplicity of online interactions and the security behind the ‘big players’ like PayPal then we’d all be able to move happily into the next level of online shopping! Check out this rad campaign below that popped up on the Ellen show.

This post may be sponsored but i think it’s a great thing that PayPal has given us some facts below to share with you, to help educate people about the online payment process.

  • When checking out with your PayPal account, you do not need to type in all your credit card details and shipping information for each transaction- everything is already stored in your PayPal account and kept secure.
  • When you make a payment with PayPal we do not share your financial details with the seller. This gives you more control and provides an extra layer of security.
  • We also protect eligible purchases with PayPal Buyer Protection. If an eligible item doesn’t show up, or turns out to be different than described, we’ll help sort things out with the seller.

So this festive season there should be nothing stopping you.