Pet Superheroes

You all know i’m weirdly obsessed with my Bulldog. Heck, even i know it’s not normal. What makes it kind of ok in my head is that if you Google for ‘pets in fancy dress’ it seems there are loads of other crazies just like me. It’s only a problem if you are the only crazy person, crazy in numbers is ok.

Pets in Superhero fancy dress seems to be a thing these days. WINNING. These are some of the best pet Cosplay images i’ve found, it’s been a while since we’ve had the ‘aaaawww’ factor on this blog so close that spreadsheet and look at this awesome instead 😉

1. Captain Lab

Superhero dog - Captain America

2. Catman & Robin

Superhero cat - robin n batman

3. Pugvengers

Superhero dog - avengers

4. Super puffy gingerman and the most concerned looking Batman i’ve ever seen

Superhero cat - superman n batman


Superhero dog - Spider Basset

6. French Bat

Superhero dog - batman

7. Grumpy Supercat

Superhero cat - Superman

8. Spidermut

Superhero dog - Spiderman

9. Does this amount of adorable even need a caption?

Superhero dog - batman and robin

10. The fanciest Bulldog in the world, who also happens to be mine – @Super_Tyson


We should probably get back to work now huh?

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