How many of these themed cereals did you know about?

I thought i’d carry on the retro theme for today, it reminds me of being a kid . It started with the 8-Bit harmonica┬ápost if you missed it earlier, and now we’re moving onto ridiculous cereal.

We all used to eat cereal for breakfast growing up, and we all used to choose it by the design and characters on the box. Be honest now, if a cereal was a weird colour or had cool character on the box you were BEGGING your mom to put it in the trolley. If it had a free toy in the box there was an 80% i was throwing a tantrum.

I almost feel glad for my mom that these themed cereals didn’t exist in my days of after school grocery shopping. We didn’t get these sort of luxuries in South Africa :( I would have taken begging to a whole new level to eat a cereal themed on The Ghostbusters or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. OR PAC MAN!

Which brand would you be munching on for breakfast?

urkel o cereal

C-3PO cereal

donkey kong cereal ghostbusters cereal hulk cereal

Mr T Cereal ninja turtles cereal

nintendo cereal pac man cereal simpsons cereal

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