This dude built a life-size, working Wall-E!

For real.

This guy went out and built his very own life-size Wall-E, and it’s AWESOME. Apparently fans of Wall-E who create life-sized replicas of the robot have a club, apparently it started as Yahoo group. I know, i also thought he was joking about the whole using Yahoo thing but apparently not 😉

This home made robot looks, moves and even sounds like the sad faced robot Pixar got the world to fall in love with. Watch this video below, it will blow your mind. I love seeing projects like this, i wish i could do most stuff like this but i would probably run out of money very very quickly.

Flip, this guy must be the best dad ever. Imagine going to school and being like ‘Oh ya that Wall-E character… i have one” < — 1 million nerd points!

via NerdApproved

  • no freaking ways that is so awesome


    August 14, 2013

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