This months #VintageGeek goes to Cow And Chicken

I don’t think i’ve done a #VintageGeek post this year. NAUGHTY KIRSTY.

Last year we featured the likes of Darkwing Duck, Full House, Gummie Bears and even Widget the World Watcher. If you don’t remember these shows you missed out as a kid, this is what i grew up on. Every Saturday morning i’d be super excited to get up and tune into KTV, and my parents were super excited cause i’d shut up for a few hours. Everybody won 😉

This show came out a bit later in my childhood and was a bit more mind-numbing than the rest, but i did watch it. Guilty.

  • Widget!! I still have that on NES (or is that Golden China?) and still play the other classic 8-bit games every once in a while.

    Cow and Chicken possibly one of the more disturbing shows I’ve had the pleasure of following.


    March 17, 2014

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