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Lego is awesome

I haven’t done a blog post about Lego in a while. So here you go!

Diana Prince in Disguise sawayabatmobile #1 Flash Forward

The Truth About Lego

lego poster

Build a Lego vase this holiday #adultkid

If you have some time off this holiday you should use it wisely. Use it to build Lego and watch movies. Maybe play an Xbox game or build a puzzle. All the fun #adultkid stuff you don’t get to do during the year!

I found this on Pinterest. Thought i’d share with you lot 😉

Go have fun!



The Lego Firewalk.

Only for the brave.

The very brave…


LEGO Movie Cake. Epic.

Cake or death?

I think cake.

How can you not choose cake when it’s a Lego Movie cake!

Lego-movie-cake-1 Lego-movie-cake-3 Lego-movie-cake-5 Lego-movie-cake-6Lego-movie-cake-2

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Minifig Monday 49


This Monday I thought I’d share one of my favourite minifigures in my collection, Queen Amidala in her Theed throne room gown. She features a unique skirt piece that is round at the bottom, and of course a unique headdress as well, which is made of that funny squishy plastic they sometimes make hair out of.

She comes from the Gungan Sub set released a couple of years ago. It would be really awesome if they made minifigs of a few more of her costumes!

Minifig Monday 48


I’ve just received my set of Simpsons minifigs, so I thought I’d post one of them today. Homer, the first minifig in the special Simpsons series, comes with a TV remote and a doughnut (naturally). Like the rest of the minifigs in this series, he’s got a unique one-piece head.


This new Lego Simpsons theme celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons!

16 Of The Latest Simpsons LEGO Minifigs

LEGO has unveiled 16-NEW Simpsons minifigs and they are all truly amazing.

My birthday is in June, feel free to buy me aaaaaaaall the Simpsons minifigs!


simpsons-2 simpsons-3 simpsons-4 simpsons-6 simpsons-7 simpsons-8 simpsons-9 simpsons-11 simpsons-12 simpsons-13 simpsons-14-600x552
simpsons-16 simpsons-marge-528x600

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What do you get when you cross iconic music artists with Lego?

Some people are smart hey. Adly Syairi Ramly took iconic music artists as seen on their album covers and re-made them in Lego, using only an iPhone 5. I want to be friends with you Adly.

I’m not really a music geek so know MOST of these bands. But never the less, dig the idea.

the beatles lego tupac lego smSHING PUMPKINS LEGO sex-pistols lego red hot chilli peppers lego ramones lego pearl jam lego metallica lego beastie boys lego

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Lego robots are solving Rubiks Cubes

If the BBC reports it then you know it’s cool 😉

British computer chip-making firm#ARM has been showing off robots made from#Lego, which can solve #Rubik’s Cubes. It uses a smartphone that has an app to solve the puzzle, the app then tells the Lego arms what to do. I wish i had one of these to mix me exotic cocktails every day, i’m sure it’s possible hey?