Technology, the superpower of small businesses across the globe

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I read articles every day about millennial entrepreneurs taking over the world. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Brian Chesky who don’t have the qualifications our parents told us we needed to be billionaires, but are doing it anyway. They have managed to achieve in 30 years what some spend a lifetime dreaming of. Not only have they each built empires worth billions (with great support teams) but they have used technology to connect people across the globe in ways that didn’t exist before. And in doing so, changed the traditional way people used to do things.


Don’t get me wrong, they had great ideas. But those great ideas were made possible because of technology. I refer to technology as the superpower of small businesses (or start ups) because it gives ordinary people the opportunity to do extraordinary things. Whether you are Brian Chesky changing the way people book accommodation with AirBNB, or a craft merchant looking to sell your designs online, technology is the superpower you need to help turn those dreams into a reality.


We have the power to research our ideas (Google), easily set up an online presence (WordPress), market your business ideas through social networks, set up an e-store in just a few steps (with WooCommerce or Shopify) and when you’re ready to trade you can offer a secure and trusted payment source to your customers through PayPal.


All the above can be done from behind a computer. If you have an idea and enough drive to bring it to life – the rest is all there for you. The exciting thing for South African entrepreneurs is that PayPal is now available for us to use in South Africa as merchants. When I launched my eStore in early 2015 it was a simple process setting up through FNB.

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I had no experience in retail, certainly none in how to securely manage transactions, but I took advantage of the technology superpower available to all of us – PayPal. It wasn’t easy, the logistics behind online retail involves a heavy workload, but the lessons I learned along the way shaped the business decisions I make even today. We sold all our stock over a six-month period, and ensured the happiness of many geeks in 2015.

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(The store is still live but we’re looking for a logistics partner to handle the deliveries and orders that became impossible as a sideline business. So if you know any fellow geeks, please SHOUT J)


If you’re looking to do something new in 2016, small or big, arm yourself with the right superpowers and do more than your parents ever dreamed of.


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