That time i went to London to play Tomb Raider :)

Not many of you know that i snuck off to London at the beginning of this month to complete a sneaky @LazyGamers mission. It happened. Seems being weirdly obsessed with Lara Croft actually paid off ;) I went to play an exclusive preview of the upcoming game Tomb Raider – A Survivor is Born and WOW. Read the full review and also my interview with Noah Hughes (Tomb Raider’s creative director) here >

Click here for the preview 

Click here for the exclusive interview with Noah Hughes

Thanks to the @LazyGamers crew for the faith and to the team from @Square_Enix_EU for an EPIC experience, I had such a blast and got to meet some awesome people! Cannot wait to get my hands on a full copy of the game :)

I snapped some pics in between geeking… even managed to sneak a graffiti Batman symbol in, obvs. It’s right there next to the fat one legged pigeon, which i found interesting as i’m not sure how it could hold all its weight on that one small leg? Only SCIENCE knows.

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