There is an actual Ghostbusters car right here in Johannesburg!

Being a screen geek is pretty hard in South Africa. We get the movies after everyone else, the cool series take even longer. Flip, we even have to watch 18 month episodes of Days Of Our Lives… that’s just not fair. Lucky for us, Nerd Jesus throws us a bone every now and again. This time it’s in the form of an actual real-life Ghosbusters car right here in Johannesburg. This car is available for hire as well, it’s not cheap but being awesome takes a bit of budget at times.

Surely you remember the original Ghostbusters car from the 1984 supernatural comedy? The Ectomobile, is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor and was used by the Ghostbusters team to travel around New York City, busting ghosts and causing havoc. The original vehicle design was the creation of Steven Dane, credited as a Hardware Consultant in the credits.

original ghostbusters car 2 original ghostbusters car 1


A bit freaky that this model of car was mostly used as a hearse in those days. I think ghostbusting is a far better use it.

So the good news for you, fellow geek South Africans, is that i have found this Ghostbusters replica car right here in Johannesburg. This is a pretty feakin good replica car if you ask me, lots of time and effort put into this custom job. Wonder if you can but a Ghostbusters suit anywhere around Jozi to go with it?

ghost busters vehicle johannesburg

Oh, and while we are discussing cool discoveries.

I found this Lego replica Ghostbusters car a while back and have been saving it in my secret Lego folder. I want it. But then again, i want everything that i blog about.

Need. More. Money. To. Buy. ALL. THE. STUFF.


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    August 22, 2013

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