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I don’t often post videos of Skateboarding… but when i do!

Watch this live action take on Mario Kart. Created by the guys over at Corridor Digital.

Totally should have used Mario but lets not argue over the detail 😉

Watch it!

When Mario Kart Comes To The Real World [Stop Motion Video]

I love Yoshi, i even have a little toy of him on my desk. His go-cart is just the sweetest too.

Apparently i’m not the only one though, Chris Carlson created a 3D version of Yoshi’s go-cart and super imposed it into the real world. WINNING. He even created a little stop motion video for us to watch while we secretly pretend to be working 😉 Next video needs a Koopa Troopa solo i think.

Check it…

Via NerdApproved

Koopa Troopa Does Stand-up Comedy

Ok this isn’t the funniest stand-up comedy i’ve ever seen but Koopa Troopa is my Mario Kart wingman so i feel i owe it to him to post it. There are a few little jokes the Mario Kart fans will appreciate. Thoughts?