Superhero Dinosaurs. Stop It.

I don’t know why i love Dinosaurs but i do. If i could have my very own T-Rex my life would be complete, i’m sure i could train him to be cuddly and do tricks. I would be like the Cesar Millan for pet Dinosaurs.

The real question is would my Dinosaur let me dress him up in fancy dress? My Bulldog is pretty chilled with that, i dressed him up as Darth Vader a while back and made a video. If you missed it your life is incomplete, seriously, check it out here > Darth Bulldog!

Back to Dinosaurs. These cute little buggers have had a Superhero makeover. Win.

superhero dinosaurs

These are my favourite. I would totally adopt them from the Dinosaur SPCA.

I’d call them Hulky, Wolvey, Captain Cute and Iron Dino.

You’re lying if you say you don’t want one 😉





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