The king of cool offices

I like to pride myself on my toy collection. I only started collecting about four years ago when i stopped worrying about what others would think if my home decor was focused around Tin Tin art and my absolute favourite… the entire Toy Story collection. king-price-insurance Guess it reminds me to think like a kid sometimes, to try new things and realise that that it’s ok to do things differently. One brand that seems to be employing a similar approach to their business is King Price. They have a whole bunch of fun in their office. I was there last week and snapped some pics. You’ll see why 😉 king-price-car-insurance-1 king-price-car-insurance-2 king-price-car-insurance-3 king-price-car-insurance-4 Not bad for an insurance company hey? Not only are these guys the kings of car insurance but they are also the kings of office layouts. If you ask me 😉 If you’re keen to see how this insurance company can save you money and insure your goods at the same time then find out more here. CYMERA_20141021_075245 king price logo

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